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Transport Infrastructure Developments - Oman brochure


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Transport Infrastructure Developments - Oman brochure

  1. 1. 24– 26 October 2011 Oman International Exhibition Centre SULTANATE OF OMAN: EXPLORING OPPORTUNITIES Supported by Media Partner O cial Local Research Partner Marketing Partner Organiser Trade PublicationArabic Maritime Media Partner
  2. 2. MILESTONES was signed between the Government of Oman and the Port of Rotterdam thus expanding the concession1990: Conclusion of the study by Japan International area to include 4500 hectares for Freezone Sohar. ThisCooperation Agency recommending the site selec- was to promote investments in mainly added-valuetion of the Port of Sohar and Freezone Sohar. logistics and downstream industries supported by1999: Commencement of the breakwater onstruc- educational infrastructure. The agreement alsotion on the Port of Sohar granted SIPC an extension to its term up to 2043.2002: A 50/50 joint venture was signed in the conces- 2007: A broad master file vision of the North Batinahsion agreement between the Government of Oman was prepared by the Port of Rotterdam under theand the Port of Rotterdam to develop and manage supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communi-the port by Sohar Industrial Port Company SAOC cations, and in collaboration with other governmen-(SIPC). tal bodies and IPC. The master plan was approved by2003: First lease (sub usufruct) agreement was signed the members of the Supreme Committee of Townbetween SIPC and Sohar Refinery; followed by a Planning.similar agreement for the general cargo terminal with 2009: SKIL Infrastructure from India is included as aSteinweg. shareholder to jointly develop and manage Freezone2004: Commencement of ship operations, and devel- Sohar.opment for the industrial projects. The port received For any further information on the Port of Sohar,the first cargo vessel at the general cargo terminal. please contact Head of Corporate Communica-2007: An addendum to the concession agreement tion; Ms. Annica Sigevall, +968 26852700. Port of Sohar Cargo Throughput Development 2007 2008 2009 2010 Change Dry Bulk (frt) 231,841 785,241 1,868,733 2,830,549 51% Break bulk (frt) 376,249 545,840 205,822 188,928 -8% Liquid Bulk (frt) 3,055,899 4,761,931 7,256,926 7,727,030 6% Project (frt) 465,349 411,284 326,803 373,151 14% Subtotal FRT 4,129,338 6,504,296 9,658,283 11,119,657 15% Containers (*) (units) 6,290 24,416 76,334 79,988 5% (teus) 8225 31931 99,830 101,338 2% Containers in FRT (***) 79,454 308,453 964,358 978,927 2% Roro (**) 6,894 74,118 49,978 73,429 47% TOTAL FRT 4,215,686 6,886,868 10,672,619 12,172,014 14% Vessel calls 556 780 1013 1110 10%(*) teus are calculated from known number of containers against the applicable 20ft/40ft ratio(**) 2007and 2008 figures are estimated by deriving the average call size in 2009 and to use these against the known number of vessel calls(***) Based on an average load per TEU of 9.66 ton
  3. 3. The Port of SalalahCompany Profile Government of Oman✓ Incorporated in 1997 A.P. M Terminals BV 20%✓ Traded on Muscat Securities Market Institutional 30%✓ 30-year concession for management and Investors 21% Pension funds and General public 29% operation of the Port of Salalah✓ Support from the Omani Government, and the A.P. Moller – Maersk GroupFull Service Port Port of Salalah Main Features✓ Stevedoring ✓ Location on the Indian Ocean Rim, right at the major east-west shipping✓ Reefer services lanes✓ Container M&R ✓ Ability to handle any container vessel on earth✓ Cargo consolidation ✓ Deep draft, 16 m to 18 m alongside✓ Tugs and pilots ✓ Short pilotage✓ Cruise services ✓ 24 / 7 / 365 operations✓ Port Authority ✓ Easy and efficient customs process for transshipment cargo✓ Bunkering ✓ General Cargo Terminal servicing local business✓ Warehousing ✓ Expanding local market and free zone that is served 100% by POS✓ Storage ✓ Geared to transshipment business✓ Real estate lease ✓ Full integration of Marine Services and Terminal Operations Facts and Figures - Container Terminal Facts and Figures - Container Terminal with Berths 7, 8 & 9 16.0 m alongside berth 1-4 & 31, 18.0 16.0 m alongside berth 1-4 & 31, m at berth 5 & 6 18.0 m at berth 5 -9 Water depth Water depth 18.5 m approach 18.5 m approach 7 10 Berths Berths 2,505 m 3,855 m Quay cranes 25 Post Panamax gantry cranes +2 MHC Quay cranes 40 Post Panamax gantry cranes +2 MHC 900,000 m2 / 90 ha / 222 acres 900,000 m2 / 90 ha / 222 acres Yard 58,090 yard slots Yard 67,500 yard slots 1,750 reefer slots 2,500 reefer slots Throughput Throughput 6 Million TEU capacity 9 Million TEU capacity CFS with 9,000 m2 warehouse CFS with 9,000 m2 warehouse Facilities Container M&R Facilities Container M&R Bunkering, via underground piping (BP) Bunkering, via underground piping (BP)
  4. 4. Facts and Figures - General Cargo Terminal Dimension (m) Berth Usage Equipment and Facilities Length Draft 21, 22, 23 Multi-purpose + cable vessel 520 9.0 2 x 30 mt mobile harbor crane 24 General 200 6.8 2x100mt mobile harbor crane 2 x 50 mt telescopic truck crane 25 Launches (dhows) and port use 115 4.3 1 x 70 mt heavy lift crane 26, 27 Launches (dhows) and gov’t use 230 4.1 15 x 3-15 mt forklift 9 x 50 mt low bed trailer 28 Launches (dhows) and gov’t use 115 2.6 2 x 6 m3 hydraulic grab 29 Launches (dhows) / fishing 260 2.6 4 x fuel manifold, 800 mt/hr* 30 Bulk, multi-purpose, oil tanker 300 16 1 x Panmax vacuvator, 200 mt/hr* Oil Pier Oil tanker (max 35,000 DWT) 190 10 2 x marine loading arm, 300 m3/hr Total Area 200,000 m2 1,930 - Warehouses 4 x 3,000 m2Summary Safest Port in the Region✓ The Port of Salalah is a prime hub We provide a secure environment in the port and the✓ Right at the main east/west shipping lanes with surrounding area. easy access to Gulf, East Africa, Red Sea and ✓ Hub for the anti-piracy task force IOR ✓ US government’s Secure Freight Initiative charter✓ Water depth and equipment to service any port and Pilot site container vessel on earth ✓ Participation in international programs such as✓ High Productivity CSI & ISPS✓ Expansion ensures capacity to cater for current ✓ Safe and fast vessel movement within the port and future volumes ✓ Marine environnemental protection✓ The best trained and educated people in the ✓ Marine Services Region ✓ Located outside the politically sensitive Upper✓ The Safest Port of call in the region. Gulf and the oil lanes of the Straights of Hormuz Duqm Port and Dry Dock Duqm Port Data Number Length (m) Depth (m)The Port of Duqm a strategic projects, task, andconsists of two breakwater with lengths of (8.7) kilome- Container berth & General cargo berth 8 2250 - 18ters and commercial berths length (2250 meters) and Dry dock berth 6 2800 - 10depth (18 meters) and berths to government &services are as long as (980 meters) and depth (10 Service berth & Government berth 4 980 - 10meters). The project is expected to be completed at 18 6030 Totalthe end of 2012. Land area (km2) 60During the same time, a dry dock is created in the port 75for maintenance and repair of ships of various sizes, Sea area (km2)including vessels of oil and gas giant which has a Total area (km2) 135capacity to (600,000 tons), The project consists of the Length break water (m) 8700dry basins length (410 meters), display (95) m and ( 80)meters; high (14 meters) and depth (10 meters) and Depth approach channel (m) - 19length of berth is 2,800 meters, in addition to thecreation of buildings, workshops and service facilities Also be performed (17) projects, the superstructure ofrequired for operation. the basin include the dry plant and equipment and mechanisms necessary for the operation.
  5. 5. FREE ZONES ✓ No minimum capital requirements ✓ Flexibility to manpower needs Sohar Free Zone ✓ All permits and consents to be granted by 4500ha of business advantage One-Stop-Shop operated by the Free zone Sohar authorityFree zone Sohar is spearheaded by Sohar IndustrialDevelopment Company LLC (SIDC), a joint venturebetween the Government of Oman, the Port of Rotter- Making business easydam in The Netherlands and SKIL Infrastructure in India. The One Stop Shop team takes care of majorFree zone Sohar, along with other initiatives, such as administrative obligations related to the start-up of athe expansion of the Port of Sohar and investments in a company at Free zone Sohar. Offering ease, speeddeepwater jetty (with 25 m draft) to support a huge and transparency, the one stop shop serves as airon ore palletizing plant by Brazilian mining giant Vale, pivotal intermediary between the company andwill further accentuate the industrial ports importance government agencies. The services include;as a driver of economic growth in the Batinah region. ✓ Organizing the legalities of companyDevelopment of the 4,500-hectare zone is planned in establishment and arranging the specific permitsfour phases. The first phase (500ha) is launched and requiredalready from the start companies from many countries ✓ Identifying, planning and executing the relevantand areas have shown great interest to establish their important governmental obligations so thatbusiness in Free zone Sohar. The area has been set-up can proceed smoothly.clustered for a number of downstream industrial and ✓ Arranging joint meetings with utility and servicepetrochemical ventures, warehousing and logistics providersservices, and so-called soft investments, such as educa-tional, medical and other service-related amenities. Salalah Free ZoneOperating from a strategic location on the Arabian One Free Zone. Many AdvantagesPeninsula, Free zone Sohar offers an ideal environmentfor business growth. The combination of wide market Visionaccess, sound global logistics and attractive business "To be the Global Leading Hub for Quality Industrialincentives ensure that companies enjoy the ultimate and Logistical Activities"freedom to do business. Together with the upcomingSohar airport, the new expressway, the railway system Missionand Sohar Industrial Estate the Port of Sohar and Free "To create a long term partnership with our clients byzone Sohar make the area, often named Gateway establishing a state-of-art infrastructure in a uniqueSohar, into a preferred area for any kind of business. location with attractive incentives, secured environment and reliable services" Incentives for Business Offer:Attractive incentives ensure that doing business at ✓ An array of business-friendly incentivesFree zone Sohar is both investor-friendly and lucrative. ✓ Proximity to the Middle East’s fastest growingThis includes; seaport✓ 100% foreign ownership ✓ Considerable saving on lead-time to lucrative✓ Free repatriation of capital and profits markets✓ Corporate Tax Holiday for 10 years, with possibility ✓ Significant saving on shipping insurance to extend this period depending upon criteria ✓ Ideal base for distribution and transshipment based extension The key to unfettered access to over 1.6 billion✓ No personal income tax consumers in the Middle East, East Africa and the✓ No currency restrictions Indian Ocean Rim - Salalah Free Zone offers investors✓ No duty on imports and exports an excellent opportunity to ensure maximum return✓ Sales to Omani market allowed on payment of on investment. 5% duty
  6. 6. Besides access to the world’s fastest growing markets, Developed & Undeveloped Land sitesSalalah Free Zone also delivers a whole host of otherbusiness advantages. Focused on creating vibrant Salalah Free Zone provides plots of land of variouscommunities, it is being developed in multiple phases sizes for long-term lease. These sites are ideal for theover an area of 2000 hectares. construction of warehouses and factories.SFZ Investment IncentivesThe zone offers a mix of industrial, manufacturing,warehousing, logistics, distribution, R&D and officefacilities, retail outlets, resort, and residential space. Maximise Your Return On InvestmentPhase One, which is now completed and fully Beside the competitively low initial cost of setting up aoccupied provides 200 hectares of distribution, business in SFZ. We offer our valuable investors a worldlogistics, freight forwarding and manufacturing class one-stop-shop arrangement for licenses, permits,facilities. This includes state of the art infrastructure like visas, customs clearances, etc., in addition to a host ofa road, power, water, sanitation and telecom other investment-friendly incentives available tonetworks in addition to other various services. businesses operating at Salalah Free Zone.Phase two, which is currently under construction The array of special investment incentives include:provides 400 hectares of facilities similar to phase one ✓ A lease for 50 years (renewable for another 50with a focus on light and medium industrial units. years)The proximity to Salalah Port, which is having its capac- ✓ 100% foreign company ownershipity increased to 4.4 million TEU annually, is another ✓ Zero customs duties on imports and exportsadvantage for investors ✓ No minimum capital investment requirement ✓ No taxes on profits or dividends for 30 yearsFacilities ✓ No tax on personal incomesSalalah Free Zone offers a variety of facilities to help ✓ No restrictions on repatriation of capital, profitsmeet the needs of diverse businesses. and investments ✓ Omanisation requirement level of only 10% (which is very low compared to registered Office buildings companies operating out of SFZ boundaries) ✓ Flexible customs proceduresHigh quality, spacious, pre-built offices are availableon an annual rental basis. The offices are unfurnished Businesses established at Salalah Free Zone are ableand equipped with light fixtures. They have also been to participate in existing export guaranteespecifically designed to allow flexibility in arrangements provided to Omani companies byaccommodating a variety of requirements. Omani financial institutions. Light industrial units AIRPORTS UPDATESHigh quality, thermally insulated, purpose-built units Muscat International and Salalah Airportsare available on an annual rental basis. The units arefitted with additional features that allow for the The Development works of Muscat International andconstruction of offices. For convenience, two exits, Salalah Airports have been divided into eleven Mainone ramp for forklifts and loading dock for containers Contracts and they are as follows:and trucks, are located at the rear of the units. Main Contract One (MC1): This stage represents theThe units can be used in two ways: - main civil works for Muscat International Airport. Consolidated Contractors Company Oman Joint✓ As a warehouse for storage and distribution of Venture with TAV products✓ As a factory for assembly and light production Main Contract Two (MC2): This stage represents the construction of a new Control Tower and Data Center at Muscat international Airport. Main Contract Three (MC3): This stage represents construction works for the Passenger Terminal Building.
  7. 7. Stage Four – Main Contract Four (MC4A): The project Ras Al-Had Airport Projectconsists of construction of permanent offices of theDirectorate General of Civil Aviation Affairs (MC 4A) Construction works for this airport has been divided into three packages and they are as follows:Main Contract Five (MC5): This stage represents thedevelopment works for Salalah Airport and consists of Package One: This package consists of airport accessconstruction of a new terminal building, expanding the road along with the ducting that is to be used for thelength of the runway, and other related works. utilities.Main Contract Six (MC6): This stage represents the Package Two: This package includes constructionworks related to Master Systems Integrator for Muscat works for the runway, taxiway, apron, and all otherInternational Airport & Salalah Airport. accessories.Main Contract Seven (MC7): This stage represents the Package Three: This package includes buildingworks related to Airport Operational Readiness. construction works such as the PTB and other buildings.Main Contract Eight (MC8): This stage represents theworks related to the Baggage Handling System. Adam AirportStandardization Nationwide Contract for Air Traffic Construction works for this airport has been dividedManagement (SNC9): This stage represents the works into three packages and they are as follows:related to standardizing air traffic managementsystems. Package One: This package includes construction works for the runway, taxiway, apron, and all otherStandardization Nationwide Contract for Navigational accessories.Aids Systems (SNC10): This stage represents the worksrelated to standardizing Navigational Aids systems. Package Two: This package includes the early open- ing of air portStandardization Nationwide Contract for PassengerBoarding Bridges (SNC11): This stage represents the Package Three: This package includes buildingworks related to standardizing Passenger Boarding construction works such as the PTB and otherBridges. buildings.ROAD & RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE Sohar Airport Project Road DevelopmentsConstruction works for this airport has been divided The Sultanate has made ambitious investments in itsinto three packages and they are as follows: road travel network in recent years and is now making headway in terms of intermodal freight transport andPackage One: This package consists of civil works, dual carriageways. In June 2009, the Governmentroad network, utilities, and Falaj protection work. signed 17 contracts worth OR84.8m (US$220.3m) forPackage Two: This package includes construction future road development projects; the largest of theseworks for the runway, taxiway, apron, and all other is the Southern Batinah Expressway, which will extendaccessories. 275 km from Muscat to Oman’s northern border withPackage Three: This package includes building the UAE, covering the length of the Batinah region,construction works such as the PTB, cargo building, which has become an important industrial centre overand all other buildings the past five years. Ad-Duqm Airport: Rail NetworkConstruction works for this airport has been divided With the country’s Al Batinah Railway developmentinto three packages and they are as follows: initially linking the industrial centre in Sohar with Barka, the Sultanate of Oman is optimistic of its potential ofPackage One: This package consists of airport road increasing intermodal cargo transport options particu-network and utilities. larly in the Sohar region. With these links, Oman is likelyPackage Two: This package includes construction to play a key role in the inter-Gulf Cooperation Councilworks for the runway, taxiway, apron, and all other rail network, a proposed OR5.39 billion (US$14 billion),accessories. 2000-km project that could link the six member states as soon as 2016.Package Three: This package includes buildingconstruction works such as the PTB, cargo building,and all other buildings.