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Have you noticed how everyone is now joining the world's largest social network, Facebook? More and more businesses are also building their presence on this network, and for a very good reason: to hang out where their customers and prospects hang out!

Facebook has now over 750 million users worldwide. If Facebook was a country it would be the third biggest in the world right after China and India.

Last year 6,963 people joined Facebook - Every hour!

Facebook has seen this huge growth and given businesses an opportunity
to place very targeted ads on members' pages. This is where most clicks are
happening today. Google Adwords is being outshined by Facebook Ads.

To put your business on Facebook and advertise there successfully is simple
if you have clear directions.

This step-by-step guide gives exactly that: Facebook Advertising Guide

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Facebook advertising-guide

  1. 1. How You CanReach Millionsof TargetedCustomersIntroduction to theFacebook AdvertisingGuideDigPublish©
  2. 2. Social Media MarketingFeatured in Chapter 2What is Social Media Marketing and how you canuse it in your business?
  3. 3. Facebook AdvertisingFeatured in Chapter 3What is FacebookAdvertising?What advertising optionsare available?What are the FacebookPresence Options for yourbusiness?
  4. 4. Facebook Advertising CampaignFeatured in Chapter 4Running your firstFacebook AdvertisingCampaignHow to design yourFacebook Ads?How to target your Ads?Effective Facebook Adpricing
  5. 5. Campaign ManagementFeatured in Chapter 5How to use the Facebook Ads Manager and create & reportcampaign results.
  6. 6. Effective Landing PagesFeatured in Chapter 6How to create better landing pages for your Facebook and otheronline advertising campaigns.
  7. 7. Facebook PagesFeatured in Chapter 7What are FacebookBusiness Pages?Creating a Facebook Pagefor Your BusinessAdvertising your FacebookPageUsing Facebook Insights
  8. 8. Facebook OffersFeatured in Chapter 8What are Facebook Offers?How you can create aFacebook OfferHow to use Facebook Offersfor your Business?
  9. 9. Facebook News Feed AdsFeatured in Chapter 9What is Facebook NewsFeed Advertising?How to create a News FeedAd for your business?Facebook News Feed Adsamples
  10. 10. Facebook GroupsFeatured in Chapter 10How to create aFacebook Group?How to advertise yourFacebook Group?Using Groups in yourbusiness marketing.
  11. 11. Facebook EventsFeatured in Chapter 11What are Facebook Eventsand how to use them inyour marketing?Creating your first FacebookEventAdvertising your Events
  12. 12. Facebook PlacesFeatured in Chapter 12Creating and advertising your own Facebook Places.
  13. 13. Facebook NotesFeatured in Chapter 12What are Facebook Notesand how to use them inyour marketing?Creating and advertisingFacebook Notes
  14. 14. Facebook BadgesFeatured in Chapter 14Creating your own Facebook Badges.
  15. 15. Facebook Social PluginsFeatured in Chapter 15What are Facebook SocialPlugins and how to usethem in your marketing?Creating the FacebookLike buttonHow to use FacebookSocial Plugins on yourwebsite or blog
  16. 16. Improving Ad PerformanceFeatured in Chapter 16Learn simple techniqueshow to improve yourFacebook Ad performance.How to write effectiveFacebook Ads and avoidcostly mistakes?Lots of great FacebookAd samples!
  17. 17. Now You KnowYou Too CanReach Millionsof TargetedCustomersThis Book Will Show You How.DigPublish©Facebook Advertising Guide isavailable here: www.fbookadguide.tk