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Payless Shoesource Final Presentation

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Final presentation

  1. 1. Payless Shoesource By: Rebecca EatonNew Med ia Drivers License Final Presentation
  2. 2. Payless Shoesource• Discount shoe retailer founded in Topeka, Kansas in 1965 by Louis and Shaol Pozez• 4,500 retail stores worldwide portfolio brands: Airwalk, Dexter, Champion, American Eagle by Payless, and Zoe&Zac
  3. 3. Goals & Challenges• Goals make fashionable footwear affordable • offer a wide range of different brands to appeal to their target customers• Challenges positioning their products in the eyes of the consumers as affordable shoes versus cheap shoes • competing against other retail stores that offer more “one-stop shopping” (i.e. Target, Kohl’s, Meijer)
  4. 4. Key Components• Full force online strategy implementing different online strategies to optimize their presences Social Media: • hire a social media manager to manage their social media presence and stay up-to-date with each of their sites • Twitter: use for interacting with customers, tweet daily updates, current promotions, etc FaceBook: utilize picture, “like”, and comment features • LinkedIn: professional attitude, post available careers
  5. 5. Key Components• Internet Marketing Place banner ads on strategic websites • FaceBook, Amazon, Ebay • utilize Amazon and Ebay’s feature of only placing ads when shoes are searched • utilizes recency and relevance
  6. 6. Key Components• Mobile Strategy improve upon current phone app • place ads in popular mobile games • Words With Friends, Draw Something, Angry Birds • This is expand Payless’s daily exposure to mobile consumers worldwide
  7. 7. Metrics of Success• Evaluation Measure the number of banner ad clicks • Keeping track of SEO, and competitors SEO Social media manager will measure increase in Twitter followers, FaceBook page “likes”, number of times our promotional tweets are RT
  8. 8. Proposed Timeline• Peak Times: when seasons are beginning to change at this time people look for new shoes for the new season• In efforts to go along with this peak period I propose to implement a pulsing style of digital advertising • continual advertising in the proposed digital areas throughout the year during peak periods (seasonal changes) increase the number of banner ads, as well as Tweets & Facebook comments • makes customers aware of their new shoes for the season
  9. 9. Proposed Budget• My proposed budget is $150,000 annually This includes • the salary of a Social Media Manager • buying advertisement space within mobile games buying banner ads on websites such as FaceBook, Ebay and Amazon • additional advertising within “peak” periods
  10. 10. Proposed Budget Distribution• $150,000 Budget $30,000 salary for social media manager • $50,000 for banner advertisements • $30,000 mobile advertisements $10,000 social media management • $30,000 additional budget for peak season advertisement