SMX East 2012 - Google Shopping/PLAs and Bing RAIS


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Given at SMX East NYC 2012 at the Pumping Up Your Flabby PPC Pecs session on 10/2.

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  • Stallone, etc; overlay images of with text, animate
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Magento and volusion needs- examples
  • Magento and volusion needs- examples
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Rick’s quote on “product feed optimization”
  • Example of listings/meme
  • Setting a floor, a ceiling. Don’t bid on every single SKU in your site
  • More time consuming that using filters
  • 1-2 layers in
  • 6 layers in
  • Examples
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Area 51 sign
  • Area 51 sign
  • Area 51 sign
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • Amp that goes up to 11
  • SMX East 2012 - Google Shopping/PLAs and Bing RAIS

    1. PUMPING UP FOR PAY TO PLAY SMX EAST 2012 Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo
    2. Going from this
    3. To this!
    4. Starring::
    5. WARNING: This presentationcontains Chuck Norris PPC jokes.
    6. Chuck Norris has aQuality Score of 11.
    7. The Equipment
    8. Google Merchant Center Account a/k/a Google Base
    9. Product Feed
    10. Google AdWords Account
    11. Google Analytics/Conversion Tracking
    12. No one can bid on[chuck norris] as Chuck Norris cannot be contained.
    13. The Villain
    14. The Shopping Cart
    15. Ability to edit the product feed
    16. “All Products”
    17. YOU
    18. Chuck Norris can bid on Bing Ads using AdWords.
    19. Steroids and other performance enhancing attributes
    20. Product Feed•Do more than the required attributes•Be descriptive, unique•Watch character limits•Use the AdWords attributes•Consider the “freshness” factor•Feeds have a “quality score” too
    21. “The term data feed optimization got reallypopular a few years ago. And it’s something thatkind of resonates with retailers who don’t workwith feeds a lot. So they think that data feedoptimization is some sort of magical formulawhere you take their feed and you’re doing all thiscrazy stuff to send out their feed and that’s goingto magically get you better results.” -Rick Backus, CPC Strategy
    22. Chuck Norrisconvinced Google tochange “rotate” to 90 days instead of 30.
    23. Oh no, wait.That was this guy.
    24. The Plan
    25. Removing Products
    26. adwords_publish attribute True = included in AdWords/PLAs False = don’t include
    27. Google Product Type vs. Product Type
    28. Categorization
    29. Bid by Group (one value)
    30. Bid by Labels (multiple values)
    31. Layer Attributes
    32. Bid On One Product
    33. Using Brand
    34. Ad Group Bid vs. Target Bid
    35. Using Negative KeywordsPLAs don’t use search keywords, but you can use negative keywordsat the ad group and campaign level.
    36. The Ads• “Optional”• 45 characters• DKI does not work• Similar editorial guidelines as text ads
    37. Chuck Norris had a PPC ad once.The landing page justsaid “you’re welcome.”
    38. Using GA• adwords_redirect attribute to separate the soon to be retired “free” from paid?• Tagging all destination URLs becoming obsolete?• Use the AdWords section in GA• Use the Product Performance section in GA• Set custom alerts for traffic
    39. Use the MCF Section in GA
    40. Using Merchant Center Reports
    41. Using Merchant Center Reports
    42. Multi Client Account – Merchant Center• What is it?• You might need one.• It might not work.• Must submit this form to get one.
    43. Chuck Norris has hisown targeted location.
    44. No one can target Chuck Norris.
    45. Bing Ads brought to you by Dolph Lundgren
    46. Product Listings Ads on Bing
    47. Product Listings Ads on Bing• The implementation is appearing on no more than 2% of traffic only.• The test flight dates are not published, but this implementation will disappear once there is sufficient information to define the future product’s details.• General release is still TBD and the pilot is closed to new advertisers.
    48. There is no news
    49. Rich Ads in Search (RAIS)
    50. Rich Ads in Search (RAIS)
    51. How RAIS Are Like Plutonium•Rare•Need “connections” to get it•Potentially explosive•Shares the same chemical compounds
    52. RAIS• Uses keywords• Phrase and exact match only• Bid 50% or higher than text only ads• Separate campaign/ad groups• Text ads do not influence CPC of RAIS or vice versa
    53. Chuck Norrisdetermines the minimum bid.
    54. Where to Get Supplies• AdWords/Merchant Center blogs (sign up for updates)• Merchant Center Help Center• Portent blog- What a Paid Search Marketer Needs to Know about Google Shopping & Interview with Rick Backus of CPC Strategy• CPC Strategy ebook: Google Shopping Guide 2.0
    55. Thank You!Elizabeth