The hype on the best way to lose belly fat


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The hype on the best way to lose belly fat

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  2. 2. The Hype On The Best Way To Lose Belly FatOne of the most common concerns for both men and women is to find the best way tolose belly fat. It is quite obvious that abdominal obesity is affecting a great majority ofthe population all over the world. There are actually a number of reasons behind thisthe most glaring of which is the shift of lifestyle to a more sedimentary one as well asemergence of poor eating habits due to overcooking and preservatives.The best way to lose belly fat is becoming one of the most popular searches on theInternet primarily because many people have forgotten how it is to live the naturalway.The proliferation of various myths on the best way to lose belly fat on television,newspapers and magazines, radio, and the Internet does not contribute to reversingthe obesity problem. Add to this the profit-centered businesses who are capitalizingon the need of people to know the best way to lose belly fat.They take advantage of this by selling the hype less the results. Everyone is promisedthat their product is the best way to lose belly fat but in the end all it does to thecustomer is become more desperate and buy something that he does not really need.Does this mean that the search for the best way to lose belly fat is a losing cause? Ofcourse not! There are still established methods that people can do in order to achievea better figure and healthier lifestyle.Unfortunately, most of the effective ways are overshadowed by the infomercials andrequire a lot of dedication and hard work which not many people are willing to put outto have the best way to lose belly fat.The most common less effective way to stomach flab is to subscribe to the best way tolose belly fat as they are sold to you commercially. Look at the rundown of thecommonly sold best way to lose belly fat that you find on the tri-media. • Healthy and Organic FoodsWith the emergence of the so called health industry, the war for the best way to losebelly fat has expanded from the fitness experts to the diet experts. Unfortunately, thepropaganda for the health foods is only intended to cover up what most of them are
  3. 3. disguised junk foods that result in more belly fat rather than lose it. It does not meanthough that all of them are worthless. There are those that will really prove to be thebest way to lose belly fat but you would have to make your way through all the othersthat are just there to steal your money. Some of the best ways to judge if a certain“healthy” or “organic” food is really the best way to lose belly fat for you is to checkon the ingredients.All natural is the key word you should be looking for, no preservatives, and nounwanted chemicals. Next is to see how long have they been in business. Anestablished background is normally a good basis for a company’s reputation; after all,not many businesses will stay afloat after five years or so if all they are selling is hype.Finally, look at the results that they promise, usually if it is too good to be true, it reallyis. • Abdominal ExercisesFitness establishments like gyms are the most common culprits of this hype. Theyparade around many of their clients and instructors with this rock hard, six-pack absdrenched with oil and sell it to you that the best way to lose belly fat is by doingcrunches, sit-ups, and other types of abdominal exercises. Despite the truth that theseexercises help tone the body, they are not the only ones that you need to do to getthat finely chiseled body.In reality, the best way to lose belly fat is to engage in a number of intense workoutactivities coupled with sensible eating habits and good lifestyle. Aside from the factthat these exercises target only the front part of the abdominals, doing them thewrong way can lead to a number of back and neck related problems and injuries. • Cardio RoutinesJust like with abdominal exercises, cardio routines are not the best way to lose bellyfat if done by it. Yes it keeps your heart pumping faster and increases the metabolicrate to help burn faster. Unfortunately, it will not help you get that six-pack abs or atleast melt all the fat in your stomach.For one, cardio exercises are not intended to build muscles so they do not contributeto your muscle mass. The higher your muscle mass, the better your body burns fats ina shorter span of time. So if we consider the benefits of cardio routines as the best
  4. 4. way to lose belly fat, then we should explicitly that we should do it in combinationwith healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. • Fat Burning SupplementsThis is one of the more expensive ways to throw away your hard earned money. Ingeneral these supplements are not the best way to lose belly fat. Majority of theseare bogus and do not contribute anything healthy to your body. Some are not evenapproved by the FDA and are sold online to hide this fact. When considering the bestway to lose belly fat through foods, there will never be any replacement for naturalfoods that deliver real healthy results to your body.You must also remember that there is not a single supplement that can deliver theright amounts of vitamins and minerals to your body. To really take advantage of theirbenefits you would need to take a number of supplements every day. You also need toconsider why they are called supplements, that is because they provide the essentialvitamins and nutrients you do not get from your daily food intake.So, if you don’t eat healthy, you would need a whole lot more of supplementation.Another reason why you can’t consider them as the best way to lose belly fat is thatwhat they mostly take out is water and not fat. • Avoid Ab This Ab ThatWe have all seen the infomercials hyping that their ab-machine is the best way to losebelly fat and even get you that six-pack abs. These are all gimmicks that are meantmostly to deceive you into buying expensive machines. Just like magicians, they makeuse of attractive models to mislead you into buying into the gimmick.However, the reality is that these are paid models with perfect bodies that got thatway not because of the machine but through hard work and discipline. This is primarilythe reason why you should not believe that it is the best way to lose belly fat, becauseit is deceiving.Bottom line is there is no secret to achieving a good figure and becoming healthy. Theway has been the same as it was since time immemorial, active lifestyle plus sensibleeating habits. If you really want the best way to lose belly fat, start with self-discipline.
  5. 5. learn which so-called health foods are actually making your body store tons offat, and why you must, must, must eat lots of food in order to finally shed the poundsand why many people have been falsely led to believe the complete opposite.