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Swimming in pollution publishing!


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Swimming in pollution publishing!

  1. 1. Swimming In Pollution?How does carpollution effectthe world?
  2. 2. Vehicle pollution affects humans in more than one way. The fumesthey emit is toxic not only for humans, but for all other living beings.The smoke emitted by vehicles contains following toxic substances.How does car pollution affect us?
  3. 3. Tailpipe of cars releases harmful gases for theatmosphere. Carbon monoxide (poison gas), carbondioxide, smoke etc are very bad for the air. Theyalso drop oil remains on roads and parking lots–which again pollution.What makes car pollution?
  4. 4. In order to reduce emissions, modern car enginescarefully control the amount of fuel they burn.They try to keep the air-to-fuel ratio very closeto the stoichiometric point, which is the idealratio of air to fuel. Theoretically, at this ratio,all of the fuel will be burned using all of theoxygen in the air.What are the pollutants ofthe car?
  5. 5. A car’s exhaust system is responsible for transporting the burnedexhaust, or combustion gases, from its engine and out the tail pipe.The exhaust system is basically just a long tube attached to the engineand extending to the rear of the vehicle. However, there are certaincomponents that enable the exhaust system to function properly.How does the exhaustwork?
  6. 6. Vehicle emissions can affect the environment in severalways. Cars emit greenhouse gasses as carbon dioxide,which contribute to global warming. Some air pollutantsand particulate matter from cars can be deposited on soilfood surface waters where they enter food chain.How does car pollution effect theworld?
  7. 7. Hope you all enjoyed it!Have a wonderful day!!By ReganThe End