How QR code can make money for you in Singapore?


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Is the only company in Singapore that allows you to track and manage your own QR code campaign.

With this, you would know invaluable information about when, where and what is used to scan your qr code.

This effectively allows you to plan and better manage your next marketing campaign.

Contact kumeiti for a free trial today. Tel: 68325026

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How QR code can make money for you in Singapore?

  1. 1. How to Make Money From QR Code! © Kumeiti, 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Situation:•Merchants LovesQR Code•Everyone is usingthem•QR Code can begenerated Free!
  3. 3. The situation:•Question: How to make $$ from it?•Answer: QR CODE SG
  4. 4. The Technology:•The only code in Singapore that allows you to track theuser’s location, time of scan and mobile device used.•Companies that create the QR code can change thedestination of the code, can check the data highlightedabove or even customized their code.•In short, QR codes created by QR CODE SG system aredynamic and trackable.
  5. 5. The Technology:•They only need to log into their own dedicated QR CODESG account!•QR CODE SG provides marketing personnel withinformation that is critical for their next integratedmarketing campaign.•Why integrated marketing? Because QR code connectsthe physical world to the online world. E.g. From poster tovideo streaming.
  6. 6. The Technology: •It answers questions such as: Have they read my Poster? Where did they read my flyer? What time did they read my ad? •So, how can YOU make money from it?
  7. 7. QR Code as Income Generator•We charges a single dynamic and trackable QR code forS$29.00 per month (individual account).•For a limited period, we are offering reseller account whichcan create 400 QR codes and up to 399 user accounts atonly $799.00 per month.•Assuming YOU charges the same price as QR CODE SG,and you only manages to secure 100 individual accounts,you would be earning: 100 X $29 = S$2900!
  8. 8. QR Code as Income GeneratorWho should get the reseller account? Printing Companies Ad Agencies Copywriting companies PR Agencies Printing Brokers Publishers
  9. 9. QR Code as Income GeneratorWhat is so good about this opportunity?Your customer purchase an account, generatea QR code, you print it on their desiredcommunication materials and earn the retainermonth after month.
  10. 10. QR Code as Income GeneratorCan we get more than 1 reseller account?We allow up to 3 reseller accounts for eachcompany. If you need more, talk to us.
  11. 11. QR Code as Income GeneratorHow can I get started?Simply contact Kumeiti at 68325026 or go to secure an account.
  12. 12. We provide the only dynamic and trackable QR Codes in Singapore Visit for more info.