The Doff Show, part 1,lear how to start a band


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First Band User Manual, for anyone
teens, pre-Cd, pre-PC...newbies to
music, who would like to start a rock
band from scratch. All the very basic
things you need and want to know, but
never dare ask. The are no stupid

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  • 001 The Doff show is a guide for teen bands, or «  anyone else who wants to listen » (Joe Jackson) These are the tips and guidance i gave to my teen daughter who started a band with newbies to music. A step by step, hands on, process, very basic running through all the info amateur musicians never dare ask. They asked and i answered, as a seasoned pro.
  • 002 The more the better! Pread the word to teens, pre-PC or pre-CD people and feel free to to give feedback, there’s more coming
  • 003 You might have guessed, Egb Ledoff is my pen name. It’s one of the few nicknames i have accepted as a record producer. Members of a Senegale Band gave it to me, it means : the crazy man in the Wolof langage.
  • 004 When you just want to have fun and don’t have that much money to spend that kind of guidance can help but it’s not just a mattter of tools to pick from, i’ll also talk about all the things i’ve learned from my experience as artistic director…
  • 005 That is deliberate, as a musician your best tools are…
  • 006 Your ears! And the fact that you have two of them is very useful. First thing i ever ask my students in sound engineering is : what’s the use of having two ears?
  • 007.
  • 008 Choosing when to ask does help a lot…and if you feel it’s not the right time, write it down and ask later.
  • 009 Teaching is always a challenging «  both way » process and I love it! Pros, newbies, students…and i’ve asked a lot too.
  • 010 That’s the best remark a teacher has ever made to me. She was my vocal coach.
  • 011 Every time you see a slide like this : try to fnd who sang or wrote the song. One of the great things about music is listening to as many tunes as possible.There’s a lot to discover.
  • 012
  • 013 Most bands start as a trio, The power trio is the name generaly given to the basic rock band.
  • 014
  • 015 I happen to haven chosen boys, but it could have been girls….my daughter preferred male characters for this show, and anyway i had started by drawing this guy.
  • 016 Funny how we’re all impressed by fast playing guitarists! In fact it’s much more difficult to play slowly.
  • 017 He’s the guy whose best quality is the ability to keep a regular beat.
  • 018 What would Rock’n’Roll be without bass!
  • 020 Sure! Music as a hobby, isn’t about competition, It’s more about sharing great moments!
  • 021 . Sorry I forgot the only thing you’re supposed to know at this stage is that you want to play.
  • 022. Quizz. Clue : the king’s son.
  • 023 Only talking about the performers, there are often quite a few others around : technical crew, graphic designers, helpful friends, Wee not there yet!
  • 024
  • 025 I was asked the difference between an electric bass and an electric guitar, they are both guitars.
  • 026 : Some string instruments can play a much wider range of notes, from very low to very high pitched, like Indian Citar, or the grand harp,learning how to play those is a very long road.
  • 027 Its best to start with a four string bass.
  • 028: This is the way 90% of guitarists tune and play their guitars;
  • 029
  • 030 Coonsider music as just another language, you don’t need a lot of vocabulary to talk with others and start having fun.
  • 031 I make this point because drummers don’t often do this and when it comes to the vocabulary that concerns rythm, the others aren’t that much interested. Once you know the musical words to use, playing music is like having a conversation, You don’t want to see someone left out.
  • 032 You may wonder why? Nature produces sound, as the result of objects vibrating, we use names for convenience.
  • 033 Think of voices inside a same family, singing the same note : some will be low, (Dad),some a little higher ( Mum), the son will be higher still and the three year old even higher. This has nothing to do with the way those voices feel,to you, that’s a notion we’ll explore later called timbre.
  • 033 Quizz : very easy
  • 034 : Because breacking info down in blocks can sometimes make it easier to understand.
  • 035.
  • 036. Because everybody’s seen or heard a piano.
  • 037.
  • 038
  • 039 The small keyboard is a Roland SH09, i once owned, It was made to play only bass notes. Fantastic!
  • 040 :
  • 041
  • 042
  • 043
  • 044
  • 045
  • 046
  • 047:
  • 048
  • 049 :
  • 050 : Quizz : I’ll give you a clue : the band’s name is a bird of prey.
  • Thanks for reading. Thank you is also part of the quizz. If you happen to run a non-profit organisation i’d be pleased to give permission to use the Doff Show otherwise. Eric Barouti allias Egb Ledoff.
  • The Doff Show, part 1,lear how to start a band