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Soup secret ingredients


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Soup secret ingredients

  1. 1. Lemon Juice - good in almost any non-creamy soup,especially chicken soup and bean soup.Balsamic Vinegar- just a few drops can add amazingdepth.Wine- red or white depending on your soup.WorchestershireSauce(moelleux aux noix)Tomato paste - a tablespoon or so of tomato paste canbalance saltiness and create more interesting flavor. Ofcourse, the old standby for oversalting is potatoes.Cognac or brandyHoneyCinnamon - try in spicy soups and tomato soups.Nutmeg - good in creamy soups, but in tomato-basedsoups.Boullion cube - if the soup is just a bit weak, this is not agourmet ingredient, but it might do the trick.A few chopped anchovies - chop them up well; yoursoup wont taste fishy.