Malcolm and Friends


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Malcolm and Friends

  1. 1. A StorybirdMalcolm and friendsby Ntoria
  2. 2. A Storybird Malcolm and friends By Ntoria Illustrated by art of shishir, Nidhi Art Published on May 28, 2012© Storybird 2012. All rights reserved. Not for resale.
  3. 3. There was once a monkeycalled Joe. Joe liked toplay around with hisother monkey friendsand drink coconut juice.
  4. 4. Malcolm and Dusty liketo dance. The fourmonkeys are the best offriends and spend mostof their time together.
  5. 5. So one day Joe finds himself all alone.Malcolm and Dusty weren’t around himany more. Joe wonders what he can do.
  6. 6. The first person Joe goesto see is Jake.Jake told Joe, “I lovebeing alone. I have myown food and my ownplace. I live all by my selfand I don’t want to playwith you.”
  7. 7. Jake made Joe feel bad. This makes Joewish that he had some friends to play with.
  8. 8. At that moment, a train of animals came past.“Chook chook chook chook choo choo.”All the animals looked like they were having such fun.
  9. 9. Joe decides to go ask theanimals if he can playwith them too.
  10. 10. Meanwhile, Malcolm’shere all alone but he isnot happy that he is notaround Joe anymore.When they were togetherthey are crazies. Theylove to dance and lovedrinking coconut juice.Malcom decides to gosearching for Joe.
  11. 11. “Hi my name is Paul and I love to dance. I love being crazy. I have got big feet and andstrong arms and beautiful smiles. I can help you find your friend. I saw him playinghide and seek with a tiger.”
  12. 12. Malcolm was scared forJoe after he heard he wasplaying with a tiger. Heran off really quickly tofind Joe, hoping he wasokay.
  13. 13. Luke the Tiger is playing hide and seekwith the others. Joe was on the tree.Malcolm tries to sneak over to Joe to savehim from the tiger.
  14. 14. But then Luke finds Joe and Malcolm and all the others in the jungle. They all laughtogether. Malcolm realises he did not have to be scared just because Luke was a tiger.They all play hide and seek all day long.
  15. 15. The world needs your stories