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Pacey Endangered Species


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Published in: Technology, Lifestyle
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Pacey Endangered Species

  2. 2. by pacey torea!!!
  3. 3. ANIMALS Some farm animals are endangered also someanimals from zoos get very sick and die likeHarold the giraffe died. He lived in Australia withthe rest of his family.
  4. 4. MY QUESTIONHow do animals get endangered? Getting killed by people hunting them. They are getting killed of starvation. They can start getting sick and endangered whenthey are in the wild ,because of other animals.
  5. 5. BIRDSSome birds are precious to us,because they are our nativebirds.
  6. 6. KIWIThe biggest threat to the kiwi comesfrom dogs ,cats and other imported pets.New Zealand has no native predators.Being a small, flightless birds its defencesare limited.
  7. 7. TIGERShuman kill them as a hobby. This has also resulted in the reckless poaching of tigers,making the tigers and endangered species today. They are killed for their fur.
  8. 8. THESE ARE ENDANGEREDANIMALSPolar bearsKiwisSharksBirds
  9. 9. PICTURESSad!!!
  10. 10. GLOSSARYEndangered :not many of theanimals left.Starvation :hungry.