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Paid Search Relationships: It's Complicate - Friends of Search

Friends of Search conference, February 16th, Amsterdamn, NL. Product search and discovery, product promotion and product ownership.

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Paid Search Relationships: It's Complicate - Friends of Search

  1. 1. Paid Search Relationships: It’s Complicated Elizabeth Marsten CommerceHub Image Source: iStock
  2. 2. @ebkendo • Senior Director, E-Commerce Growth Services • Seattle, WA • 10 years in the search industry • PPC, Social, SEO, Analytics, Content • Speaker: SMX Adv/East/West, Mozcon, Searchfest, State of Search, HeroCon • Author:, All in One Web Marketing for Dummies • And… @ebkendo
  3. 3. Mommy Image Source: @ebkendo
  5. 5. Supply Solutions Increase product offering and grow revenue through “virtual inventory” Integrate with any trading partner or order fulfillment source Maintain branding and complete control over fulfillment process Demand Solutions Profitably acquire new customers through search, social and marketplacechannels Push product catalog to channels where consumers seek new products Manage and optimizedigital advertising spend across channels Delivery Solutions Optimizeconsumer shipping through real-timedecisions on cost-effective delivery methods that meet the consumer’sdelivery date Extendthe reach of rapid delivery programs by geographically distributinginventory to partner 3PLs
  6. 6. Our Story Today: Not Friends Google Amazon Facebook
  7. 7. Competition is High, But Thriving • At least online and thanks to mobile • Mobile advertising was 84% of total ad revenue for Facebook* • CPC is down Q4 2016 (Google)** • But number of paid clicks is up 43% • Brick and mortar and retail stores are shrinking*** • Macy’s closing about 15% of their locations • Sears, Kmart, CVS expected to close locations as well * ** ***
  8. 8. Is There Room for Anyone Else? Pinterest Polyvore Bing Ads Connexity
  9. 9. There is so much crossover…don’t think about it by channel Product Search & Discovery Product Promotion Product Ownership Images: iStock
  10. 10. Search & Discovery Image Source: iStock
  11. 11. GTIN Requirement on Google – Why? • Ad spend efficiency and user experience improvements • Knowing exactly which product is which • Competition from marketplaces and Facebook • Leaving “ownership” of the customer and the experience to retailers and brands who want it
  12. 12. Personalization to Make it Sticky Google knows my favorite color is blue and my clothing and shoe sizes. They just haven’t used it against me yet… Image: Google Shopping
  13. 13. The New Exact (Actual) Match Keyword? Shopping Insights tool - ability to serve very specific versions of PLAs? Image: Google Shopping Insights
  14. 14. Searches Start in Amazon It’s estimated half of people start their online shopping search in Amazon. Data/Image Source: Business Insider
  15. 15. Discovery Shopping The initial activity or reason for the site/platform/app is not to search or sell but to discover and be inspired. Image: iStock
  16. 16. Polyvore - Owned by Yahoo • Polyvore is… • A social / commerce site • 84% female users • 70% female users of whom 50% of are under 34 (“Millenials”) • A high AOV channel for luxury apparel retailers • 3 million sets created every monthImage/Data Source: Polyvore
  17. 17. Pinterest – The Up and Comer • 2 billion+ monthly “idea searches”* • 40% of new Pinterest users are men** • 93% of Pinners used Pinterest to plan for or make purchases*** • 72% of Pinners have seen something on Pinterest & made a purchase offline******
  18. 18. Connexity & Social Influencers Highly Curated Editorial Content • Engaging with social agencies and influencers • A “marketplace” connecting retailers and influencers • YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Messaging Image Source: Connexity
  19. 19. Product Promotion
  20. 20. Purchases on Google A Product Listing Ads enhancement on mobile.
  21. 21. Purchases on Google • Still running on a % of eligible traffic across Android and iOS • Only certain products (at your control) show the buy button • Learned that everything before the buy button is what leads to it being used or not • Built a huge infrastructure, 150k+ active retailers and 500m products to understand a shopper’s intent UGG – 50% increase in conversion rates on mobile PLAs with POG and a 25% decrease in cost per conversion.
  22. 22. Sponsored Products on Amazon Image Source: Amazon • Ads that stay on • Surface up products that aren’t easily found or are new • Have to win the Buy Box to display
  23. 23. Sponsored Products on Amazon Image Source: Amazon • Keyword based (automatic and manual) • Double dip cost model – CPC and product category % fee with Amazon if the product sells • Very similar to a simple Google AdWords • Potential to take keywords from Sponsored from search and vice versa – especially when doing dynamic search ads on Google • Using (most often) ACos/ROAS
  24. 24. Walmart & eBay are Buying PLAs for Marketplace Sellers Image Source: Google
  25. 25. And now Amazon is too Image Source: Google
  26. 26. So What Does That Do to the SERP?
  27. 27. Enter Facebook * Now What: • Company utility is based on daily active users • Per FB, slowing growth in Q4 2016 due to available inventory to show ads* • Expanding ads to Messenger, Instagram Stories, Audience Network • Revenue up 51% YoY for Q4 2016 *
  28. 28. Dynamic Product Ads Source: CommerceHub Image: Facebook CH – What we’ve seen: • Average monthly performance • Return on Ad Spend: up to 1,200% • Product Catalog Size: up to 1,000 Products • Added Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences • Conversion rate is high, volume lower than search, it is remarketing after all
  29. 29. Enter Pinterest • Added visual search (Lens tool) • Added visually similar results • Updated their feed to be more like Google and do bulk operations for promoted pins Image: Business Insider
  30. 30. Pinterest – Shopping & Search Campaigns • Limited to direct partners that run campaigns through Kenshoo • 97% of search terms on Pinterest are unbranded Image Source: Pinteresthttps://
  31. 31. Polyvore – Plus, Sponsored Image Source: Polyvore
  32. 32. Product Ownership
  33. 33. Google Manufacturer Center • Alternative images can be added • Reported increase conversion rate • Bosch, 4% lift • Will not override PLA product titles • Fill in missing information or clarify like “cordless” or weight Image Source: Google
  34. 34. Curated from multiple sources and specifically pulled in
  35. 35. Google Manufacturer Center – Best Practices Image Source: CommerceHub
  36. 36. Google Manufacturer Center Image Source: CommerceHub • Prescriptive action items in the UI • Action items pertain to Google and your business in general • It’s free to submit • Why would a brand or manufacturer want to enroll in this program?
  37. 37. eBay Structured Data Image Source: eBay
  38. 38. Who is the Seller of Record? Image Source: iStock
  39. 39. So What? • Competition increasing in Google Shopping • Especially in home goods, furnishings, electronics • Google is expanding where Product Listing Ads show • Local/maps, Google Now, Knowledge Panel • Facebook is expanding where ads show • Enhancements to dynamic ads • Messenger, marketplace
  40. 40. Now What? • Expect to diversify your budget… • New ways of discovering your catalog or new ad types • 80/20 rule applies to your product assortment • Exclusives. Demand is a powerful thing. • Product data quality – own what is yours
  41. 41. Thank You! Image Source: @ebkendo