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Polling agents ge13 handout version v2

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Polling agents ge13 handout version v2

  1. 1. A Polling AgentEjenTempatMengundi
  2. 2. Who Can Be a Polling Agent? A Malaysian citizen. 21 years and above. Not charged in Court for any offences thelast 5 years. Not a discharged prisoner within the last 5years. Not an un-discharged bankrupt.
  3. 3. Appointment as a Polling Agent(EjenTempatMengundi ETM) Appointment is done by a Candidate. Duty and responsibility to the Candidate isto observe that the Polling Process is carriedout fairly and in accordance to the GeneralElection rules and regulations. You need to give us a copy of your MyKadand a passport size photo. (fairly recent)
  4. 4. AppointmentForm to beCompletedwith Info fromyour MyKad.
  5. 5. Reporting for Duty on Polling Day.1. Meet your Station Master by 0645 hrs whowill hand you a PACA Kit.2. Meet and show the KetuaTempatMengundi(KTM) at 0700 hrs:a. Your SPR Appointment Letterb. Your MyKad.c. Your SPR PASS Card.3. You will then complete and sign “BORANGSUMPAH KERAHSIAAN” (Borang A) before theKTM or SPR Officer.
  6. 6. BorangSumpahKerahsiaan(Borang A)
  7. 7. PACA Dress Code Smart Casual – remember you are onOfficial Duty. No Round-Neck T-shirts. Collar T-shirtspermitted. No Pictures of Political Logos. No Sleeveless T-shirts. No shorts nor mini-skirts. No sandals nor slippers.
  8. 8. PACA Kit Contents (1/2). Your SPR Appointment Letter & Name Tag. Electoral Roll for your Saluran. Borang 753 – ContohCorakPenindik (for PA to get asample of the Stamp-Pattern for the Saluran BEFOREPolling Begins). Borang 13 - PenyataKertasUndi for PA use BEFORE (PartA) and AFTER Polling (Part B-E). Borang 757 (CatatanBilanganPengesahanKertasUndi) forCA use. Borang 764 (PenyataAwalKiraanUndi) Borang 14 (PenyataPengundianSelepasPengiraanUndi)
  9. 9. PACA Kit Contents (2/2). Blank A4 Paper, Carbon Paper, Pencil & Eraser Pen & Ruler (to cross-out names of Voters who have voted) Permanent Marker (to use to sign SEALS used by KTM) Sample Borang 10A – (KTM will use on Voters who refuse tobe inked) Sample Borang 10 – (KTM will use on OKU’s assistant) Sample Borang 11 – (KTM will use for Voter’s whose identityis in doubt, e.g. male/female, IC digits, age query etc. Torchlight & Calculator – for use in case of power failureespecially during counting of votes. Bring Your Own.
  10. 10. To-Do’s beforeVoting Starts at 0800 hrs.1. Ensure that there are no posters/pictures of anypolitician or political party in the Saluran/Station.2. Complete Part A of your own Form 13 with:- serial numbers of ballot books in order to know theNumber of ballot papers to be used.3. Examine the ballot box that it is empty. After the KTMseal the box, please sign on the Seal.4. Complete your SPR 753 “ContohCorakPenindik” &requests KTM for a “stamp-pattern” for your saluran.5. PA1 to check own Electoral Roll with KTM’s copy: Total number of voters assigned to the saluran, Random sampling of names – matches KTM’s copy.
  11. 11. Ballot Books are like Cheque books.The ballot papers are sequentially serialised.
  12. 12. Borang 13: Part A will be filled by KTM before Startof Polling. Please Complete Your Own Form 13 also.000001000101000201000200000300000301 000400000401 000500100100100
  13. 13. Each saluran in a Polling Station willhave a unique stamp- pattern.13Samples – Stamp-Patterns
  14. 14. Rubber Stamp PatternsUsed for Postal Votes.Each saluran in a Polling Station willhave a “unique number” stamp- pattern.
  15. 15. BORANG 753CONTOH CORAKPENINDIK(SAMPLE OF STAMP-PATTERN)15PA1 keeps Borang753 in the PACA Kitfor CA to refer toduring VoteCounting to verifythe ballot papersare issued fromthis Saluran.
  16. 16. 7am 1pm 5pmPA1 arrive by 0645amand stay till 1pm.POLLING AGENT/COUNTING AGENTTWO SHIFTS ON POLLING DAYPA25.00pm 7pmarrive by 12.45 pmand stay on as CA tillCounting ends.PA1 may be requested to comeback as CA if we do nothave enough CAs.7pm
  17. 17. 172 SPR clerks +BA, one foreach contestingcandidateSaluran/Stream in classrooms Barung SPRMax 600 Voters Per Stream except stream 1: 350VotersVoters1 PA / 2CA in each classroom6 5 43 2 16 5 43 2 1
  18. 18. 18SPR ClerksPresiding Officer (KTM)Police OfficerBallot Boxes1 2 3Eachstream/room,2 doorsEnterExitPollingAgents12TheVoting Flow …Inside a Saluran (Vote casting room)BarungSPRBarung –SituatedoutsidethesaluranPolling Stations / booth4
  19. 19. Arrangement of A Polling StreamWith 1 Door.
  20. 20. Voter-EntersPollingSaluran& goesto SPRClerk 1SPR Clerk 1:- Checksvoter’s hands- Verifies thevoter’s IC &make faceidentification- Reads outvoter’s No.Bilangan & ICNo. & name fromMyKad (notElectoral Roll)SPRClerk 2:- Marksindelibleink onvoter’sleftindexfingerSPR Clerk3:- TearsBallot Paperfrom BallotBook- StampBallot Paper- Folds andhands it overto VoterVoter:-Goes toPollingBooth tocast vote- Drops castvote intoballot box- Voterleaves thestation20
  21. 21. Duties of PA during the Election. Strike off those names in the Electoral Register whenthey enter the Polling Stream to receive their BallotPaper. Names crossed out cannot vote again. OKU voters may be assisted by another Malaysian,> 21 years old. These assistants need to sign Borang10 (KTM will prepare the Form) Put up your hand and refer to the KTM if you are inany doubt of the identity of the Voter and request forBorang 11 to be completed.(However, the KTM decision is FINAL) Ensure that the Index Finger (Left Hand) is marked bythe indelible ink before Ballot Paper is issued.
  22. 22. 22Voter Roll / Daftar PemilihNombor Bilangan
  23. 23. A voter will be issued TWO ballot papers as follows:1 ballot paper for Parliament (MP);1 ballot paper for DewanUndanganNegeriOR State Assembly.A voter for Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Putrajayawill receive ONLYONEballot paper for Parliament as there is NO State Seat in FTs.Ballot PaperNP
  24. 24. Rubber Stamp madeby SPR Clerk 3 beforehanding ballot paperto voter.Ballot PaperSPR Clerk 3 WillTear Here!The rubber stamp should be printed neatly andwholly. It may be printed on one side or on top of thedotted line (it should be consistently positioned in thesaluran).
  25. 25. Rubber Stamp madeby SPR Clerk 3 beforehanding ballot paperto voter.Ballot PaperSPR Clerk 3 WillTear Here!The rubber stamp should be printed neatly andwholly. It may be printed on one side or on top of thedotted line (it should be consistently positioned in thesaluran).
  26. 26. At the Polling Booth whereVoters cast their votes in secret.
  27. 27. 27• The SPR Clerk 1 must verify the identity of the Voterfrom the voter’s identity documents and not readfrom the Electoral Roll.Bring to the attention of the KTM if this is not done.• Identity Documents accepted by SPR:- MyKad- Passport (international/restricted),- Driving license with photo,- Haji card with photo.
  28. 28.  Every Voter’s Left Hand Index Finger will be checked bythe KeraniMengundi for any previous marking. Marking is done from the 1st bend of the left hand indexfinger all the way down the finger-nail and onto theunder-side of the finger. The Ballot Paper is issued AFTER the finger is marked. No marking of finger = No issue of Ballot Paper. KTM will record the Voter who refuse to be “inked” onBorang 10A.
  29. 29. Finger Marking with Indelible Ink
  30. 30. Form 10A –People WhoRefuse to beMarked With theIndelible Ink.
  31. 31. • Trusted nominated person shall be a citizen andabove 21 years old. Sign Form 10 (KTM willprepare the Form). One copy will be given toPA.• If no person is nominated by the OKU, the KTMis authorised to mark the ballot paper but thePA must be present to hear the OKU/Blindvoter’s instructions and ensure that the KTMmark accordingly.31
  32. 32. Borang 10Declarationof Helperfor Blind/OKU voter
  33. 33. • In case of doubtful voter –• Request KTM for Form 11 to be signed by the Voterto declare that he/she is a Malaysian and a bonafide voter before issue of Ballot Paper.• The decision to exercise Form 11 lies with the KTM.• The PA then request for a copy of the Form fromthe KTM for submission to the Station Master.
  34. 34. Borang 11Declarationof Identityof Voter.
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. 36 SPR Clerks 2 & 3 cannot have any pen or pencils. NOT ALLOWED to call or record the serial no. ofthe ballot paper.
  37. 37. Conditions of Service - PA You can serve as many hours as you like but it must befor a minimum of 2 hours. If a PA leaves the Polling Stream before 2 hours, hisplace cannot be replaced by another PA (until the 2hours is complete). When the PA is being replaced, he/she will hand overthe copy of Electoral Roll to the new PA and seek thepermission of the KTM to LEAVE the Polling Centre . The last PA on duty will take back the copy of ElectoralRoll. Follow the instructions of the KTM. PA is allowed to VOICE DISSATISFACTION by raising hisright hand to attract the attention of the KTM.
  38. 38. Prohibitions in the Polling Stream No display of Political Party Logo. No Smoking. No Talking to Voters. No arguments with Authorities. No use of Mobile Phones to talk. No disturbing or disrupting the Voting Process. KTM has the right to Remove any PA who doesnot follow instructions.
  39. 39. Closing Time of Polling Stream Polling will close at 1700 hrs. However, if there are stillvoters waiting inside the Polling Centre, they are stillpermitted to vote. KTM will then CLOSE and SEAL the Ballot Box. PA is allowed to affix his own seal orsign on the KTM Seal. KTM will then complete Borang 13.PA will also sign Borang 13. Unused ballot papers, spoilt votes will be resealed. PAalso to sign on the SEAL. If you are also the Counting Agent, you can stay on.
  40. 40. Borang 13: Part A was done at the Start by PA1before Polling.000001000101000201000200000300000301 000400000401 000500100100100
  41. 41. Borang13:PartB-EwillbedonebyKTMatENDofPolling.75000101 000200000201 000300000301 000400000401 00042510010025
  42. 42. Questions Time
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