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Eatbigfish speeches 2013

  1. 1. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSStrategyPositioningBrand CultureInnovationAdam MorganChad DickHugh DerrickMark BardenSPEECHES & SPEAKERS
  2. 2. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSHow Challenger Brands SucceedIf you want to introduce your audience to what it takes to act and thinklike a Challenger, then this is the speech for you. Whilst the speechadheres to the key Challenger principles outlined in the book – Eatingthe Big Fish – the examples and case studies we feature are constantlyevolving.This speech includes ideas and frameworks that also help the audienceapply the principles themselves in their daily working lives.A Beautiful ConstraintOur latest speech, how challengers lean into constraints to drivebreakthrough innovation, both real and cultural.An inspiring session that helps us to understand how we can seeconstraints as enabling, rather than disabling.Our new book, A Beautiful Constraint, will be published in 2014.
  3. 3. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSTen Ways to Tell a Challenger StoryA decade into our work with the Challenger Project we are clear thatthere are many Challenger stories to tell and different brands tell themin different ways.This speech explores these new ways to tell the Challenger story, andbegs the question – ‘Which type are you?’With implications for how and where you tell your brand story and anexpanded sense of the Challenger canvas, this speech helps us all tounderstand that Virgin isn’t the only Challenger model to follow.Necessary PiracyWhat personal qualities do we see in successful challengers? What skillsdo they have that we can learn from? How do they build successfulentrepreneurial teams? What leadership traits do they display?And how do these Necessary Pirates navigate successfully through thewaters of the corporate world and multinational organisations?Inspired by our second book, The Pirate Inside, this speech looks atwhat it takes to be a Challenger yourself.
  4. 4. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSAdam MorganAdam Morgan is the highly respected author of Eating The Big Fish: HowChallenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders’, a seminal work in theworld of branding. It not only coined the phrase Challenger Brand, but outlineda process for doing more with less, the principles of which have been widelypraised and much imitated around the world.In 1997 Adam founded eatbigfish and established the Challenger Project, aresearch project into how challenger brands succeed across a variety of differentcategories.It’s no exaggeration to say that his consultancy has created entirely new ways ofthinking about both the development of distinctive brands but also the culturalconditions necessary to support them, reshaping how many large corporationshave thought about structuring their businesses for success.His ideas will challenge your habits and the formulas of the past, provide newways to think about insight, sources of growth, and sources of meaning formodern businesses and the people who run them.Adam is a highly sought after speaker for business and marketing conferencesaround the world, inspiring them with his passion for brands, strategy and thechallengers of the future.
  5. 5. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSChad DickChad joined eatbigfish in 2007, after a progressive 16 year career in marketing,innovation and general management working on various Challenger Brands andinnovation opportunities at PepsiCo, Campbell’s Soup, Nestle and General Mills.He is a regular speaker on the subjects of adopting a Challenger Strategy andMindset, and How Challengers Practise Innovation, and has addressed businessand marketing conferences around the world, as well as senior managementmeetings and company off-sites.Prior to joining eatbigfish, he worked with us on the ‘client side’ for 5 years. Whileat eatbigfish, Chad has led work with a wide variety of clients who have soughtto adopt the mindset and successful practices of a Challenger, including Nestle,PepsiCo, Kraft/Cadbury, Hewlett Packard, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, DardenRestaurants, Callaway Golf, New Balance, Crayola, SAB Miller Molson Coors, JimBeam, Bayer, Novartis, Red Bull, Cargill, Reckitt Benckiser, Schick Wilkinson andDel Monte.When he’s not in one of our workshops, giving speeches or enjoying time withhis wife and 4 children in Westport, CT, Chad can be found “challenging hishandicap” and searching for a little white dimpled ball lost somewhere in thedeep rough or hazard at a nearby links course.
  6. 6. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSHugh DerrickHugh Derrick is a founder partner of eatbigfish having joined the company inJanuary 2001 and along with Adam Morgan leads the Challenger practice fromLondon.Prior to joining eatbigfish, Hugh’s career has been in marketing and advertising,and he has experience in the UK, Europe and the US where he lived for a numberof years. Starting as a Unilever trainee, Hugh switched to advertising. In theUK he has worked at JWT, WCRS, AMVBBDO and Wieden & Kennedy. Whilein the US, he worked at Goodby Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco. Hehas worked on many iconic campaigns including the famous Guinness ‘Surfer’commercial and the much loved (and parodied) got milk? campaign.His category experience is wide and includes the following sectors – FMCG,Sports Marketing, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Cars, Technology, Financial Services,Video Games, Retail, and Government related projects. Most recently, as wellas researching and speaking on Challenger brand behaviour, Hugh has beenfocused on finding ways to make the Challenger methodologies and tools morereadily available to a wider audience.
  7. 7. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSMark BardenMark is a popular speaker and skilful facilitator, adept at helping teams worktogether to create genuinely breakthrough thinking. For the last 10 years he hasstudied, worked at, or consulted with some of the most successful and iconicChallenger brands, including big ones like Audi, Callaway, Kodak, Pepsi, andeBay; and has helped launch some new ones, like Own in skin care and Lark inpersonal technology.His career has seen him sell Guinness pub to pub, run the berm at Nike, sell carsfor Saturn, start his own ad agency to launch Yahoo!, win “Best direct responsecampaign in America,” and help take a dot com public, before watching it crashand burn.He’s also worked as a carney, has accidentally vacationed with Robert De Niro,and once warmed up a crowd for Ellen De Generes.Mark hails from the UK but has lived in the US since 1993, having gone nativeand married one of the locals. He lives in Larkspur, Marin Co., with his wifeDoris and two daughters.
  8. 8. SPEECHES AND SPEAKERSYou can explore our offer in more detail at or contact usdirectly at you want to speak to someone in person you can call our London office on+44 (0)20 7234 9970, or contact one of the partners below.Contact UsNew YorkChad 203 227 6919San FranciscoMark 415 891 8348LondonTeresa (0)20 7234 9970