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Social Media Engagement-PTAT of 1%?


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I does social media marketing in Singapore, primarily for the F&B and coffee industry. I did an experiment to show that you do not need to have big numbers to get high engagement, how you get PTAT of more than 1% with no advert, no promotion, just good content.

In this experiment (a page about myself), I manage to get 100 over fans (mainly friends and customers), but I get PTAT of more than 900.

I get this much engagement mainly via the post which I did. Some posts got as high as 300 shares.

For folks that do not know much about these stats, in layman terms, my page gets better coverage and sharing than pages such as 7-Up, Nescafe, Chupa Chu etc.

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Social Media Engagement-PTAT of 1%?

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