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The phoenix-that-cha standard


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The phoenix-that-cha standard

  1. 1. A StorybirdThe Phoenix ThatCharms a Eric B
  2. 2. A Storybird The Phoenix That Charms a Snake. By Eric B Illustrated by Ine Spee Published on July 29, 2010© Storybird 2011. All rights reserved. Not for resale.
  3. 3. All night long, Mr Lowell scribbled away for a story his dear son would enjoy …
  4. 4. Meanwhile, his son wasdreaming of stories of hisown …
  5. 5. There was a world of magic that awaited, and the doorway lay underneath the house.
  6. 6. A lonesome snake triedto call him in … but firstthe young boy needed totry out some magic!!
  7. 7. He read through thespells, but somethingwasn’t right …
  8. 8. His dad was not therewith him. On the otherside of the door, he sawhis father working hardat his desk …
  9. 9. DAD!!! He cried, can you read me a story …
  10. 10. The one about the phoenix that charms thesnake.
  11. 11. Youll find this story online at:
  12. 12.