Drupal in Action (CMS Expo 2011)


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  • If you’re here, you know some stuff.\nThe basics - Different kinds of content,\nmodules add features, Views lets you slice and dice…\n
  • But you have complicated site maps,\nand detailed mockups, and legacy data,\nand odd features...\n
  • At conferences and seminars, focus is often on\ninteresting whiz-bang bits, specific pieces rather\nthan the big picture.\n
  • CHAOS AND MADNESS AND ENDLESS FEATURES.\nEasy to get overwhelmed.\n
  • Look at the things others have built, learn from them.\nUseful to see the diversity in design, but also the functionality.\nSee interesting stuff, learn some of the tools, and go nuts.\n
  • droge.com/flash - Pete Droge web site. Fully animated, fluid and fun.\nUses Drupal as the backend.\nUse “Services” module.\n
  • Use “Organic Groups”\n
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  • Built a business around “football” coverage.\nWorked with them after someone had come in, built it, and bailed\nThey needed to build in-house expertise to understand.\n
  • Way back in ’06, one of the first web sites I built. “Classic” site\nCommunity for sales pros - how tos, podcasts, membership levels\nViews, Premium module, Taxonomy for organization\nFoolishly used a beta of 4.7, got stuck between it and 4.6\n
  • The guys who made Mystery Science Theater 3000!\nDigital sales on their site, using Ubercart\nSmall budget, one dev, adding features as they need them\n
  • Lullabot’s Drupal training site!\nUse the same commerce system to sell roles/access\nSite licenses, streaming to iOS devices\nReleasing ‘Videola’ platform for others\n
  • Commerce Guys!\nNot a “turnkey” shopping cart, but a tool for making stores.\nTalk to them here!\n
  • Martha’s running Drupal, and it’s a good thing.\n
  • Huge archive, converted their old storage first\nMigrated one portion of the site at a time\nSeparate servers for internal and user content: like Discus!\n
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  • Long history of “grass roots”/political sites\n
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  • Launched with a SUPER ambitious plan\nIntegrated RSS reader aggregating the whole web!\nSocial business community with 250,000 members!\nScaled back, much cleaner, much smoother\n
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  • Very serious about keeping things smooth.\n“Phased migration” - Coldfusion site with Drupal comments!\n
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  • The Onion used to run Drupal.\nWas one of the big announcements back in 2004!\n...But they hacked it to scale, and Drupal moved on\n
  • Built their ‘AV Club’ site in Django\nOld site stayed at version 4.6...\nWasn’t benefitting from community, more and more custom code.\n
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  • Big coup in 2009, White House. Acquia + Phase II\nPart of Obama’s push for open source\n
  • Planning to roll out more social tools (commenting on whitehouse?)\nHave contributed back several modules\nWorked on security reviews and patches\nActive in DC area Drupal community\n
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  • Custom CMS, ridiculously painful editing process.\nTwo separate programs: one to create, one to edit content.\nGive everyone user profiles, friends, and connections\n
  • Interesting but low-traffic site... UNTIL THE NIGHT OF THE GRAMMYS\n20,000+ users registering and commenting in an hour\nTraffic == gigs/second; Drupal == first time it didn’t crash\nVarnish, Memcached, Pressflow\n
  • Millions of pieces of content, three TV shows a week, 1 PPV a month\nHuuuuuuuuge and rabid fanbase eats up news and photos\nLive coverage of events, constant content. 14 person editorial team.\nCrufty 2005 CMS + Windows app, no social, painful workflow\n\n
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  • Panels, Views, TONS of theming work.\nLayered custom forms on top of Drupal’s normal UI\n‘Produce a TV show,’ ‘Create a gallery’\nTheir team was thrilled, site launched smoothly (for the first time!)\nMore about task-centered design at 2:30\n
  • Britney Spears, believe it or not...\n
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  • In 2006, Sony had hundreds of throwaway flash sites.\nFan webboards got more traffic than ‘Official’ sites\nThey built a reusable platform with Drupal.\nNow most work is skinning...\n
  • When one artist needs a feature (like discography)\n...Rolling it out to other artists is easier\n
  • Like the white house, they’ve donated back a lot.\nViews, Panels, FiveStar voting... competitors use them, too!\n
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  • Drupal in Action (CMS Expo 2011)

    1. 1. Drupal in ActionInspiring Examples andCautionary TalesJEFF EATON * MAY 4TH 2011
    2. 2. Consulting | Development | Training P O W E R E D b y S E R V I C E™
    3. 3. Get instant access to an unrivaled library of Drupal training from top-tier experts streaming to your computer, tablet, smart phone, & tv.
    4. 4. Drupal: Lego bricks for web sites.
    5. 5. What you know…
    6. 6. What you want…
    7. 7. What everyone talks about…
    8. 8. What your client wants you to finish tomorrow…
    9. 9. Real sites Fun storiesCautionary tales
    10. 10. ‣ Lots of flexibility‣ Works for large and small‣ Social/community tools‣ Plays well with others‣ “Fully integrated” commerce‣ Don’t dive in blindly‣ Know your own site!
    11. 11. Nonprofits
    12. 12. Nonprofits
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    17. 17. ‣ Large NGO community‣ CiviCRM and engagement tools‣ Member/Public sections‣ Good libraries for data visualization‣ API/Web Service integration
    18. 18. News and Magazines
    19. 19. ‣ Publishing workflow tools‣ Web services, APIs‣ Highly customizable‣ Community/Social tools‣ Easy to “over eat”‣ Dangerous if you “fork”
    20. 20. Government
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    26. 26. ‣ Easier than previous generation‣ Scales well‣ Secure, easy to evaluate‣ Giving back spreads risk‣ Low cost for local governments
    27. 27. Entertainment
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    44. 44. ‣ Seriously, scales really well‣ Admin UI generic, but flexible‣ Supports “site in a box” model‣ Share your “artifacts”‣ Reuse requires planning‣ Upgrades require planning, commitment
    45. 45. Where can I find more?‣ http://buytaert.net/tag/drupal-sites‣ http://drupal.org/cases‣ http://lullabot.com/‣ Today at 2:30: “Editors are users, too…”