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IDG Worldwide

Recognized as a leader in conference and exhibition management, IDG possesses a wealth of information and insight on technology that no other company can match. By tapping into its vast talent pool of industry analysts, editors, content developers, sales teams and event producers, IDG has the ability to create unique, high-value conferences and events worldwide. IDG events meet the ever-changing needs of technology professionals across a wide range of industries and disciplines. IDG produces more than 700 globally branded technology and entertainment conferences and events worldwide.

IDG Vietnam

In 2003, IDG established the wholly-owned foreign company in Vietnam in order to capitalize on opportunities and potential of Vietnam market. Through the presence of content-rich conference and exposition brands in a wide range of industries, IDG Vietnam has significantly contributed to shaping the local ICT industry through various insightful discussion topics on ICT application. Targeting high-profile audience who take charge of ICT purchasing and implementing among businesses and government organizations, IDG Vietnam has been recognized as a trusted partner that helps connecting technology corporations with their potential customers in Vietnam

IDG Public Sector

IDG Public Sector is a subsidiary brand in Vietnam that handles a portfolio of diversified industrial-wide conferences and events that are organized in partnership with different government ministries including The State Bank of Vietnam, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security, etc. Leveraging the strong support from ministerial leaders, our conferences have gained enormous credence and been highly successful in engaging interest from C-level audience across various industries.

Exclusive access to qualified decisions makers who are in charge of IT purchase
Faster market penetration through intensive exposure of your products and solutions
Comprehensive marketing and extensive PR efforts – take advantages of our extensive customer database and close partnership with our media partners
Strengthen Brand awareness, Brand Knowledge, and Brand Preference
Unparalleled networking opportunities with your potential customers and specialists coming from a variety of backgrounds
Unrivalled experience in event management
Professional manner and services
Strongly bonding partnership with government sector
Profound understanding of the industry
Comprehensive and up-to-date customer databases

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IDG Public Sector Brochure in 2013

  1. 1. trusted partner in Vietnam
  2. 2. OUR KEY VALUE PROPOSITIONSCONTENTINTRODUCTIONCLOUD COMPUTING & SECURITY WORLDBANKING VIETNAMVIETNAM e-GOVERMENT SYMPOSIUMVIETNAM FINANCEASEAN BANKER FORUM123456Recognized as a leader inconference and exhibitionmanagement, IDG possessesa wealth of information andinsight on technology thatno other company canmatch. By tapping into itsvast talent pool of industryanalysts, editors, contentdevelopers, sales teams andevent producers, IDG has theability to create unique,high-value conferences andevents worldwide. IDGevents meet the ever-changing needs oftechnology professionalsacross a wide range ofindustries and disciplines.IDG produces more than 700globally branded technologyand entertainmentconferences and eventsworldwide.In 2003, IDG established thewholly-owned foreigncompany in Vietnam in orderto capitalize onopportunities and potentialof Vietnam market. Throughthe presence of content-richconference and expositionbrands in a wide range ofindustries, IDG Vietnam hassignificantly contributed toshaping the local ICTindustry through variousinsightful discussion topicson ICT application. Targetinghigh-profile audience whotake charge of ICTpurchasing andimplementing amongbusinesses and governmentorganizations, IDG Vietnamhas been recognized as atrusted partner that helpsconnecting technologycorporations with theirpotential customers inVietnam.IDG Public Sector is asubsidiary brand in Vietnamthat handles a portfolio ofdiversified industrial-wideconferences and events thatare organized in partnershipwith different governmentministries including TheState Bank of Vietnam,Ministry of Finance, Ministryof Information andCommunications, Ministry ofDefense, Ministry of PublicSecurity, etc. Leveraging thestrong support fromministerial leaders, ourconferences have gainedenormous credence andbeen highly successful inengaging interest from C-level audience across variousindustries.Your trusted partner in VietnamIDG VIETNAMIDG PUBLIC SECTOR IDG WORLDWIDEMr. Tam LeCEO, IDG ASEANMr. Pat McGovernFounder and ChairmanInternational Data Group(IDG)OUR CORE COMPETENCIESUnrivalled Experience In Event ManagementProfessional Manner And ServicesProfound Understanding Of The IndustryStrongly Bonding Partnership With GovernmentComprehensive and Up-to-date Attendee DatabasesExclusive access to key decisions makers who are in chargeofITpurchasesFaster market penetration through intensive exposure ofyourproductsandsolutionsComprehensive marketing and extensive PR efforts – takeadvantages of our extensive customer database and closepartnershipwiththemediaStrengthened Brand awareness, Brand Knowledge, andBrandPreferenceUnparallelednetworkingopportunitieswithyourpotentialcustomersIncreasedPurchaseIntention-CustomerLoyalty
  3. 3. COMPUTING & SECURITY WORLD 2013HOSTED BY: ORGANIZED BY:KEY TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONOverview of Information Security Threats & Current Stateof Information Security Deployment in VietnamThe deployment of e-Government from securityperspectiveThe deployment of e-Commerce from security perspectiveThe implementation of ePassports and eIDsInformation security strategies within enterprisesDevelopments in information security technology &solutionsSHOWCASE OF DIVERSE INFORMATIONSECURITY TECHNOLOGY/ SOLUTIONSGRC, Standardization and Compliance (GRC) | RiskManagement | Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity |Cloud Security | Network Security | Data Protection andStorage Encryption | Digital Signature and Authentication |Payment Security |Identity Management and Access ControlSurveillance | Video ConferencingATTENDEE PROFILEUnique access to 500 CIOs / CSOs / IT Directors – Keydecision makers for IT and Security Purchasing from a widerange of industries in VietnamMinistry of Public SecurityMinistry of DefenceMinistry of Information & CommunicationsBanking & Financial Services IT & Telecome-Commerce Manufacturing12%10%15%15 %Others2%SECURITY WORLD 2013Being held in Vietnam forseven consecutive yearssince 2007, Security Worldhas gained its recognition asa prestigious national forumthat discusses ongoingsecurity projectsimplemented in bothGovernment and EnterpriseSectors. Taken into accountcommon questions beingraised nowadays: Security vs.Modernity: Is there atradeoff? How to build socialconfidence in modernservices? Security World2013’s key objective is tobecome a helpful forum thatsuggests comprehensivesecurity solutions forGovernment and EnterpriseSectors to securely delivermodern services.INTRODUCTIONCLOUD COMPUTINGWORLD 2013Cloud computing hasrecently gained enormouscredence in the IT industry,justified by its ability to offerefficiencies, flexibility, andscalability to business’s ITsystem. In 2011, 46% oforganizations in Vietnam arecurrently implementinghybrid clouds andvirtualization. Aiming atproviding insights that helpbusinesses approach, build,and leverage the cloudeffectively, Cloud ComputingWorld 2013 will be held forthe 2nd time to discuss howbusiness can be successfullytransformed into the cloud.18%15 %13%March 2013 - Hanoi
  4. 4. BANKING VIETNAM 2013 - HanoiKEY TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONOverview of Banking industry in VietnamStrategic planning for IT application towards a modernbanking sectorDevelopment trend of banking servicesDevelopment trend of technologies in banking andfinancial sectorOptimizing ICT infrastructure in banking sectorImproving banking governance effectivenessRisk management solutions (market risks/ credit risks/operational risks)Non-cash payment initiativesHarnessing the power of e-channels for service deliveryMulti-channel managementSHOWCASE OF DIVERSEBANKING TECHNOLOGY/SOLUTIONSCloud Computing |Virtualization | SOA |Information System Audit |Out sourcing | Core BankingTransformation | ATM | POS |Internet Banking | MobileBanking | BranchAutomation | EMV Card |Business Intelligence |Analytical tools | ERP | CRM |Business ProcessManagement9%10%3%Government (besides The State Bank of Vietnam)Enterprises (Retailers, E-commerce, Services, Manufacturers, etc)OthersAccess to 800 C-level audience at the Conference and more than 1000 visitors at the ExpoATTENDEE PROFILEINTRODUCTIONBanking Vietnam is thelargest and most influentialannual banking conferenceand expo in Vietnam.Banking Vietnam provides agathering for leading banksand technology corporationsto have in-depth discussionon current trends in bankingmanagement and ITapplication in the industry.With the participation andstrong supports from TheState Bank of Vietnams topsenior government leaders,Banking Vietnam has gainedenormous credence andbeen marked as the must-attend conference bybankers community inVietnam.25 %15%Financial Services, Insurance, SecuritiesState Banks of VietnamCommercial banks25 %13%IT and TelecomHOSTED BY: ORGANIZED BY:
  5. 5. VIETNAM e-GOVERNMENT SYMPOSIUMJuly 2013 - HanoiMinistry of Industry and TradeState Bank of VietnamGovernment Office of VietnamGeneral Department of TaxationGeneral Department of CustomsLocal Peoples CommitteesLocal Departments of Home AffairsMinistry of HealthLocal Department of Information and CommunicationsMinistry of Information and CommunicationsMinistry of Home AffairsMinistry of Planning and InvestmentMinistry of FinanceMinistry of National DefenseMinistry of Public SecurityMinistry of Science and TechnologyMinistry of Natural Resource and EnvironmentMinistry of Education and TrainingATTENDEE PROFILEAccess to 500 seniorgovernment leaders fromboth central and localdepartment across a widerange of ministriesCurrent state on the implementation of e-Government in VietnamBest practice sharing on effective models of e-government implementationModernizing IT infrastructure towards public administration reformsImplementation of online public services deliveryDeveloping e-citizen to increase interaction between Government – Business - PeopleDeveloping national communication and networking infrastructureBuilding National Databases with a view to improving the efficiency of governmentadministration and operationNew technology trends in the deployment of TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONINTRODUCTIONVietnam e-GovernmentSymposium is the officialand most prestigious e-Government conference inVietnam. Under thedirection of Deputy PrimeMinister Nguyen ThienNhan and the co-organization of VietnamNational SteeringCommittee on ICT andMinistry of Information andCommunications, its keyobjective is to become ahelpful forum that suggestscomprehensive ICTsolutions for theGovernment to effectivelyimplement Administrationreforms and deliver of e-Public Services.HOSTED BY: ORGANIZED BY:
  6. 6. VIETNAM FINANCE 2013Sep 2013 – HanoiKEY TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONSolutionsforPublicFinancialManagement,BudgetingandSpending,FinancialControlsTreasurySolutions,StateAccounting&AuditingGovernmentFinancialManagementInformationSystemArchitectureDevelopmentandmanagementnationalfinancialdatabasesfor betterfiscaldecisionsTechnology trends for the restructuring progress towards greater efficiency of a modernizedpublicfinancesectorProjectsonmodernizationanddeliveryofe-publicfinanceservicesDeploymentofe-Taxation,e-Customs,ande-TreasuryStrengtheningtheinter-connectionsamongStateTreasury-Taxation-CustomssystemsGovernmente-paymentsolutionsBoostingupthedeliveryofe-publicfinanceservicesSHOWCASE OF DIVERSE BANKINGTECHNOLOGY/ SOLUTIONSCloud Computing | Virtualization | Data Center | SOA | ERP |Business Process Management | Business ProcessRestructuring | Information Management System | DataManagement | Data Analytics | Core Applications | BusinessIntelligence | e-Channels for Public Financial Transactions |Network Security | Information Security | CommunicationInfrastructure | e-Payment | e-Taxation | e-Customs | e-TreasuryATTENDEE PROFILEAccess to 600 top senior government leaders, VPs, CIOs,CTOs, CSOs, IT Directors, etc from Ministry of Finances bothcentral and local departments at the ConferenceNATIONALLEVELPROVINCIALLEVELCOMMUNALLEVELMinistry of FinanceGeneral Department of TaxationGeneral Department of CustomsState TreasuryState Securities CommissionNational Reverses33 Departments of Customs64 Departments of Finance64 Departments of Texation64 State Treasury at provincesDivision of CustomsDivision of TaxationDivision of State TreasuryNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR FINANCEFor nine years beingrecognized as a high-classICT forum for public financesector, Vietnam Finance hasalways served as a helpfulnetworking platform and ahub of information sharingon ICT solutions. Theconference delivers a widerange of best practices fromregional countries in termsof technology, solutions andprocedures to ensure betterpublic finance BY: ORGANIZED BY:
  7. 7. ASEAN BANKER FORUM 2013Dec 2013 - TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONSHOWCASE OF DIVERSE BANKINGTECHNOLOGY/ SOLUTIONSCloud Computing | Virtualization | SOA | ERP | Core BankingTransformation | Data Management | Analytics tools |Business Process Management | Business Intelligence |Outsourcing | Treasury Management | Risk management |Information security | GRC | Digital Authentication | DisasterRecovery | POS | ATM | Online Banking | Home Banking |Mobile Banking | Payment Security | Multi channel servicing |Branch Automation | Customer Experience Management |Customer Relationship Management | Customer LoyaltyProgram | Customer RetentionATTENDEE PROFILEAccess to 500 delegates includingVPs, CIOs, CROs, CSOs, ITDirectors, Head of Retail Banking, Card Directors, etc from 35commercial banks in Vietnam, as well as senior members fromASEANBanksassociations.ASEAN Banker Forum is atop-executive forum forbank leaders in ASEANregion to gather to shareideas, exchange informationand interact as well as keepabreast with the latestdevelopments in thebanking industry. ASEANBanker Forum aims toprovide an interactiveplatform for bankers andtechnology corporations todiscuss and evaluate thegrowth opportunities forretail banking in Vietnam. Italso serves as a meetingpoint for Vietnamesebankers and bankers fromthe ASEAN countries to meetand exchange experiencesfor better development inbanking sector.INTRODUCTIONCompetitive landscape and Future Trends of Development for banking sectorFuture trends for banking channels, customer sales, and servicesTechnology initiatives to drive banks management excellenceTechnology initiatives that build unrivaled services quality and deliveryLeveraging Big Data to help banks drive customer engagement & loyaltyAnalytical tools that facilitate powerful business decisions in banking sectorTrends of payment services in the upcoming futureImproving confidence in e-payment solutionsBuilding high-quality services as a key point of differentiationCase studies from commercial banks in delivering satisfying customer experiences30 %15%Vietnam Commercial BanksASEAN Commericial Banks13%State Bank of Vietnam11%RetailersFinancial Servicese-Commerce9%IT and Telecom11%11%ORGANIZED BY:
  8. 8. CONTACT USSponsorship EnquiryMs. Nguyen Van AnhGeneral Manager - Public SectorTel: +844 39 33 56 11 ext. 18HP: +84 906 061 688Email: & Delegate Registration EnquiryMs. Hoang Phuong AnhConference Development & Marketing ManagerTel: +844 39 33 56 11 ext. 20HP: +84 983 191 086Email: Vietnamnd2 Floor, 18 Tran Hung Dao St.,Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, VietnamTel: +844 3933 5611Fax: +844 3933 2013 - HanoiCLOUD COMPUTING & SECURITY WORLD 2013May 2013 - HanoiBANKING VIETNAM 2013July 2013 - HanoiVIETNAM E-GOVERNMENT SYMPOSIUM 2012Sep 2013 - HanoiVIETNAM FINANCE 2013December 2013 - HCMCASEAN BANKER FORUM 2013 INDUSTRY-WIDECONFERENCES&EXPOSITIONSBusiness Matching | Database Rental | PR Campaign | Corporate Event PUBLIC SECTOR | BRAND PORTFOLIOOffering you a fully integrated multimedia marketing programs across a wide range of industrial sectorsTECHNOLOGY DEMO | THEMATIC WORKSHOP | IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION SEMINARIDG Public sector organizes a range of three-hour workshops targeting 40 – 50 delegates matching yourrequested profile. This service offers you an effective communication tool to boost your brand awarenessand customers knowledge about your solutions. Leveraging our comprehensive and constantly updatedcustomer databases, we ensure to bring in the most relevant audience to your companys products/services.CORPORATE MARKETING SERVICES