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  • ASSESS COMMUNITIES ONLINE and figure out which ONES you like the best. I’m sure with all the social media oriented talks here today you’ll have a number of places to get started. While I wasn’t planning on focusing specifically on the tools themselves, off the top of my head…Wordpress, blogger, tumbler, posterous, all come to mind when thinking about microblogging and niche communites. Artistic types may really like deviant art, flicker, or and Musical types might find soundcloud,, spotify, or of interest. If you’d like to ask more questions about these at the end feel free to ask.
  • At first you may simply want to observe, however once you start feeling connected to the interaction you’re observing I recommend that you start contributing. Committing to sharing a GOAL NUMBER OF ARTICLES, IMAGES, OR CONTENT OTHERS CARE ABOUT WEEKLY CAN HELP TREMEMDOUSLY. No matter where you choose to contribute, a simple rules of thumb is to treat the people you’re interacting with like someone you’re attempting to become friends with.Be confident, yet humble. Engage in balanced dialog where you share about yourself and ask questions and above all don’t attempt to self-promote. Remember that you’re attempting to build the foundation of a lasting relationship not simply have other persona be a stepping stone to your personal success.
  • Your ultimate goal as a content creator is to provide value, take note of what those you align yourself with are engaged with and consider your audience when you begin contributing to these communities. Not all content will be appropriate for all communities so trust your gut when it comes to sharing but keep in mind that not every audience prefers the same content. Take note if you find that some of the content you share detracts from your message or causes you to lose readers/ – siteGoogle for tools for your specific social media outlets.
  • Look for other websites that you could create content for that would give you a broader reach. Think about repurposing content in other channels but make sure that you’re not exhausting your audience with the same content. Using the example of the food blogger, you wouldn’t want to share your same recipe for red velvet cupcakes unless you’ve optimized your recipe or tried something new that really worked and wanted to share it. Doing this will help you build momentum with your communities.
  • The stronger your connections with other of similar interests become the more you’ll find that opportunities will present themselves. Finding your sweet spot will happen when you align yourself with the steady and consistent release of the highest quality work you can muster.This steady stream of quality work will make others take notice and start identifying you as a specialist in your area of interest. That said don’t underestimate the power of having a strong online profile and polished blog or website. This is very inexpensive to do and these days you can have a good looking result for little to no cost. If you’re just getting started both have free profiles you can create and drive people to.Something that’s often missed is the ability for others to find you online, whether it’s through search engines or other social media channels.
  • Sharing part of your personal story helps build credibility. If your personal brand is one where sharing your personal experiences works, do it. I felt really strange about putting myself out there but when I did I was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback. Speaking to your audience as if they’re a close friend or your journal can help others identify with you and start to build a foundation of trust.
  • Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me. Arianna Huffington
  • Professional | Quirky | Athletic | Fun
  • Consistency is KING! Some of the most successful bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters have a consistent release schedule. One of Jenna Marble’s taglines is “NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY” and Epic Meal Time used to always release videos on Tuesdays.
  • No bueno! PR Nightmare…
  • The golden rule holds true for social networking and developing your personal brand so play nice with others because not doing so reflects poorly on you.
  • There is something unbelievably attractive about those of us that have a strong presence. Albeit that these people are often polarizing they tend to have a loyal following. Find a few people that are notable in your area of interest and try to figure out what makes them so special. Understanding the value that they provide to their audience can help you better understand how you may want to approach making a name for yourself.
  • Take a look at their website and social media channels, where to they have the most engagement and with whom. A simple example would be to take a look at the past month of activity on a popular blog. Figure out which articles were shared most, account for what social media channels they were shared on, what the tagline was for the content, and what time it was published. All of these factors could contribute to the success of the article. Just keep in mind that you’re not trying to spend all of your time observing the community, rather simply keeping a pulse on content that’s engaging will help you get and understanding of what your target audience likes and also how you can fill a need that isn’t being met. Part of building your personal brand is thinking about how you’re different and proving to others that those differences are worth their attention. Remember to differentiate wisely and ensure that you’re showing them of your differences in your actions not educating them about how “different” you are.
  • Again while you may want to be inspired by others it’s important not to plagiarize, first it damages your integrity and secondly it’s just plain rude. It can be hard to recover from a public out cry so make sure that you’re respectful of the work of others.
  • It’s also a lot easer to understand what would be considered flattering when taking cues from others if you engage in a consistent dialog with other influencers. This goes back to the idea that you’re trying to foster a relationship, not a transactional encounter where you’re receiving something directly for your time and effort.
  • With the persistent dialog, get to know people in your communities. Figure out what their likes and dislikes are and cater your online presence to them. Just because you’ve never met them in real life doesn’t mean you can’t treat them like they are your real friends. The more meaningful your interactions are, the stronger your connections become. This can be something as simple as reaching out to them to ask what they thought of an event you know they attended or a product they’ve been talking about. Other people are often flattered when you’re genuinely interested in their personal stories and experiences and thus can be interested in yours.Personal brand is about creating interactions with others that help galvanize your relationships and build your legitimacy as a source of knowledge and quality content.
  • segmentation
  • Try to find the proverbial sweet spot for your own endeavors, by analyzing your metrics and continually testing.
  • Keep an eye out on the horizon, figure out where you’d like to be in 1 month, 6 months, 12 months and do an assessment on where you at each of those milestones.
  • Be flexible… Building your personal brand takes time and energy, not everyone will be a superstar overnight so keep your efforts in perspective.
  • On that note you want to think about looking for communities of people that share your interest hang out online. Think not only about the topic you’re interested in but also niche and subcommunitiesthat may be interested in the content you’re looking to create. Ultimately you’re like the new kid in school looking for a lunch table. You need to feel out where you might fit in by finding a topic you’re interested in, and create an audience around the topic. Creating an audience is about providing value to the community you’re looking to be a part of because our personal brand will never achieve anything memorable unless it is validated by others.
  • Building your Personal Brand

    1. 1. Building your personal brandPresented byLindsey Mark @linji
    2. 2. Slide images denoted with the followingicon in the right corner of the screen are creative commons & are attributed via hyperlink to their creators.
    3. 3. There isalwayssomethingnew to learn
    4. 4. Know thy self
    5. 5. Brainstorm
    6. 6. How doI standout?
    7. 7. How much timecan you committo contributing...Daily?Weekly?Monthly?
    9. 9. Find youraudience
    10. 10. Align yourselfwith habits thathelp you shareyour views
    11. 11. share contentthat speaks toyour audience
    12. 12. Cross pollinate
    14. 14. have anopinion
    15. 15. get personal
    16. 16. exercisefearlessness
    17. 17. ComeCorrect
    18. 18. What does your icon and biosay about you?
    19. 19. Be dependable & consistent
    20. 20. Think before you speeeeeak
    21. 21. Play nicewith others
    22. 22. Gravitatetoward thosewith a strongonline presence
    23. 23. Take cues from theirengaging content
    24. 24. Go forthwith integrity
    25. 25. Engage in an ongoing dialog
    26. 26. Create meaningful connections
    27. 27. Mark it down
    28. 28. schedule ahead,but dont be a robot
    29. 29. Keep a calendarof offline activities
    30. 30. Measure
    31. 31. Take a close look at yourmost engaging content
    32. 32. What are your mostsuccessful channels?
    33. 33. Consider yourcontent vs. your channels
    34. 34. Optimize
    35. 35. what doessuccess looklike?
    36. 36. Be flexible
    37. 37. • Know yourself• Find your audience• Contribute quality content regularly• Take cues from others• Carve out a niche• Plan ahead• Measure• Review and Optimize
    38. 38. Lindsey MarkWriter | Speaker | Freelance ConsultantTwitter: @linjiLinkedIn:
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