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An API Won't Fix Your Content Problem


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"Decoupling" is hot in the content management world, but the hype threatens obscure the real reasons to separate your content management from your content delivery platforms. In this talk from Drupalcon 2018, the history of decoupling and the reasons it can make sense are combined with useful heuristics for planning your own project.

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An API Won't Fix Your Content Problem

  1. 1. An API Won’t Fix
 Your Content Problem Or, what we talk about when we talk about decoupling Drupalcon 2018
  2. 2. I’m @eaton. I work for Lullabot. We decoupling.
  3. 3. This cycle isn’t new… …But it’s very, very hot.
  4. 4. This cycle isn’t new… …But it’s very, very hot.
  5. 5. Innovation Inflated expectation Disillusionment Enlightenment Productivity
  6. 6. ‣ “It’s faster” ‣ “You can use the newest FED tech” ‣ “It’s future-proof” ‣ “You’ll be able to hire the best devs” ‣ “Because, somehow”
  7. 7. |təˈmeɪtoʊ| |təˈmɑːtəʊ|
  8. 8. “You Did It Wrong” is not enough
  9. 9. Content Reuse
  10. 10. Costly Redesigns
  11. 11. Crippled FEDs
  12. 12. Bored engineers with NPM
  13. 13. ‣ Reduce the effort of reusing, repurposing content ‣ Implement new designs without rebuilding the backend ‣ Let FEDs leverage cutting edge tools and techniques
  14. 14. Assets Components Structure Ephemera Design Metadata
  15. 15. That’s the hard stuff.
  16. 16. We can do this!
  17. 17. Client apps are just one toolwe use
  18. 18. Tech ≠ Strategy
  19. 19. Clear principles reduce tech whiplash