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Web 2.0 tools

  1. 1. Web 2.0 ToolsTools and Internet programmes useful in education
  2. 2. Web 2.0 Tools• Tools for creating a slide show• Multimedia presentations online• Drawing and editing graphics• Documents online• Collaboration tools• Quizzes, tests, puzzles• Animations• Blogs – Portfolios - Wiki
  3. 3. Tools for creating a slide show (photos, video)
  4. 4. AnimotoAnimoto turns your photos and video clips intoprofessional video slideshows in minutes. Fast, free andshockingly simple - we make awesome easy.
  5. 5. FlickrFlickr is online photo management and sharingapplication. Show off your favorite photos and videos tothe world, securely and privately show content to yourfriends and family, or blog. It takes less than a minute tocreate your free account & start sharing!
  6. 6. FlixtimeFlixTime turns your photos and videos into stunning andunique videos in just minutes! Sign-up for a free account,and upload your images, videos and music. Then, sit backand watch your masterpiece come together!
  7. 7. FotoViewrFotoViewr is an elegant, easy to use slide show flashcomponent that can be connected to any website. UsingFotoViewr is so simple, anyone can use it. FotoViewr usesphotos on Flicr and SmugMug. Photos are automaticallydownloaded. No registration is required.
  8. 8. Google +Fast and easy photo sharing ...For creating documents, you must create an account.
  9. 9. ImageShackImageShacks mission is to provide an easy-to-use mediahosting service: photo albums, videos, slideshows.ImageShack allows you to create photoblogs using asimple template and to create slideshows.
  10. 10. ImgurImgur is used to share photos. Imgur is a simple photohosting service that lets users upload and post imagesonline.
  11. 11. iWebPhotoiWebPhoto offers free photo uploads, free flash slideshows and free picture image hosting. Share your photoswith the world! Create impressive online photo albums andfree flash slide show - link them anywhere on the web forfree! Add photo descriptions, colorful photo albumbackgrounds and more!
  12. 12. KizoaFree service to create slideshows and edit photos with funeffects, animations, music and more! Users start theslideshow creation process by dragging photos onto asliding photo reel at the bottom of the editing page. Afteradding photos to the reel, can choose from thousands ofdifferent effects animations, transitions, texts and otheroptions.
  13. 13. MinusMinus is the fun, simple way to share your files. Free andunlimited file sharing for your images, videos, music anddocuments. A universal file sharing platform that lets youshare, explore and connect.
  14. 14. MixbookMixbook is the easy and fun way to make completelycustomizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web –for free.Photo Books - the world’s most customizable photo books, withgorgeous professional designs for books about your school,family, vacation, sports team, and more!
  15. 15. PearltreesA place to organize, discover and share everything you likeon the web.
  16. 16. PhotoPeachAutomatically make your own free slide show in seconds.Upload photos, pick music, add captions in the show, andmore!
  17. 17. PhotoSnackWith PhotoSnack create elegant flash photo slideshowswith music, and share them with your friends and family.The latest updates: - add music to photo slideshows - addphotos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket andSmugMug - 24 slideshow templates, all free.
  18. 18. PictureTrailPictureTrail is an online photo sharing and image hostingwebsite. The free account gives you 36 photos or 20MB ofstorage, whichever comes first . You can add music to eachalbum and view your pictures as a slideshow.
  19. 19. Roxio PhotoShowMake free photo slideshows online with Roxio PhotoShow!Upload photos or import from Facebook, Flickr or Picasa.1. Add pictures and videos you want included in your show.2. View an automatically generated slideshow and customize ituntil you love it.
  20. 20. SlideMyPicsSlideMyPics allows users to build and share slideshows inthree steps. The user begins by adding photos through oneof their third party accounts. Users can import photosfrom Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket and SmugMug.
  21. 21. SlideooJust to add to the photos on Flickr and a few seconds youhave a beautiful slide show in the form of a sliding strip.
  22. 22. SliderollSlideroll is a photo slideshow maker that you can use tocreate slide shows with your photos. Publish yourslideshows on the internet, put them on Facebook,MySpace or YouTube, and e-mail.
  23. 23. SmileboxYou can choose your design, add photos, videos, words,music. You can sent it on email, blog or print it.
  24. 24. StupeflixStupeflix is a web service to simplify video creation. Choosebeautiful theme to your video. Add photos and video clips fromyour computer, or directly from your Facebook, Flickr, or Picasaphoto albums. Tell your story with Title Slides between photos,or Captions on top of photos and maps. Add maps to your videosby simply entering an address.
  25. 25. TripWowIn minutes, create an amazing slideshow using your vacationpictures from your computer or Facebook albums and easilyshare it with family and friends. Your slideshow will have mapsthat will make your pictures look like theyre part of a travel TVshow. Well automatically pick the best music and effects, butyou can also customize everything to make it truly yours.
  26. 26. VUVOXVUVOX allows you to create interactive slideshows andpresentations from photos, video and music from Flickr,Picasa Web Albums, YouTube, Facebook. VUVOX is an easyto use production and instant sharing service that allowsyou to mix, create and blend your media – video, photosand music.
  27. 27. WebshotsShare photos, videos and slideshows on Webshots andyour personal website.
  28. 28. VisioBotVisioBot.com - a tool to create movies. To make yourmovie, you have to go through 3 steps.
  29. 29. YouTubeYouTube is a video-sharing website, created by in February2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. Thecompany uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology todisplay a wide variety of user-generated video content, includingmovie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateurcontent such as video blogging and short original videos.
  30. 30. ZentationZentation combines video and slides to create onlinepresentations that best simulate the live experience. Easilycreate high-end webinars, webcasts, elearning, trainingand virtual events. Save your live presentations withpowerpoints, or other media, to support.
  31. 31. Multimediapresentations online
  32. 32. authorSTREAMUpload your presentations and share them with yourfriends (publicly or privately). You can even add video and/or audio by recording it directly within the site! You canalso create your very own greetings in PowerPoint, uploadto authorSTREAM privately and send as a greeting card.
  33. 33. Embedit.inYou can embed files into your webpages - support mostimage, text and doc formats.Point out specific passages or portions of a document foryour audience. Just use the red pen tool on your embedpage, and your annotations will appear when your embed isadded to your website.
  34. 34. HelloSlideHelloSlide transforms your slides into a rich audiovisualformat, recreating the experience of a live lecture. Simplyupload your presentation, type the speech for each slide,and HelloSlide automagically generates the audio.HelloSlide gives more exposure to your presentations,making them searchable, editable, and available in 20different languages.
  35. 35. MyPlickUpload your presentation documents in a variety offormats such as powerpoint, pdf, openoffice odp, etc.Upload an audio file and have the option to synchronizethe audio with your slides using our online easy-to-use synctool.
  36. 36. myBrainsharkYou can upload your presentation, document or video.Narrate it, share it, track it. Create voice-overpresentations. Make talking photo albums. Upload a videoor screencast. Narrate documents. You can share yourpresentation links via email or social media and embedthem in your website or blog.
  37. 37. PowerShowPowerShow enables you to view & share PowerPointpresentations online complete with: audio, video, music,animations, transition effects, hyperlinks & more. WithPowerShow.com you can upload your PowerPointpresentations and they will be automatically converted to amultimedia Flash slide shows in minutes.
  38. 38. PrezentitPrezentit is a website that lets you create, edit, and showonline presentations easily and without downloading orinstalling anything.
  39. 39. PreziPrezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens upa new world between whiteboards and slides. Thezoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and theconnections between them. The result: visually captivatingpresentations that lead your audience down a path ofdiscovery.
  40. 40. SlideBoomSlideBoom is a free portal where anyone can host andupload and share PowerPoint presentations online.
  41. 41. SliderocketSlideRocket provides presentation software that helps youcreate & share presentations. The gallery is full ofbeautiful, ready-to-use presentations to help youtransform Plain Jane PowerPoint into stunning SlideRocketpresentations.
  42. 42. SlideServeSlideServe is the another way to Upload and Share YourPowerPoint presentations Online. Embed or Email thepresentations to social networking sites, blogs and friends.
  43. 43. SlideShareSlideShare is the worlds largest community for sharingpresentations. Upload and share on blogs, Twitter,Facebook or LinkedIn. 50 million people use SlideShareevery month for research, sharing ideas, connecting withothers, and generating business leads. SlideShare alsosupports documents, PDFs, and videos.
  44. 44. SlideSixSlidesix is multimedia enabled presentation sharing. Simplyupload, add multimedia, enhance and share! Slidesix allowsusers to upload their public or private presentations andshare them across all Web browsers. Slidesix supportsmultimedia creation so that users can record videonarration to accompany their presentations and walkviewers through each slide.
  45. 45. SlideSnackSlideSnack tool is not only easy to upload and share yourprojects, but it gives you the possibility to record voicecomments over them (slidecast) or make notes on a book.
  46. 46. VcasmoVcasmo – online multimedia presentation and sharingsolution. Synchronise a video and a slideshow side by side.Embed into any webpage. Vcasmo is a online multimediapresentation and sharing solution for enhancing onlinepresentations with audio and video footage, it’s a two inone device.
  47. 47. Zoho ShowZoho Show - online presentation service for creating,editing and sharing presentations. Presentations createdwith Zoho Show can be accessed, edited and importedfrom any computer with an internet connection.
  48. 48. Drawing and editing graphics photo galleries
  49. 49. ArtPadArtPad is the place for art lessons, classes and workshops.Express yourself with the art.com ArtPad, where youcreate art as unique as you are.
  50. 50. BeFunkyWith BeFunky anyone can become an artist. With justsingle click , you can create your desired effects easily.BeFunky lets you apply photo effects, enhance, editpictures and photos online. Cartoon, sketch, painting, popart and more effects.
  51. 51. BeeclipBeeclip is a fun and easy way to create awesomescrapbooks with your photos and videos.
  52. 52. DermandarEasily create and share 360 panoramas with fast onlinefreeware, embed the result in your blog. No registration,no dowload or install.
  53. 53. DumprDumpr is where you create marvellous photos to sharewith your friends. Dumpr brings awesome visual effects ofa single mouse click. You can now create incredible photomosaics, Rubiks Cubes and simulate pencil sketches!
  54. 54. EasyMozaEasyMoza is a online programme with which you can easilymake your own photo mosaic. If you like the result, it ispossible to save your photo mosaic to your computer. Afterthat you can print your photo mosaic anywhere you want.
  55. 55. FlauntRFlauntR is also a free Online image editing tool. WithFlauntR you can apply stunning one-click effects to yourdigital photos for free. Convert edited photos into posters,canvas prints, and greeting cards and also lots of one-clickoptions to edit your digital photos instantly.
  56. 56. FotoFlexerFotoFlexer is the advanced online digital photo editor.Bring your photos to life with animated shapes! Its easy toadd and customize animation in your photos.
  57. 57. GalleryHostedGalleryHosted.com is an image hosting, photo sharing andphoto slideshow service. It hosts images for sharing onforums and blogs. The application allows to download fullgalleries with one click.
  58. 58. GlogsterMake your interactive poster easily and share it withfriends. Mix images, text, music and video.
  59. 59. Jandex.KraskiThe program lets us creating unusual drawings, collagesand compositions. Besides a drawing function, it also offersanimated elements and cliparts, which can make ourillustrations more attractive.
  60. 60. LocrLocate your photos, discover the world and share withfriends. Locr offers geo-enhanced photo sharing for mobilephone users and hobby photographers.
  61. 61. LoonaPixYou can create funny compositions, add a photo in anunusual frame, embellish, distort, create calendars. Inother words, thanks to LoonaPix we can have funny andunique pictures.
  62. 62. LoupeLoupe lets you to shape your photos the way you want.Now creating photo collages in seconds with just a fewmouse clicks can be possible with Getloupe. AtGetloupe.com, you can simply and quickly generate yournew collage of your favorite photos.
  63. 63. PhotoFuniaPhotoFunia is a online photo editing tool. Create coolphoto effects. Select effect, upload your photo anddownload funny photo montage! Put your face on abillboard, a stamp, or in a Warhol-like work of pop-art.Become the Mona Lisa or a bodybuilder. You get over 150scenes to play with.
  64. 64. PhotovisiPhotovisi is a free and easy to use online photo collagemaker. Select one of the many designs, add your photosand then customize by dragging items around. After thecollage is finished, its available for download and print!
  65. 65. PiZapPiZap provides a very easy to use photo editor that lets you addphoto effects, custom text or speech bubbles, hundreds oforiginal colorful stickers, a full painting program, and muchmore. PiZap also has built in tools for sending e-cards,downloading your image, embedding your image in any website,or sharing the link directly to your image.
  66. 66. Pix.iePix.ie provides you with a safe place to upload, share andpermanently store your photos. The service have loads ofcool features to make photo sharing on the Internet fun,safe and easy. Right now Pix.ie offers a massive 500MBupload limit per month. Thats up to 6GB per year for free.
  67. 67. TuxpiOnline photo editor - works directly in your web browser.Edit photos with many different effects. Change colors,create montages and add text to pictures. Rotate andresize pictures, add picture frames.
  68. 68. SketchfuWelcome to Sketchfu, where you can draw and share. Signin or sign up for a free account! You need Flash 8 or higherto see a replay of this drawing.
  69. 69. StixyStixy is an online tool for building collaboration acrossgroups of individuals. The site works like an online bulletinboard, where users can post photos, documents, notes andpresentations.
  70. 70. TrooviTroovi is an easy photo exchange platform to share yourphotos in high quality. Theres no need to register - Simplychoose the photos you want to share and upload them. Toshare the photos with others all you have to do is to sendthem your unique link.
  71. 71. Glogster EDUGlogster EDU is a collaborative online learning platform forteachers and students to express their creativity,knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom.
  72. 72. TinypicTinyPic is a photo and video sharing service that lets youeasily upload, link, and share your images and videos onMySpace, Scrapbooks, blogs, and message boards.
  73. 73. Documents online
  74. 74. CalameoCalameo is the place to publish and share your documentswith your friends. Easily embed rich-media content to yourpublications like videos and audios.
  75. 75. Google sitesCreate and share your work online and access yourdocuments from anywhere. Manage documents,spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in oneFor creating documents, you must create an account .
  76. 76. IssuuIssuu is a place where you can collect, share and publish ina format designed to make your documents look their verybest. You can upload your ppt presentations or pdfdocuments.
  77. 77. ScribdScribd is a Web 2.0 based document-sharing website whichallows users to post documents of various formats, andembed them into a web page.
  78. 78. Toon DooToon Doo is a free open application that allows anyone tocreate a comic strip. All it takes to sign up is a usernameand password.
  79. 79. YoublisherMake your pdf documents flippable and quickly loading. Itis like touching a real document. Can embed into anywebsite. Just upload Pdf, and your book is made.
  80. 80. Collaboration tools
  81. 81. Bubbl.usBrainstorm online with Bubbl.us. Easily create colorfulmindmaps to print or share with others.
  82. 82. MapwingMapwing makes it easy to build, share, and explore virtualtours. Use Mapwing to turn your digital photos into virtualtours that include interactive maps, images, andcomments. Then, share your virtual tours with friends,clients, or the entire world.
  83. 83. MiddlespotCreate a personal dashboard across all your devices. Itsthe simplest way to view, read, and watch yourdocuments, photos, links, and videos on all your devices.Organize your dashboard with simple drag, drop, resizeand rotate features.
  84. 84. TagxedoTagxedo turns words - news articles, slogans and themes -into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sizedappropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrencewithin the body of text.
  85. 85. TriplineTripline is a cool new way to create animated maps thatyou can post right into your Facebook feed or embed onyour site.
  86. 86. WallWisherWallWisher is a interactive cork board. Leave onlinemessages for collegues and students with WallWisher. Itssimple to use and can be used to post homework. It is aneasy way to share a workspace either with students orcolleagues
  87. 87. WordleWordle is a toy for generating "word clouds" from text thatyou provide. The clouds give greater emphasis to thewords that appear frequently in the source text. You canedit your clouds of different fonts, layouts and colorschemes.
  88. 88. Quizzes – crosswords - tests - puzzles
  89. 89. Jigsaw PlanetJigsaw Planet offers plugins through which you canconnect your website with Jigsaw Planet. To put them onyour web page insert some of the following HTML codesinto the source code of the web page.
  90. 90. ProProfsOn the ProProofs website we can play free logical gamesor create our own, including also puzzles and jigsaws.
  91. 91. Word Search MakerWord Search Maker to make word search puzzles. You cancreate your own word searches and - with a quick copy andpaste - put them on your very own site.
  92. 92. Quiz RevolutionCreate a Quiz. Embed a great looking quiz widget in anywebsite or blog without programming.
  93. 93. Puzzle MakerChoose a picture from your computer. You can use aphotograph you took with your camera.
  94. 94. Animations
  95. 95. GickrA free web service that allows you to instantly createAnimated GIF online for free. All you have to do is uploadpictures or get them from your Flickr account. Create funnyflashy slideshows with you and your friends, cartoons,previews, banners, etc.
  96. 96. GIFninjaExcellent, easy to use site for creating simple animated.You dont have any special skills, just create your imagesand upload them into the service. The site creates your giffor you.
  97. 97. MyspaceGensCreate a GIF in just 3 easy steps. Fast, easy, high quality, nowatermarks. Start by selecting a size and speed, then justupload and arrange your pictures. You can easily go back toedit or customize your GIF.
  98. 98. PicasionTo create a free GIF with Picasion simply upload yourpictures or grab them from Flickr or Picasa, make avatarsor funny animations and post it to Facebook, our site orblog.
  99. 99. Picture2LifeEdit your pictures, create collages or animations, and bestof all, share your pictures with friends and family.Picture2Life is a powerful, but simple and easy-to-useonline image editor which enables you to edit, cllage,animate and share your pictures online.
  100. 100. VokiVirtual avatar. Select a character from one of our manystyles: Classic, Animals, Oddballs and more! Change thelook, clothing and accessories. Add your own voice viaphone, microphone, text to speech or upload a file.
  101. 101. Dvolver moviemakerIt´s easy Movie maker. You can choose scene, selectbackground and sky...and you can write dialogues ofcharacters.
  102. 102. Blogs – Portfolios - Wiki
  103. 103. BloggerFree weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text,photos and video. Blogger is a blog-publishing service thatallows private or multi-user blogs with time-stampedentries. The blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain ofblogspot.com.
  104. 104. LiveJournalLiveJournal is a social network, where Internet users cankeep a blog, journal or diary. Each journal entry has its ownweb page, which includes the comments left by otherusers.
  105. 105. WikispacesWikispaces is a great tool for making custom webpagesthat your students can edit together.
  106. 106. WixWix is a do-it-yourself website builder: a free online toolthat lets you create and customize your own websites.
  107. 107. WordPressBlogging at WordPress.com is great, and these applicationsmake it even better by giving you more ways to post.Whether you’re blogging from your desktop, browser or onthe go, make sure to check out these other ways to post toyour WordPress.com blog.
  108. 108. Our project