Taking Ads from Good to Great- SMX West 2012


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  • Lindsay Lohan after a night of imbibing. The real version of “Freaky Friday”
  • Ha, ha, get it? Think about it, searchers are getting more abstract and longer in their searches so your standard ad copy best make a good impression. They’re also more and more likely to make another query, using similar keywords/phrases, so you want that first time to stick out on the page.
  • You know what your goals are for your site, your business, but what is it for that singular ad? Purchase, download, sign up? Tailor that ad to what you want them to do exactly. Don’t play games. If you’re looking for a longterm relationship like a membership, you’ll need to finesse them and court them a bit more than the one night stand purchase of a CD.
  • Keeping your conversion goal in mind, it’s time to entice potential customers to start clicking.
  • Search queries and keywords not quite matching upNot using negatives“Stuffing” keywords in ad copyLying in ad copy…even just a little bitStretching the truth is different- that’s allowed
  • Rolled out on Valentine’s Day- a single ad can take up quite a block of SERP real estate. “To be eligible, your ad with sitelinks must show above Google search results and your account must contain active ads closely related to the sitelinks in your campaign.”
  • Jocelyn Wildenstein a New York socialite known for extensive plastic surgeries and a nasty divorce
  • Contact form extension ads. If you’re signed in, fills in the email for you
  • You might exaggerate or say more than you mean to.
  • A “set” of ads can often win out over a single ad. You need at least a pair with a “guest” to really test. Ad Set Optimization.
  • Go see this infographic, it’s amazing. Layout colors, everything. The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.
  • Taking Ads from Good to Great- SMX West 2012

    1. 1. Ad Copy: Your First Date to Conversion Elizabeth Marsten,Director of Search Marketing Portent, Inc. @portent
    2. 2. First impressions are important…
    3. 3. First impressions are important…
    4. 4. Ad copy is your firstimpression, literally.
    5. 5. Ad copy is a like a tiny dating profile Call to action! You can’t get in everything you want to sayBenefits!Features!
    6. 6. See?Features! Call to action! Benefits! You can’t get in everything you want to say. Like “delicious.”
    7. 7. Define what a “conversion is” Vs.
    8. 8. Entice potential “matches”
    9. 9. Pictures are important…
    10. 10. Pictures are important…
    11. 11. Especially in ads
    12. 12. Nice Pictures
    13. 13. Nice ads
    14. 14. Don’t be creepy
    15. 15. Save the crazy for later
    16. 16. Like after you’ve moved in together
    17. 17. Stay away from “false advertising”
    18. 18. Stand out from the crowd With extension ads
    19. 19. “Enhanced” sitelinks“To be eligible, your ad with sitelinks mustshow above Google search results and youraccount must contain active ads closelyrelated to the sitelinks in your campaign.”
    20. 20. But don’t get too carried away
    21. 21. Brag…modestly, of course with sitelinks
    22. 22. Shout if you have tousing all CAPS in adCenter ads
    23. 23. Be Free to be You but not too free…
    24. 24. Be adventurous and try new things
    25. 25. Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) on Bing/Yahoo
    26. 26. What’s Your # Sign?Use a Twitter handle or hashtag in your ad copy
    27. 27. Don’t write drunk
    28. 28. A little dirty…
    29. 29. Be tasty
    30. 30. Invoke other senses Like sounds for words
    31. 31. Consider a threesome
    32. 32. Use your “brand” URLs as a headline
    33. 33. You are who you are nerd out…a little
    34. 34. Get a job
    35. 35. Go all the way… with a killer landing pageSource: KISSmetrics
    36. 36. Seal the Deal… the sales funnelimpression clicks landing page conversion pull out chair/holdimpression witty conversation first base? open doors
    37. 37. Thanks! @portentElizabeth MarstenDirector of Search MarketingPortent, Inc.elizabeth@portent.com