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ebf connector for iPhone

Mobile access to your company data and business-relevant applications!

With immediate effect, ebf.connector connects the iPhone with a variety of data sources, such as IBM Lotus Notes, SAP, Microsoft Exchange or SQL databases like MS-SQL, mySql or Oracle for example.

The iPhone application interacts with the required databases or CRM programs via a server. Whether address details, order statuses or urgent requests, an infinite number of application examples can be created for your company through the flexible handling of different data sources. The ebf.connector provides you, your sales staff and project managers with the latest information, wherever and whenever.

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ebf connector for iPhone

  1. 1. CREATING YOUR BENEFIT ebf.connector for iPhone
  2. 2. ebf.connector
  3. 3. Scenarios for ebf.connector in Your Enterprise • Order entry • Employment and work reports • Time and travel costs recordation • Quality control • Team calendar / public folders • Route planning • Any connection to databases • Provide mobile Intranet contents
  4. 4. ebf.connector for iPhone Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  5. 5. CRM Contact Management
  6. 6. CRM Contact Management Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  7. 7. CRM Lead Management Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  8. 8. CRM Lead Management Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  9. 9. CRM Lead Management Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  10. 10. CRM Lead Management Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  11. 11. Requirements • ebf.connector Server – Enterprise Application Server like – WebSphere Application Server – Apache Tomcat – BEA Weblogic • One of the following Database Servers – MySQL – IBM DB2 above 9.0 – Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher – Microsoft SQL Express – Lotus Domino above 6.x • iPhone from Firmware 2.0 better 2.2.1 Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  12. 12. Next steps • Download ebf.connector from iTunes App Store • Test Data Sources with ebf Demo Server Environment • Registration with ebf via Data Source • Remote or Local Installation of the ebf.connector Server • Connect to Individual Data Sources Copyright ebf GmbH - April 09
  13. 13. Contact ebf GmbH Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 120-122 50968 Cologne +