EcoRebates: Rebate tools to increase program performance and drive sales


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EcoRebates: Rebate tools to increase program performance and drive sales

  1. 1. Boost Product Sales & IncentiveProgram Performance withEcoRebates Web + MobileRebate Finder ToolsPowered by
  2. 2. What Powered By EcoRebates MeansIncreasing the sales of high-efficiency products bydramatically simplifying and automating rebates and promotions via private-label tools 2
  3. 3. Leading Brands Use Offer-Driven Tools  Our clients are retailers, mfgs & utilities  50 million+ rebate searches/mo  Enterprise- class hosting (AWS) 3
  4. 4. We Solve for Your Needs “How can we help “We want to take “We would like to consumers act on the advantage of the implement a simple andnumerous utility lighting easy instant rebate thousands of mail-in utility rebate programs ? mark-down programs” fulfillment program” across all categories?” How Do We Drive More Sales across all Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances? 4
  5. 5. Our Offerings Web/Mobile • Presents all available incentives at SKU+ZIP level at POSRebate Finder Tools • Changes consumer purchase behavior by driving them toward rebated SKUs Mail-In Programs • Takes place during the purchase cycle Instant Rebate • On-line or in-store instant rebates Platform • Rebate Finder used to merchandise programs • Full validation and verification of utility-style data • No claim forms; multiple payment options Instant Rebates Midstream & • Ingest POS data from merchant feeds Upstream • Validate and verify midstream or upstream SKUs and Processing ZIPs • Create invoicing file (and handle invoices and payments on behalf of utility) Buy-downs and Retailer SPIFs 5
  6. 6. Rebate Finder Tools Merchandising Programs In Sales Cycle Show Location-Based Incentives Wherever Consumer is Shopping  Product Details Pages & Product Listing Pages  Category landing pages Web  Turnkey Rebate Center in a Box  Easy integration via widgets , API, or feed  Product details pagesMobile  Offer and promos pages  Mobile App, Mobile Web Page or QR-code based  Used as sales associates interact with shoppers  Mobile sales associate app integrationIn-Store  POS terminal integration (API or feed, typ.) 6
  7. 7. The Results • Drives 10-15% Increase in Sales Conversions• Doubles Incentive Program Participation (as measured by Clients)
  8. 8. Learn More••• 800-765-8093