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The Value of Being LinkedIn


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Presentation for RRHIMA, November 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Value of Being LinkedIn

  1. 1. The Value of Being Erin Maney ~ SUNY Learning Network RRHIMA ~ November 2013
  2. 2. Today, we aim to discover: • What is the social media landscape with regard to healthcare? • What is LinkedIn? • How is LinkedIn being used and by whom? • How is LinkedIn relevant to healthcare professionals? • How can you make the most of your LinkedIn profile?
  3. 3. The Social Media Landscape  Social media tools are predominately used to facilitate communication and improve knowledge.  Social media is primarily used by healthcare organizations for community engagement (fundraising, customer service) providing news and information, patient education, and advertising.  While the use of social media is widespread, the tools suggest the sustainability for use in a range of professional activities.  Most widely used venues for physicians are online communities (read, research, network, co mmunicate with colleagues on patient issues).
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  6. 6. Health Care Social Media List
  7. 7. SUNY Upstate Medical University
  8. 8. What is LinkedIn?  22nd most visited website in the world (March 2013)  Used by more adults online than Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest
  9. 9. How is LinkedIn being used? LinkedIn helps professionals  Establish a professional virtual footprint  Build and maintain a professional network  Find and reconnect with colleagues  Learn about other companies  Reach people across networks with robust tools  Tap into a knowledge base of networked professionals  Discover new potential opportunities
  10. 10. How is LinkedIn relevant to healthcare?
  11. 11. How is LinkedIn relevant to healthcare?
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  13. 13. Customizing Your  Professional profile picture  Summary of skills & qualifications  Accurate work history (not a cut and paste)  Proofread!  Check privacy settings Profile  Verify company and organization profiles  Separate your LinkedIn profile from nonprofessional social media sites (I.e. integrate your Slideshare or Twitter, not Facebook)  Be sure all the links in your profile and contact info work  Add your organization website or your professional webpage
  14. 14. Profile Tour  Snapshot  Background  Experience  Skills & Expertise  Publications  Education  Interests, Honors & Awards, Recommendations  Connections & Groups
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  16. 16. Optimizing Your  Join discussion groups around your interests  Join professional groups and organizations  Update your skills and expertise  Elicit and edit endorsements  Stay active (post presentations, papers, books, engage in groups, posts, updates, etc) Profile  Visibility  Recommend others  Keep information current  Add video and photos that capture your skills  Start a group (or sub-group)
  17. 17. @ExpertlyMade Erin Maney – Senior Instructional Designer/Technical Trainer Educator, proud tech geek, and momma to @pookanpeanut SUNY Learning Network Gmail: For more on Social Media in Healthcare: Additional Resources: