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Global i ii review


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Notes sheet to accompany Global I & II presentation

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Global i ii review

  1. 1. Global I ReviewThe social sciences:Geography:Geographic impact on societies:Place:Adaptation:History: Primary vs. secondary sourcesEconomic$Capitalism (laissez-faire)SocialismCommand/CommunismmercantilismNeolithic Revolution: Farming (domestication of plants & animals)Ancient Mesopotamia:Fertile Crescent: City-State Cuneiform ites; advanced The Code of HammurabiAncient Egypt:
  2. 2. Pharaoh: Hieroglyphics River delta Gift of the Nile:Ancient India:Ancient China:Mandate of Heaven: Feudalism: “China’s Sorrow” What Ancient River Valley Civilizations have in commonLocationSocial structureGovernmentRecord keeping Belief systems
  3. 3. Where When Who? What? HinduismBuddhism JudaismChristianity Islam Important Migrations Indo-European Phoenician Bantu Warring States Period in China:
  4. 4. Belief System Founder Beliefs ImpactConfucianism Daoism Legalism The Qin Dynasty Ancient GreeceGeography:Athens & Pericles: Art Literature Medicine Philosophy Roman AchievementsRepublicanGovernment
  5. 5. 12 TablesPax RomanaRomanArchitectureAdoption ofChristianityJulius Caesar: Rise FallRise of the Roman Empire, effect:End of the Roman Empire, Effect: Social Economic/Political Feudalism around the World
  6. 6. Bushido & ChivalryThe end of Feudalism in Europe:The Renaissance: Definition Location Artists EffectsThe Reformation: Definition Location Important People EffectsThe Counter-Reformation Definition Location Important People Effects Empires around the World India:
  7. 7. Mauryan EmpireLeader& Dates Importance Gupta EmpireLeader& Dates Importance Mughal EmpireLeader& Dates Importance China: Han DynastyLeader& Dates Importance Tang DynastyLeader& Dates Importance Song DynastyLeader& Dates Importance Ming DynastyLeader& Dates Importance Turkey & the Mediterranean: Byzantine EmpireLeader & Dates Importance Ottoman EmpireLeader & Dates Importance Mongol EmpireLeader & Dates Importance
  8. 8.  Africa: Central & South America:MayaLeader & Dates ImportanceAztecLeader & Dates ImportanceIncaLeader & Dates Importance The Age of ExplorationWhat happened to the Aztec & Inca Empires?Reasons for New World Exploration:Technology of exploration:Columbian exchange:Encomienda System: Atlantic Slave Trade:
  9. 9. Middle Passage:Effects: Absolute Monarchs in Europe (1500-1800) Causes of Absolutism:Divine Right:Country Leader(s) Absolute monarch? Important EventsSpainFranceRussiaEngland The Scientific Revolution & The Enlightenment Scientific Revolution: Description Important People Effects The Enlightenment Description Important People Effects Revolutions around the World French Revolution Causes: Important Events:
  10. 10. Effects:Napoleon Bonaparte:Congress of Vienna: Nationalist Revolutions:Latin America:Causes: Country or Colonizer Causes Leader Description Region HaitiSpanish South America MexicoEurope:Causes:ItalyGermany The Industrial Revolution Definition:
  11. 11.  Why did it Begin in England:Important inventions:Effects: Urbanization: New Society:Longer life-span Education:Slums & Poverty: Need for Natural Resources: Pollution: Reaction to the Industrial Revolution:Economic$ Capitalism (Free Market, Laissez-Faire) Communism (Marxism)Labor Unions:Increased Democracy & Suffrage: Imperialism THE MAIN Definition: REASON FOR IMPERIALISM: The “White Man’s Burden”: Africa; The Berlin Conference: India, “The Jewel in the Crown”
  12. 12. The Sepoy Mutiny The Amristar Massacre China: Spheres of Influence Opium Wars Taiping Rebellion Boxer Rebellion Japan: From Feudalism to ImperialismGeography:Meiji Restoration:Wars:Greater East Asia Co prosperity Sphere: Effects of Imperialism (+)Positive(+) (-)Negative(-)What is the main reason for imperialism? World Wars & DepressionWWIM
  13. 13. AINImmediate cause of WWI: Allies Central PowersNew Technologies:Result:Effects of WWI; The Treaty of Versailles: Great Depression Fascism League of Nations WWII W Appeasement Treaty of Versailles Russian Revolution:
  14. 14. Causes People Description EffectsCZARBetween the Wars Great Depression: Italy Germany JapanLeague of Nations  PowerNon-Aggression pact:Aggression leads to War: Allies Axis Powers German invasion of D-Day The Holocaust Nuclear weapons Nuremberg trials USSR
  15. 15. Post WWII The United Nations: Purpose: Security Council EventsThe Cold War:Causes: NATO Warsaw Pact Important Events: The Iron Curtain: Ge r ma ny: Mar$hall Plan: Korean War Cuban Missile Crisis Vietnam War Cold War in Latin America Détente & SALT Communist Revolution in China: Causes People Events Effects Effects: End of the Cold War:USSRGermany & Eastern EuropePoland Nonalignment:
  16. 16. The End of Imperialism Region: Countries: People: Events:ASIAAFRICAMIDDLE EAST Human Rights Abuses: Region: Date: People: Events:Khmer Rouge(Cambodia)Genocide in RwandaGenocide in Sudan(Darfur)Tiananmen SquareMassacre (China)Serbian War Crimes(Europe)The Holocaust (Europe)The Rape of Nanking(China) Important Conflicts:
  17. 17. Region: Dates: People: Events: Israel/Palestine India/Pakistan War on TerrorDemocracy movements in North Africa & Middle East Ireland Important Events:Green Revolution: Population Growth: Environmental Concerns:Nuclear Proliferation: Developed vs. Developing Nations: Economic Problems; Free Trade & Debt