Preliminary results from TEWV library impact study


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Preliminary results from TEWV library impact study

  1. 1. Preliminary results from TEWVlibrary impact studyCatherine EbenezerLIS ManagerMay 2011
  2. 2. SHALL impact toolkitAvailable at www.libraryservices.nhs.ukThree components:1. Questionnaire survey – can be online2. Schedule for semi-structured interviews3. Questionnaire for requesters of mediatedliterature searchesIn progress at TEWV LISNovember 2010 – April 2011
  3. 3. Did the information you found influence any of the following?
  4. 4. Did the information you found lead you to CHANGE someaspect of patient care or treatment?
  5. 5. Did the information you found have any impact on your learningor teaching?
  6. 6. Observations from TEWV survey dataResponse rates from both training grade and careergrade doctors was low‘No impact’ frequently reported for influence onprofessional activities and patient care (~30%), lessoften on learning or teaching (6%)Advice given to colleagues, service development andplanning the most commonly reported influencesMost commonly reported impact on change of practice= advice given to carers
  7. 7. ‘Please tell us about anything you did differently …’‘The information increased my skills as an educator andin turn benefited the student’‘The information was used to help decide a patientstreatment’‘I was able to write better-informed reports andassessments’‘I need to be able to research effectively on a regularbasis and library staff have helped me to do this ….’‘I use the library resources to keep myself updated oncurrent best practice’‘Prescribed different medication’‘I became more patient focused with regard to processes’
  8. 8. ‘Please tell us about anything you did differently …’‘I was able to discuss his treatment with a very anxiouspatient with a degree of knowledge which gave him theconfidence to persist with a treatment he was findingdifficult’‘Looking at writing a protocol/standard for effectivesupervision practice of medical staff’‘It has started me on the process of networking withother specific professionals … in order to increase myknowledge and share practice’‘Used information to support behavioural interventionwith family’‘Nothing I’m afraid, colleagues did not take theresearch seriously’
  9. 9. Emerging themes from TEWV interview data15 interviews undertaken by nurse in medical education(i.e. independent of library)50% had asked library for help with their search, 50% had notPositive feedback about quality of library service, especially speedof carrying out mediated searches, knowledge of staff – but lowstaffing levels and restricted opening hours a problemDelivery of resources to workplaces is greatly appreciatedMany users previously unaware of range of library servicesavailableLIS needs to raise its profile in clinical areasthrough more effective promotion
  10. 10. Medical educators supporting LIS in TEWVAmbassadors / ‘evangelists’ for library servicesWith your traineesIn your clinical areas – with non-medical staffDetermine core syllabus and optional constituents ofinformation literacy training as a part of criticalappraisalTraining needs analysis?Standardise IL training interventions across TEWV
  11. 11. Catherine EbenezerLibrary and Information Services Manager01642 83811207920