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GSAE keynote

  1. 1. eBoot Camp Presents:Social Media for AssociationExecutives
  2. 2. I FeelYour Pain• Member Recruitment• Member Engagement• Member Retention
  3. 3. Social Media Challenges• Overwhelming• Don’t care what you ate forbreakfast this morning.• No time!
  4. 4. If you’re notgenerating resultswith social media,it’s just a hobby.
  5. 5. Agenda• 5 Golden Rules for SocialMedia Success• One easy-to-execute digitalstrategy to:• Recruit more members• Get better engagement• Keep members longer
  6. 6. Rule #1:You must stay FOCUSED onthe areas that can generate results.
  7. 7. Rule #2: Fish Where the Fish Are
  8. 8. What are your members doing online?
  9. 9. Rule #3: Divide and conquer
  10. 10. Rule #4 Make it about them
  11. 11. Rule #5: If your Website sucks, socialmedia can’t help you.
  12. 12. ABCE• Failure = When a potential member visitsyour Website and leaves without giving youtheir information.
  13. 13. Strategy #1:MemberRecruitmentThe power of LinkedIn is not yournetwork, it’s your network’snetwork.
  14. 14. • Short professional summary onhow you help people and thebenefits to being an associationmember• 500+ Connections• Ask members to recommendyou• Quality over QuantityYour Profile
  15. 15. Bonus!You can add video
  16. 16. Get Introduced toProspectiveMembersLinkedIn
  17. 17. Join and engage localor industry groups• Be picky• Offer value• When appropriate, getprospective members to ameeting
  18. 18. Strategy #2:Use ContentMarketing as a 24/7Opportunity toEngage and AddValue
  19. 19. What happens betweenthe meetings?
  20. 20. Create a consistent streamof digital content that addsvalue to your members.
  21. 21. Content Plan• One article per week• 5-7 bullets• Use for e-Blast and Blog post• Use bullets for social mediaposts• Article becomes video script?
  22. 22. What type of contentshould you write?
  23. 23. Information yourmembers will deemvaluable.
  24. 24. Facebook• Pictures of events• Make it about THEM• Post frequently• When in doubt, go local
  25. 25. Numbers Matter
  26. 26. LinkedIn• Connect to your members• Share daily updates• Post weekly to group page
  27. 27. Keep it updated• Share value• Meeting takeaways• Articles
  28. 28. Start a LinkedIn Group
  29. 29. Strategy #3:Increaseretention bybuilding rapport
  30. 30. Activity• Please write down the names of three of your VIP Members• Now write down each of their birthdays• What distinctions do you know about these clients? Awards? Achievements,etc• What are their hobbies? Favorite sports teams?• What or who are they passionate about?• Do you connect with them on a weekly basis? Multiple times a week?
  31. 31. Meet Mary Stevenson• Her Birthday is May 11th• She just celebrated her 10th year of being smoke free• She’s a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan• The Bible is her favorite book• She just became a Grandma for the 1st time• Mary and I interact with each other on a weekly basis• She’s also one of my largest clients and has booked me as a speaker multipletimes.
  32. 32. • Highly under-utilized• Deeper relationship with yourclients• Recognize Birthdays• Celebrate Milestones• Support during tough times• Stay top-of-mind withprospectsPersonal pages:Connect w/Customers
  33. 33. Yarn Ball Exercise:AddValueAddValue• Yellow - Blog article• Green - Facebook post• Blue - LinkedIn post• Red - eMail Marketing Piece
  34. 34. In Summary: Fish where the Fish Are
  35. 35. Don’t get bent out of shape over Social Media
  36. 36. Keep it simple.
  37. 37. Thank you!• Want this PowerPoint and a digital copy ofmy book? I need your email address!••• 855-eboot-now• Questions!