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Presentation for Strategic Assessment Service Slideshow

  1. 1. Write the Right Book Make sure you are on the right track
  2. 2. Writing a book puts you on the fast track to becoming a known expert and growing your business – IF it’s the right book.
  3. 3. Taking the fast track in the wrong direction won’t get you where you want to go.
  4. 4. How do you know whether you are writing the right book? How do you determine if you are on the right track?
  5. 5. If you write the wrong book, not only will you not get where you want to go, you’ll have wasted a lot of time as well.
  6. 6. Likewise, if you start writing a book but get bogged down and never finish it, all that time you spent getting your book partially written will have been wasted.
  7. 7. What is your time worth? $100/hour? $200/hour? If you spend 20 hours working on a book and then stop before it’s done, that’s time that you can’t get back, which you could have used to earn $2000+!
  8. 8. Even if you write a good book, you still may not get the results you seek, if it’s not the right topic, or the right target audience, or isn’t leveraged properly.
  9. 9. Just as with any other project, you need to have a book plan. Your book plan should start with why you are writing your book; what is your objective or goal.
  10. 10. If you don’t understand why you are writing a book, there’s a much higher likelihood that you won’t finish your book.
  11. 11. When the writing gets difficult, or your writing gets interrupted by other things, you won’t be able to prioritize the need to complete your book.
  12. 12. Your plan should also identify your target market, and how your topic meets a need of your target market
  13. 13. And your plan should address how you will leverage your book. Just writing and publishing a book isn’t enough; you need to promote it.
  14. 14. Your time is too valuable to waste writing a book that doesn’t get you the results you seek.
  15. 15. Not to mention the wasted effort of writing a book, and the $$$ for getting your book edited, a cover designed, getting copies made, etc., etc., etc.
  16. 16. How do you know that writing a book will be worth it for you? Can you know that before you spend the time, effort and money to write it?
  17. 17. YES! Now there’s a way, with SkillBites’ Strategic Assessment Service.
  18. 18. We’ll provide you with the tools to develop a book plan; And Then we’ll evaluate your plan, advising you how to strengthen it to achieve the results you want.
  19. 19. You’ll get a workbook and a book plan template to fill out.
  20. 20. Just as a business plan provides an essential roadmap for business success, a book plan is critical for achieving the result you seek from your book.
  21. 21. Preparing a book plan forces you to think about the details. You’ll probably find that there are many aspects of writing a book that you never even realized.
  22. 22. Preparing a plan also helps you focus on where you are, where you want to be and how you will get there. You’ll have an action plan and milestones that will enable you to check your progress and adjust your actions as needed.
  23. 23. A book plan keeps you organized, in control and on track (but only if it’s a good plan).
  24. 24. We’ll evaluate your book plan, including, among other things: • Your Goal • Your Topic • Your Target Audience and • Your Marketing Plan
  25. 25. Then we’ll give you feedback on how you can tweak your plan so your book can help you achieve your goal.
  26. 26. Case Study #1 Frank wanted to write a book to help franchisees be more successful. He wanted to use the book to grow his consulting practice with franchisees. SkillBites helped Frank realize that a better target market was the franchisors, not the franchisees. Frank is now writing a different book than he originally envisioned.
  27. 27. Case Study #2 Jane wanted to write a book to get more speaking engagements and grow her consulting practice for sports coaches. After SkillBites’ assessment, Jane has revamped her topic and her target market, recognizing that the schools that hire the coaches would be more likely to engage her as a speaker and consultant.
  28. 28. Case Study #3 Judith advised that she wanted to get 25 people to each write a chapter in a book. After talking with SkillBites, Judith realized that she would attract more prospects to her business by writing her own book.
  29. 29. Would you want to spend your time working on a puzzle when you don’t have a picture of the finished puzzle? Or maybe some of the pieces are missing, and pieces from a different puzzle are in the box?
  30. 30. Writing a book without a plan, or without all the elements of a plan in place, or with faulty elements, is not much different.
  31. 31. With SkillBites’ Strategic Assessment, you’ll have a well- defined goal or objective to keep you focused.
  32. 32. You’ll also get professional feedback on whether you have selected an appropriate topic and target market that are aligned with your objective.
  33. 33. You’ll have a better understanding of why and how to write a book that has a unique approach or perspective.
  34. 34. You will have a much greater likelihood of getting your book completed, as you develop a plan for when and where you will write your book.
  35. 35. You’ll have a much greater appreciation for what it takes to write, publish and promote a book, so you can evaluate whether the effort and expense will be worth it for you.
  36. 36. You’ll also understand how you can leverage your book so you can achieve your objective.
  37. 37. To ensure that you have a proper plan in place for your book, and you won’t be wasting your time, effort and money, get a SkillBites Strategic Assessment Service, and get on the right track!