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4 popular cakes choices


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4 popular cakes choices

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4 popular cakes choices

  1. 1. Angel Food Cake: Light, airy, and fat-free, the angel food cake offers a delicate and fluffy texture that is certain to melt in the mouth. Since these cakes are baked without fat, they are essentially cholesterol free. Whether you're looking to serve the angel food cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit or plain with a light icing, you will certainly appreciate these delightful cakes. Cheesecake: A classic, smooth, and creamy cheesecake is a very dense type of dessert, and is likely to be made with a combination of cream, eggs, sugar, cream cheese, and flavorings. A cheesecake is made with a choice of crust, like graham cracker, cookie, or pasty. But, you do also have the option of making these cakes without a crust. They are able to offer a mouth-watering taste of creamy vanilla and can be combined with sour cream and lemon. In general, there is an almost endless list of possibilities when it comes to the flavor for the cheesecake, and this is likely to range from fruit, berry, lemon, coffee, and chocolate. Coffee cake: A delicious, rich, and simple coffee cake is perfect when served straight from the oven with a mug of tea or coffee. Even though it might be known as coffee cake, this type of cake doesn't necessarily need to include coffee. They are generally flavored with a combination of fruits, nuts, apples, and cinnamon. Whether you are looking for a snack for a mid- day lunch or family dinners, you will certainly like the taste of these cakes. Many of these cakes are finished with a streusel or crumb top, which is made with oats, flour, butter, spices, nuts, and sugar. Fruitcake: A fruitcake is one of the dense cakes and likely to be overloaded with a wide choice of candied or dried fruits and nuts, as well as spices, brandy or rum. Since this cake is so dense and rich it is more likely to be dished-up with very small pieces. A fruitcake can be eaten as soon as it is baked, but in general it is able to offer a more preferred taste if left to age in a wine, bourbon, brandy, or rum soaked cloth.