Interview With Josh Bartlett           About      Easy Video Suite   With Josh Bartlett & Matt Wolfe           Interview F...
Matt: I’ve actually got Josh Bartlett, the creator of Easy Video Suite and Easy Video Player on              the call with...
certain way with EVP2, let’s just forget all of that and start from a blank canvass             and see what the best way ...
world. You can look at the things that are a little bit the pain in the as for you and              you can stop that from...
Josh: With EVP2 is a really happy coincidence because we had a lot of other marketers,              buddies of ours that w...
player. You might have seen other products out there; you might have seen copy,              what we call Me Too products ...
Josh: Exactly. You don’t have to worry about logging in somewhere on your phone and then it              hasn’t got a mobi...
Josh: As you know, and anybody who knows me knows Im all about giving customers what             they want. I don’t really...
that, “It doesn’t work, it’s down.” We’re really proud, that since launched, we                 never gone down, we’ve nev...
EVP2 in 2010, so, why go backwards? We don’t have the same set of stats that        they do, we have way more, we take it ...
ticker on top and it will say to you, “You need to check between 1 minute and 20                seconds and 2 minutes 40 s...
solutions in the industry with what we do, so we’ve made a lot of progression                from EVP2 day 1 release; that...
You have an hour long training video and people shouldn’t have watch the whole                 thing, if they want to skip...
adding Buy Buttons and opt-in forms into your video, we did that, and then a              couple of people copied it since...
Josh: You had no audio issues either did you?Matt: No, no, it worked. It was perfect.Josh: That’s something we’re really p...
Matt: That’s awesome. I know Im exciting about this launch, I think it’s going to be a huge              success because t...
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Interview with Josh Bartlett about Easy Video Suite


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Matt Wolfe interviews Josh Bartlett about Easy Video Suite. In this interview, Josh Bartlett discusses the new features, how powerful the tool can be for marketers, and why anyone can build a business with this tool. Don't miss this interview and preview of Easy Video Suite. Visit:

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Interview with Josh Bartlett about Easy Video Suite

  1. 1. Interview With Josh Bartlett About Easy Video Suite With Josh Bartlett & Matt Wolfe Interview From EasyVideoSuite.Net
  2. 2. Matt: I’ve actually got Josh Bartlett, the creator of Easy Video Suite and Easy Video Player on the call with me. Now, Ive been real good friends with Josh for a long time, back before he ever even released Easy Video Player, Josh and I became friends. Ive had that unique opportunity of really getting to know Josh. Josh has stayed at my house when he comes to the US; I stay at his house the few times Ive been to New Zealand. We’ve built a really good relationship. Building that relationship, Ive had that unique opportunity to test EVP, EVP2, an Easy Video Suite along before they ever came out. With Easy Video Suite, Ive actually been using it since, about the end of 2011. I believe Josh gave me a copy of it about November December of 2011, and Ive been helping him beta test it ever since. So Ive seen the whole progression of Easy Video Suite and seen what it’s become, and have been able to work really close with Josh. This has allowed me to make those sneak peek videos over on the website, and give people insight into exactly what they can expect when Easy Video Suite comes out. Today, I thought it would be really cool to invite Josh onto a call and let him explain to you exactly what Easy Video Suite is all about, and let him give you even more insight than I can possibly give you on what to expect on launch date, January 15th. If you haven’t seen the sneak peek videos, you can go to and check out all those videos. Jump on the mailing list there because Im constantly creating new videos if you want to get more before launch date. Let’s go ahead and welcome Josh onto the call. Hey man, welcome to the call, thanks for joining me today.Josh: Thanks for having me buddy, no problem at all.Matt: Obviously Easy Video Suite is about to be the biggest launch in the industry. Everybody on Facebook is talking about it; it’s just all over the place lately. Easy Video Player 2, it’s been about, what, two years now since Easy Video Player 2 came out? When did Easy Video Player 2 come out? Is that January of 2010?Josh: Yes. We launched Easy Video Player 2 in October of 2010, and Easy Video Player 1 was launched back in 2009 originally, so it’s been quite a long time. It’s been over two years now since our last main launch. We’ll go into that probably a little bit later in this conversation, but the reason for that really was because we really focused on just trying to make something that’s really. We didn’t want to rush another product at the market; we wanted to step back and try to make something really good with this one.Matt: Cool, cool. Let’s just throw out some of the new features. What is some of the most exciting new features of the Easy Video Suite that you’re excited about and that you think are just going to make this a game changer.Josh: We, rather than just adding new features, we wanted to go away and create an entirely new video marketing product from the ground up, rather than getting caught in that trap of, “Okay, we have Easy Video Player 2, what new stuff could we add?” What we wanted to do is step back and go, “Okay, we did certain things in a EasyVideoSuite.Net
  3. 3. certain way with EVP2, let’s just forget all of that and start from a blank canvass and see what the best way in a perfect world would be to make the best video marketing product.” So we stepped away, we kind of forgot everything we done with EVP2 and we just started with a blank canvass and made an entirely new product. It isn’t even just about new features, it’s just this is the product that I wish existed until we made it. Obviously, Im a very active marketer as are you, and I do a lot of video marketing, so this product was designed to make my life easier and make my video marketing more effective. Because of that, we know it’s going to be the same for other people. There’s a lot of cool features in there we can dive into specifically if want as well; Im sure that will come up in some of your questions and stuff. We’ve reinvented how you work with video, we’ve now included everything from recording, editing, publishing, marketing and tracking a video all in one product. That means from workflow point-of-view, we’re not trying to be Camtasia or a Sony Vegas or something like, but what it lets you do is if you want to record a video, stay on your webcam, get it in your blog to promote something so you you’re doing affiliate promotion. You can literally press one button, record in HD, press one button to just quickly edit that, and chop off the beginning where you messed up or whatever, press another button, it will then convert it to be perfect web-ready, mobile-ready converted video without having to press any settings or mess around with different pages and that kind of stuff. You know how difficult it could be messing around Handbrake and video don’t quite converting right, it’s really tricky and that kind of stuff. We’ve created our own propriety conversion technology which actually converts the videos to a better format, which is going to play faster online and be higher quality, and you press one button to do it. We’re really excited about that because in a few clicks you can record and create your video, edit it to make it perfect and then press a button and make it completely web-ready and have it uploaded into your very powerful new dashboard inside Easy Video Suite, which is also by the way completely drag- and-drop, and visually completely redefined basically.Matt: Right. Obviously, Ive had the opportunity to play with Easy Video Suite for quite some time now; I think Ive actually had it for about a year now. I think one of the coolest things about it is that the ability to just click one button on my desktop, start recording something on my screen, it’s saved, it’s in my Easy Video Suite account. It puts a little URL in my clipboard, I can send it off to an outsourcer or somebody on my team or whatever, and it’s just ... it totally replaces tools like Jing that I used in the past. Me, personally, that’s probably the most used feature that ... now that I have this, I couldn’t live without.Josh: One thing that we’ve found, you find this if you’re a marketer, and we’re in the business in making tools. The thing I love about making software and making tools is that you can literally engineer how you would want something to work in a perfect EasyVideoSuite.Net
  4. 4. world. You can look at the things that are a little bit the pain in the as for you and you can stop that from happening, you can make a better solution. That’s what we did. I got fed up of having to work with 15 different products that aren’t designed to play well together, and you take a product and you export a video out somewhere, and it’s in a wrong format, you’re going to convert it through a different product like HandBrake. Sometimes that will work properly with it, then you play it back and, why is the audio not in sync now. Then you get that finally sorted out but it doesn’t work on iPhone 3 but it does work on iPhone 4’s and it’s like, who’s got time for that, right? Nobody’s got time for that, nobody wants a headache from that. The thing that really ... it was something that became a crusade for, I saw a lot of newer people who are trying to do well with video, hit that hurdle, the first hurdle and find that hurdle was too high, so they actually gave up and they stopped doing what would have been a very profitable thing for them. I wanted to make sure that nobody, whoever they are and whatever their expertise are in video, whether they’re just starting out or they’re an expert, is ever going to be stopped again by that hustle kind of aspect that we will face before. It’s something that now, just gets rid of that. You don’t have to worry about that, and then taking the Jing and putting it in HandBrake and doing a lot of stuff. One little tool for example is, we used to have a drawing tool which we use to draw on our screen when we’re showing people something. You got to load that up and it didn’t work properly with the video recording thing that we’re using, so we couldnt use it with that, we have to use something else. That’s another example of how things not work, designed to work together can be a bit of a pain. We’ve included drawing annotation stuff in the recording, so now, you can click one button to record your screen with our software, it will record any size you want, a part of the screen or a full screen, and you can just press one button to draw. You can blank out the screen to like a white canvass that you can draw on, you got all these different drawing tools that you can do a tutorial videos and videos for your team within a second. You press one button, it’s done, it’s converted. It will work with any mobile device in existence. Work online, it’s perfectly optimized and it’s published online, ready-to-go with URL, and you can customize the way that basic page looks to be however you want. All the drag- and-drop stuffs, that was very simple to use and really powerful stuff, and that’s just the start of it, so we’re really excited to show it to people.Matt: I think one of the things that’s so powerful about this Easy Video Suite, that I don’t even think people are grasping yet, is that you can ... if you want to do, you can essentially run an entire business without any other tools other than this. You can create your webpages, you can create your sales videos, you can actually deliver the content through this, password-protect, build your opt-ins, all of that can be done from within this one software, which I don’t even think people have been grasping the power of that yet. EasyVideoSuite.Net
  5. 5. Josh: With EVP2 is a really happy coincidence because we had a lot of other marketers, buddies of ours that we’re both friends with comes to us and say, “You know what, Ive created my whole sales panel with EVP2”, or “I don’t need my membership script anymore because I just use EVP2.” That’s because it had some basic page creation opt-in in there. It was a happy accident because we want to create basic page stuff, but that was so you could just share your video and maybe have a buy button on it. We didn’t really flesh that out. By happy accident, these people were finding really cools ways of using our product to do some really powerful stuff and kind of run their business, and remove a lot of other things they were using. This time we thought, “Okay, now we know that’s what people want. Let’s make that kickass, let’s make it the way it should be.” A really robust page builder, and we’re not trying to be something like, a fully-fledged site creation tool because that’s not what this is, but, you certainly have your page on a very cool, beautiful looking template that’s designed to look really nice. You can add Facebook comments below it, you can add a Buy Now button below it, you can have an opt- in form on it; you can then have that redirect to another one of these pages. It might be where you have your content delivered, you can password your videos so only members can see them, you can even have stuff like a feedback tab pop in from the side of your pages. It’s a really cool next level stuff, including the things like live support we’re rolling as well. We’ve got a lot of very cool stuff in here. What’s even cooler is, anybody who knows how we run this business and how we look after our software, we always have a road map of stuff we want to do and achieve and things we got to do, and we listen to our customers. so over to the next year, over 2013, we’re going to be adding a lot of really exciting stuff on top of what’s already a very exciting product that we’ve created for you.Matt: That’s awesome. One thing I actually want to dive into real quick because, there’s one portion of Easy Video Suite that I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet. There’s just one thing that’s still a mystery to me that I haven’t been able to touch, that you haven’t let anybody see it as far as I know, and that’s the mobile app version of Easy Video Suite. Can you tell us a little bit about what to expect with that mobile app version?Josh: Yeah. We kept that behind closed doors, we kept it under wraps because here’s the thing, let me be frank with you for a minute here. In 2010 when we brought EVP2 out, we led the way in the industry, and we brought a lot of stuff that nobody else is doing. Since then, there’s been people that have tried to do some of the stuffs that we’ve done or add a few of that, their own features into maybe some of two things that we did, and kind of try and piggyback off a success of a major product like EVP2 which became unquestionable the industry leader. We’re very fortunate to have that position, but it is what it is. You’re always going to get that, that’s just the way things are. We keep our products to our chest a little bit because some of the stuff we’re doing, again now, what we really see is Easy Video Suite, this is not just your next video EasyVideoSuite.Net
  6. 6. player. You might have seen other products out there; you might have seen copy, what we call Me Too products that kind of copied what we’ve done. Im not saying that in a derogatory way, good luck to all of them, but ultimately, you are not in a business of being a Me Too product, we’re in the business of innovating and pushing forward and doing stuff that needs to be done that people want that solve their problems that hasn’t been done yet. We do it better than, in my humble opinion, we do it better than anybody else. The reason I can say that now isn’t from arrogance, it’s because that’s what our customers tells us. We keep our products to our chest a little bit until we launch this stuff, but yes, we have got a mobile app. The reason we did that is, again, is coming from a point of what would I want as a customer. I’ve been in events, you and me have been in a lot of events together, and there you might meet somebody who is a fan of your product, and actually that we will remain nameless, but we were in an event and a guy came up and he was hugging me and telling me how much he loved my product. At that point, you’re like, “Man, I wish I could just get my product and just record a testimonial from this guy right now.” You can do that, but then you end up with a video that’s not shot very well because you didn’t think about it and you weren’t sure if you can use it. You take it home, you pull it out of your iPhone, and then you got this two gig file, and you go and try to compress it and optimize it and get it online and, do we ever really end up doing it? This is what we thought is, wouldnt it be cool if we had an app which is designed for your phone which syncs perfectly with your dashboard, so you literally could just press record it to record a video, does all the conversion for you and uploads it to Easy Video Suite and gets it online, and then you can press a button to email it to someone, to text it to someone, to Facebook it someone, or you can just get URL. Also, you can automatically upload it to say, a testimonial page, so I can be at an event, pull my phone out, load the EVS out which is a free mobile app that comes ... it comes for free, included in the suite for any of you who buys the product. They can press record, record the video right there and then of like maybe a testimonial or whatever they want to do, if they’re thinking about a cool marketing idea and they’re out, and they just pull their phone out, slip it around and press record, they can do that. Press stop, it’s uploaded and potentially with one click, it’s online published on their site as well, they don’t have to do anything. Not even the copy and code, they don’t have to do anything, it’s just done. Ultimately we’re all busy, and so, any product that can really save time to that degree, that’s an awesome product in my book, so that’s the kind of product I want to create. We’ve made it, we’re really excited about it, I think it’s got some really cool features in it, and we’re all going to start showing it over the next coming weeks.Matt: That’s awesome. I can just imagine being an event, getting a testimonial from somebody, jumping over to Facebook, pasting my new URL that generated right in their Facebook and sharing a testimonial within minutes of recording it. EasyVideoSuite.Net
  7. 7. Josh: Exactly. You don’t have to worry about logging in somewhere on your phone and then it hasn’t got a mobile version, the page, you’re trying to log in and then find the embed code and put that somewhere. Nobody’s got time for that, we just don’t do it, we do it later. As we all know, the things we leave for later don’t happen. That’s the whole point, it’s that quick. You just press a button; you don’t have to think about it. Within two or three clicks, not only it going to be converted and it’s perfectly web-ready and the rest of it, but it’s online if you wanted to be. You can literally add it, automatically add it to your testimonial page for example, it’s just done.Matt: Yeah. That’s one of the frustrating things that I haven’t been able to get my hands on that yet, because I want to start playing with it already.Josh: We will get it to you; you have the access to everything else though.Matt: (Laughs)Josh: We cant spoil you too much, [inaudible 00:15:46].Matt: Yeah, that’s true. I think we’ve already made people jealous. (Laughing) Anyway, on, Ive been allowing people to ask me questions about what’s to come in Easy Video Suite and what Ive seen being able to play with it. I thought I’d take this time to directly ask the source. Is it cool if I go ahead and read off some questions that people have asked me over on the website?Josh: Absolutely.Matt: Cool, cool. The first one is from Eric, and he asks, is there a way to sell videos without having to create a membership site? The first one is from Eric, and he asks, is there a way to sell videos without having to create a membership site?Josh: The short answer to that is absolutely yes. Easy Video Suite as we’ve said before, it’s got a lot of powerful stuff in there, and one thing we want to do is make everything drag-and –drop simple, so there’s no menus in there. The one thing that I was always eager to try and move away from was the big settings page that was in EVP2. It had a lot of powerful stuff in there but it was a big page that felt overwhelming and nobody wants to use that. Whilst we did it in some great stuff, I thought we could do it better. How we do it now, there’s no settings page, everything is drag-and-drop, you literally, it’s visual in front of you, anybody can use this. They can just drag-and- drop to do what they want to do. One of the things, like we said before, it just got the page protection. You can also password protect videos, you can have videos where you can put the PayPal button at the beginning and pause it so, effectively you’re making your payment gateway. You can build that with this entire, with this video suite, and entire ... I don’t want to call it site, but you can definitely have a page where you’ve got a video that sells the opportunity to somebody, they have to pay for it and it’ll then take them to watch the content for example. That can all be done, drag-and-drop simple inside of this video suite.Matt: Awesome. Dan asked, will this be self-hosted software that we can purchase, or is it going to be a monthly service? EasyVideoSuite.Net
  8. 8. Josh: As you know, and anybody who knows me knows Im all about giving customers what they want. I don’t really have an agenda where Im like, “Okay, for us it’s going to be best to do this.” What I always do is I try and put myself in the mind of the customer and do, “What would the customer really want?” Because that’s what we’re really working hard to try and achieve, is giving them exactly what they want, so we’ve given both options. Some people don’t want to have to download this thing and put it on their server and go through the install process. It’s comparable in complexities when installing WordPress for example which you are all very familiar with and a lot of you listener will be but, but it’s pretty simple, and we step-by-step and we got videos to show you how to do it. At the same time, some people don’t want to do that, they want to get started in 60 seconds or 30 seconds even. They wouldnt have to worry about having to update to the latest version stuff which is easier to do again, but it is something that you have to do. If you don’t want to do that, we’ve got an option where you just literally choose a username and a password and stuff and press a button, it just creates an account, we host it for you. There’s no recurring fee for that which is, a lot people say Im crazy because why wouldnt you charge a monthly for that, but we host it for you to log in, we will keep you up-to-date, full support with that as well, and you just log in at the site immediately, it’s like a hosted service. The other option, if you want the control and you want to be completely in control of it, and you’re a bit more of a powerful user and you want to have it on your server and install it yourself, absolutely. You can download and do that as well.Matt: Cool, cool. In my opinion, Ive been playing with it for a while, and Ive gotten to this point where I don’t really feel there’s any sort of need to put it on my own server. It like, why do that when ... let’s be honest, I’ve used all the versions of Easy Video Player along the way, and you guys seem to release updates and newer tweaks and newer features like every freaking three weeks or so. I don’t want to keep updating it myself. (Laughs)Josh: We’re careful with that because we’re mindful of, there’s that balance isn’t there between we want to give more to our customers and give value and keep giving them cool stuff as we think of it or as they give us feedback. But equally, sometimes more features doesn’t necessary make the product better so we have to decide what features go in and what don’t. On top of that, we don’t want people to have do updates every three weeks or two weeks, so we try and do an update a month-ish, depending on what we’ve got, and we always make it worthwhile. That’s how we work with it. Yeah, a lot of people say that. I think a lot of people ... there’s these people with a mindset whether they want to have control of it and have it on their own server. Absolutely, if they want to do that, we give them that. For people who don’t mind, there’s no real different. Here’s a really important point, pretty much any video service you hear about goes down, and you’ll see it on Twitter or something like EasyVideoSuite.Net
  9. 9. that, “It doesn’t work, it’s down.” We’re really proud, that since launched, we never gone down, we’ve never had any down time. Our service has powered the biggest launches in the industry. We’ve had big multiple seven-figure launches over and over and over again. I go as far as to say ... we can’t say for sure but I go as far as to say, we almost without doubt has served more videos than any other service in this industry that provides video, with maybe exceptions of YouTube which is, transcends the industry and it’s used by everybody to look at kitten videos to whatever they want. For the kind of service we provide, we’ve served more videos than anybody, we absolutely powered more launches than anybody, and it’s never gone done, that’s why people rely on it. People can be safe knowing that if they want to just have an easy 30 second, they buy it, 30 seconds later, they’re using it. They never have to update, it’s just done for them and we manage and look after everything and monitor everything behind the scenes, then absolutely they can feel comfortable doing that. We have all finger on the pulse and it’s always completely reliable, but like I said, the choice is there depending on what people want to do.Matt: Let me ask you this then. If I use your self-hosted version on the Easy Video Suite server, can I use my own domain name still? Or is it going to be ... are all my videos going to have Easy Video Suite in front of them?Josh: Absolutely. Given by default the choice of a username, so you can pick whatever you want. Let’s say you choose your name which is Matt, you can have It’s quite a short URL, it’s quite nice, it’s You go there, that’s where you log in. Any of your videos, like if you grab a basic page, it would be .URL/, the name of that video or whatever you choose that URL to be, because you can change that in the software as well. We have an option, a bit like Tumbler do, that if you want to ... we wont go to the technical stuff now, but if you want a video which talks you through it, it’s very simple. You can actually map it to your domain, so you wont see that, you’ll only see your domain. You can do that as well.Matt: Cool, all right. Let’s move on to tracking. This is actually a question that’s popped up a couple of times. John asked, what is the video tracking like in EVS? Im wondering if EVS will have a similar analytic option to Wistia. Me, personally, Ive never used Wistia so I don’t what kind of tracking options they have. Dan also asked what has been made to video performance tracking, or what changes have been made to video performance tracking and analytics. Also, Easy Video Player used to rely on Google for their tracking, is that still the case? Or is analytics track down your own servers?Josh: Okay. That’s a few questions.Matt: It’s a big couple of questions but I figured they’re all relevant enough that you can just take it away.Josh: Yeah, what I’ll do is I’ll go through everything. Let me answer the first one that pops out to me there is Wistia, do we have the same feature as Wistia? The answer to that is no. The reason for that is because we already had way more than they did with EasyVideoSuite.Net
  10. 10. EVP2 in 2010, so, why go backwards? We don’t have the same set of stats that they do, we have way more, we take it to another level. They had the same of what we did with EVP, EVP2.Here’s the thing that I noticed that Im very, very keen to make sure that we, inside our company are honest about what we do right and what we do wrong, and what we can do better. We could have done stats better. It was great in terms of what you could get, but not necessarily in terms of the way that we delivered it. Stats weren’t sexy, they weren’t cool to you, and we did rely on Google Analytics.We did that because Google, it’s kind of a big deal so we thought that was a great solution and they offered a lot of stats. The downside to that is it’s not built specifically in the stuff you want to do with video, so it’s never going to work in the end. Although we were actually answering what our customers were asking for giving them the analytics.It ended up being a solution that I don’t think is exactly what we wanted. It’s not something that our customers really wanted. So we spent a huge amount of time, we spent tens of thousands of dollars investing in this in months, creating an amazing stat system inside of Easy Video Suite.My goal, my motto to the team is, we need to make an area, a full analytics for video area that’s so sexy, that people want to use it. Because you and I both know that we get stats and you look at stuff like drop off points or we want to split test, we both know we should, but we put it off until tomorrow, because we’re busy, right? I wanted to make it so good that you would want to do it today, because it gives you that powerful information but does it in a great way. Let me just tell you a few key things about it. Not only are they gorgeous and the most beautiful stats you’ve ever seen, they’re live. So you can sit there now and you can literally watch it and refresh as you send the video app to your list, and watch your viewers and where the engagement end. You can see where they’re dropping off and see their update in real-time. You can watch the averages in real- time update. We’re the first people to have that; that live analytics to that level. There are some people that share a few cool little tricks, which really how useful is it, but there’s a few cool tricks out there that give you live stuff but we have everything live. So you can watch these people like your video, you can watch these people tweet about our video, you can watch these people drop off your video, you can see where the engagement begins, where it ends, where they’re coming from in the world. All that kind of stuff, live inside of Easy Video Suite, inside the stats. As I’ve said, they’re gorgeous so you want to use them, but even more importantly, we’ve done some really cool stuff. We’ve taken all that information and put people who maybe a bit newer or look at the information and get, “Okay, there’s a lot of stuff there, what Im going to do with it?” we actually have an intelligence system built which is a long time that will tell you what that means. So Easy Video Suite literally is like this little road block then, it tells you what’s going on with your video marketing as it happens live and tells you what you should do. I’ll give you an example, you go to the stats page and there’ll be this EasyVideoSuite.Net
  11. 11. ticker on top and it will say to you, “You need to check between 1 minute and 20 seconds and 2 minutes 40 seconds of your video because that’s where you’re losing most of viewers. It will tell you that because it knows, because it gets all those stats, it breaks it all down, it finds out what’s important and it spells it out to you. You don’t even need to look at the stats. You can just go and look at the page and see what it tells you that you need to do and you can make smart decisions in real-time in your video marking based on that. There’s nobody else that does that.Matt: That’s awesome, that’s very cool. Ive been playing with it and I have loved it. One of the things that Ive been doing, this is kind of a little hint here for anybody who does webinars, because Ive actually been doing my webinars with GoToWebinar, and then using ... plugging my replays into Easy Video Suite. When you go in and watch your stats, you can actually find out exactly where people dropped off in your webinars and go back and tweet to your live webinars based on the results you’ve seen on Easy Video Suite. That’s just been an amazing feature.Josh: We rate your video. We’ll rate it from red to green, that’s a scale there with the graphical representation of that from every video, that we’ll rate how effective that video is. Your goal would be to get the most of your videos into the green if you can, it feeds that back to you live. One you’ll see it might be orange, the next day it will bump up to green as it’s getting better, so you can see that. On top of that, we got split testing, so you literally set goals for your videos and it will automatically serve those videos. What is more effective in doing whatever your goal is whether it’s to get more likes or more money, whatever it is, it will automatically serve those at the end of it. So it takes care of a lot for, it’s kind of automated. Although we had drop off points in EVP2, it was relatively limited compared to what we’ve done now. What we’ve done now is take that to the next level, and you can literally see a graph of exactly to the second where people are starting to drop off, and then when it comes back up you can see the spikes in your video and you can go and watch that. If you go and look at that, you can ... it really helps find you your marketing to get way better results. As you know, I mean you’ve been using it for a year and you’ve told me quite a few times like, “Dude, that’s really helped me out” so, you know that first hand.Matt: Absolutely. Now, here’s another question that comes from Eric. He ... personally, I know that I’ve never actually had issues with security on my videos. Since EVP2, Ive never, it’s never been an issue, but Eric asked, what has been done to improve security for your videos instead of Easy Video Suite?Josh: Sure. We always wanted to make things better. We don’t want to stand still, we have improved it, but that doesn’t mean it needed to be improved. EVP2, we’ve done a lot of updates. Some people, what they do is that they start with the day 1 release, they didn’t update, it’s been out for two years, so there’s a lot of progression. We’re not like a lot of marketing companies that make products. They make the product, they release it, a week later they abandon it and move on to the next thing. We have full-time staff working every day to make sure that we only have the best EasyVideoSuite.Net
  12. 12. solutions in the industry with what we do, so we’ve made a lot of progression from EVP2 day 1 release; that EVP2 is now. If you’ve got the latest EVP, then you’ll have some really robust security features in there that are probably among the best in the industry to lock down your videos. With EVS, we’ve made it much easier and we’ve taken that to the next level. Everything is encrypted, you can lock you videos down to certain domains, you can stop a lot of those software products from ripping the video and pulling it as it’s playing. There’s still a whole bunch of security in there, you’ve got watermark feature inside the EVS, so you can literally upload [inaudible 00:30:17] inside EVS then you press the button, it will warm up your video for you. We’ve got everything that you would need. Trust me, I don’t like my videos being stolen either, and Ive used our own products obviously, I use EVS for all my videos, so I like to make it secure as it could be. This is the most secure platform for serving videos in the industry today, as far as we’re concerned. We always monitor that stuff and only make it better as we go.Matt: Cool. Like I’ve said, Ive never had an issue. The harsh reality is, if people want to rip off your videos, I don’t think there’s going to be any tool out there that’s going to 100 percent completely eliminates that, but I say that Easy Video Suite is probably the closest thing that you could get to eliminating that. It’s pretty damn awesome. This is the final question from one of the readers of, is there a tip jar feature for people to give a tip when they enjoy a video?Josh: (Laughs) That’s a great suggestion, it’s a really suggestion, and yes, we do have that feature in there. It’s a really cool feature. I think it allows people to, it allows you to monetize your videos in a slightly different way rather than just making them pay to watch videos, you can have that option there. We love it, so yeah; we’ve added that to EVS.Matt: Cool. Now there’s a couple other little quick features I’d like to just bring up real quick. Can you talk a little bit about playlist and chapters? I know that’s a new thing in this, can you talk about what the differences are and what they’re there for?Josh: Sure. Playlist, first of all, obviously, we’ve all seen playlists before, it’s one video player, it has the ... you have the little boxes to the right or below, and it allows you to have a sequence of different videos where you can click between them or play them in sequence automatically. A lot of people wanted that and we’ve built that with EVS. It’s all drag-and-drop. You can have it arranged however you want, it has different layer options. You can literally drag your videos into it; it takes 10 seconds to do. You’ve got a beautiful playlist, video player created for you. That’s done, that’s in EVS, and I think everybody who uses this is going to absolutely love it. We’ve used it and people have loved what they’ve seen. Chapters is different. What chapters does is that it allows you to put a point that graphically is represented on the timeline of the video, that when you rollover it’s got that little icon on there on a particular part of the timeline, and you rollover it, a little thumbnail will pop up with a title and a description of what that part of the video is about. EasyVideoSuite.Net
  13. 13. You have an hour long training video and people shouldn’t have watch the whole thing, if they want to skip to a certain point, and you know that’s the point that’s ... where you change topic or something or change gears, then you can put a chapter there and people can click that icon in the timeline and go straight to that bit. That’s great for training videos. Again, we look at this from the point-of-view of ... there’s a lot of different uses for our products. You can use it for sales, and if you’re going to use if for sales you need to be using this product because it’s the best product for that in the industry. If you’re going to use it for training videos, we didn’t forget that either, so again, we’ve put in some cool features like that to make sure you keep the people watching in case, whether you’re selling to them or training them.Matt: Cool, that’s awesome. I know split testing was a feature that was available in EVP2, but I know we’ve talked about it; you’ve actually added more stuff into the split testing features. What sort of things can people split test between now and the new player?Josh: We’ve made it much easier to set the split test. Again, everything is drag-and-drop, everything you’ll see in here. Everything is drag-and-drop. Menus, our goal was to get menus and have everything very simple and easy to use. You can look at it and go, “Oh, Im supposed to just do that” and you do it, and it’s not ... so it’s very very simple. It takes 10 seconds to set it up, a split test, you just drag the videos in, “I want that one, that one and that one”, and you drag them in, done. Then you set a goal, and we’ve created way more goals so you can set a lot of specific goals. You can set the split test to run let’s say, one week, and then you can tell Easy Video Suite to track it, and automatically at the end of that week to take over and serve the winner that was best at achieving goal that you set. You’re automating your video marketing at this point and only serving the most effective stuff which is ... that’s got massive, massive effect bottom-line and making money with video. It’s the easiest, easiest split testing we’ve ever created. In terms of the goals, we’ve got more than double of what we used to have. You can track a lot of very specific things so you can have; I want the video that gets tweeted the most to be the winner. I want the video that gets Facebook shares the most or Facebook likes the most or, makes the most money for me, or, importantly, keeps people’s attention and keeps people engaged so much. It will track all of that, it grabs all the stats, it just steals the information from that and then it serves the stuff that’s working best to achieve your goal automatically. It’s really powerful but it’s very simple to use and that’s kind of what we’ve tried to do with everything.Matt: That’s cool. Obviously, with this new product there’s hundreds of new features. Is there any feature that you can just think of that, “This is my favorite feature; this is what Im most excited about people finally getting their hands on.”Josh: I got to say, there’s two answers to that. First answer is it’s not really about the features. What we’ve done is we’ve stepped away, and in my eyes, without trying to sound like we’re congratulating ourselves. The difference between ... what we did back in 2010 is we led the way, there was nothing like EVP or EVP2. We made popular EasyVideoSuite.Net
  14. 14. adding Buy Buttons and opt-in forms into your video, we did that, and then a couple of people copied it since then, then EVP2 came out and kind of set the standard. In a way, when we look back at EVP2, that was a really good Blackberry phone that allowed you to email for the first time from your mobile device. That’s revolutionary; you couldnt do that before now. You’ve got business people using their phone while they’re out and about to be able to email and communicate with people in the office, and that’s great, that really changed how they would run their business and what they can do on the move. This is like the iPhone. We’ve completely revolutionized what we’ve done and we made it next level. Rather than just about what new features do we have, everything from the ground up is, like I said, all drag-and-drop, it’s all very, very simple to use. We wanted not only our marketer friends to be able to use this, but if you’ve never ... if you cant use software, if you’ve never done video marketing, you can buy this product, you can do all the stuff the pros can do without even having to read the manual. That was really important to me. That’s probably my overall favorite achievement, and it takes a lot of work to do that, that’s why we spent two years making the thing. We didn’t want to rush it, we want to make the best product we could and we wont going to release anything until we did just that. But, if I had to choose a specific thing, I would say the desktop app allowing you to record and convert. Right now even if you know how to convert video which is a headache in itself, and people pay other people to do that for them because it’s so complex. Even if you can do it, the problem that you’ve got is a lot of don’t understand it, and even if you might get mp4, web-ready, mobile-ready video. If it’s a slightly higer resolution video, it’s not going to play on an iPhone 3 because that screen cant play high resolution videos, right? So it’s only compatible with some mobile devices. What we do invisibly to the user in the background is create multiple versions of their video and we do it ... you don’t even see it, you don’t even see it in your file, it’s just hidden, it’s all simple like we said, and it will create multiple versions. Our player detects what device the viewer is using to view the video, and it automatically serves the best quality version of the video to them as fast as it can, which is ridiculously, blisteringly fast based on what device they’re on. This is true mobile device-ready, and it’s the first time a product’s done that in this industry. Im probably proudest to that because it means it just takes the headache away. You know what it’s like to use Handbrake, now you can literally drag-and- drop, press one button and it’s done.Matt: Yeah. It’s funny too because I was actually having issues with HandBrake, and I contacted you and I said, “Man, I cannot get this video to convert. No matter what I do the audio just will not sync.” I think that was the first time you have gave me a copy of Easy Video Suite and said, “Here, try this.” I drag-and-dropped in the Easy Video Suite, and my video was online like 30 seconds later without having to deal with converting because it just converted it and then uploaded it. EasyVideoSuite.Net
  15. 15. Josh: You had no audio issues either did you?Matt: No, no, it worked. It was perfect.Josh: That’s something we’re really proud of because we have those problems as well, and we know our customers have this problem, and Ive always tried to provide support for our customers for everything. We want to be the customer’s hero, that’s what I always say to my support team. Regardless if they contact us with a specific EVP problem, they might come to us and say, “We’ve got a problem with conversion in using HandBrake,” or maybe with their blog and a theme with using EVP. We’ll get in there and we’ll help fix their theme or we’ll get in there and help them with HandBrake. We see that people are having challenges that and so we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from listening to our customers in support over the last two or three years where we’ve been the industry leader. We’ve been fortunate to have tens and thousands of customers, and we’ve listened to all those people, and we’ve taken all the problems they’ve had and we’ve solved them in one product.Matt: Yeah, yeah. That’s definitely one thing that you and your company is known for, is customer support, you’ve been very outspoken about the necessity for companies to really focus on customer support if you really want to grow. That’s one thing that I know I admire and all of the people that follow you admire is that you just bend over backwards for your customers; they just love you for it.Josh: I always put myself in the mindset of the customer, and I know how I want to be treated when I buy something. I think that if you don’t treat other people how you want to be treated, then you’re doing something very wrong in your business. Normally, if you look after your customers they will look after you.Matt: Yeah. Ive just had so many bad experiences with various people in customer support that just don’t totally make it a priority. It seems like in your business it’s probably priority number one, is to make sure the customer is happy first.Josh: That’s the most important priority, absolutely. We spent more time dealing with our support, and training our support staff, and working in support and making it better and dealing with how quickly we can get back to them and what can we do them than anything else. That’s why we have a full-time team working on our product 365 days a year to make sure that it’s being tweaked to improve and we’re listening to our customer’s want. We make the best product out there, and that’s why we’ve been able to lead the way and why we’re going to do it all over again on January the 15th when Easy Video Suite launches.Matt: Nice, nice. We could go on for probably another two hours talking about all the different features in Easy Video Suite. I don’t think we really have time to sit here and really dive in to everything; people are just going to have to wait and see. It comes out again, what’s the date?Josh: January 15th it comes out. We start pre-launch which is kind of where we’re going and start showing the product and showing you all the cool stuff it can do publicly on January the 8th, so a week before. The cart will open and we will sell it and it will be publicly available on the 15 th of January. EasyVideoSuite.Net
  16. 16. Matt: That’s awesome. I know Im exciting about this launch, I think it’s going to be a huge success because the product just speaks for itself; it’s just an amazing product. Ive been using it for a year now, and it’s one of those types of things where before you have it you don’t really ... you don’t really think about it, but then once you do have it, you wonder how the hell you ever lived without it. That’s what it’s like for me. Now I cant imagine myself going back to the older versions because this just does everything now.Josh: Thank you, we appreciate that feedback. That’s what we really tried hard to do. That’s ultimately our main goal. Ive always said our main goal was not making money; our main goal is to make our customers happy and make the best as much we can. My personal goal is to make the best products in the industry. I always wanted to be in that position where we’re pushing the boundaries and making the best stuff and setting the standards. I don’t want to just be a product that just comes out and says, “Oh, us too, we’ve got this other thing.” We want to try and make something really worthwhile. We really feel that we have done that with this, we’re very proud of this, definitely the best product we’ve ever made. If anybody has used EVP2 [inaudible 00:42:50] before and they liked it, I can absolutely say you’ll be blown away by this product because it’s many times what we’ve ever done with anything else.Matt: yeah, I could definitely confirm that. Thanks so much for spending the time with me to jump on the call and answer all these questions, it’s been fun. January 15 th is when it comes out, thanks again Josh, it’s been awesome.Josh: You’re welcome, no problem. Thanks a lot having me.Matt: All right, I’ll talk to you soon. Cool, so I hope you enjoyed those insights from Josh Bartlett on Easy Video Suite. Again, if you haven’t already, got to, and make sure that you join the list because Im giving extra sneak peeks on that list. When Easy Video Suite comes out Ive got some really cool special things Im going to throw in for you guys and that sort of thing. Go the, make sure on the list and look out for more sneak peak videos over the next coming weeks before the launch. Thanks for tuning in, I really appreciate it. Once again I want to thanks josh Bartlett for joining me on that call. EasyVideoSuite.Net
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