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How To Video Marketing

Marketing Online with video can be a great and inexpensive way to drive more people to your business, demonstrate your products and or services and give the exposure your business needs to thrive on the internet. One strategy that is very effective is video marketing especially using Youtube. Click the link to find out more details.

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How to video marketing

  1. 1. "How To Video Marketing - Discover The JealouslyGuarded Online Video Marketing Secrets To Bring YouMore Customers, Sell More Of Your Products And Make You The Authority in Your Market"IntroductionInside this report, you will learn: Article # 1. Why Videos Are So Powerful In Promoting Your Products or Service For More Profits Heres how you can tap into the largest video marketing platform that boasts over 3 Billion daily views to drive more traffic to your website or business. Article # 2 . The Secrets On How to Sell Your Product or Service and Promote Your Business Using Video Learn the simple step by step formula to effectively sell your products or service and have customers beat a path to your door demanding to do business with you. Bonus ready to use video transcript for you to use is included. Article # 3. Discover The Simply & Easy Ways To Record Your Compelling Videos Discover the simple and easy ways you can capture your video marketing message using tools you already have at your finger tips and where to find the tools you dont have at no cost or low cost. Article # 4 9 Simple Step Formula To Promoting Your Videos, Getting More Views Online And More Traffic To Your Website or Business. Apply these Techniques and Crush It Online Article # 5 Must Have Resources And Cool Tools To Put Your Online Video Marketing On Steriods. Mostly FREE tool referral guide for software and programs to make your life as easy as possible when video marketing check it out.
  2. 2. Why Videos Are So Powerful In Promoting Your Products or Service For More Profits Video sharing has becomes a much formidable method of traffic generationespecially after the unbelievable popularity of YouTube. ( Today,there are several other video sharing platform sites like YouTube, but for a marketer, videosharing has become synonymous with YouTube marketing as You tube has about 55% ofthe market share when it comes to video.Here are some amazing statistics about You Tube: 48 Hours of Video Uploaded Per Minute 3 Billion Views Per Day Its the second largest search engine after Google Google owns YouTube. (Source: The concept is simple again. You make a video about some interesting aspectabout your product or business and then post it on YouTube. With its millions of viewersper month, you can be sure that your video will be watched several times. If your video isgood, and by that I mean it provides excellent content and value to your audience you candraw visitors from your video to your website directly or even drive people through thedoors of your small business. YouTube is built for marketers. It has a unique feature in which you can insert awebsite link into the video itself and make it clickable. Since the viewer doesn‟t have toundergo the hassle of seeing and typing the email address, you can be assured to gettingmore visitors. Also, you can improve the prospects of your video through content. YouTubeallows meta tag descriptions, which means great SEO and also has content such asheadlines which again you can spruce up for SEO. (more on optimizing you videos a lateron ) .You must also note that YouTube is a Google subsidiary and hence it uses theamazing Google search engine. Another thing that you must note is that YouTube is also a social networking site.You can make your account there and comment on videos and stuff. This means peopleget to talking about your video, your business and the product and or service showntherein. This leads to another awesome aspect of traffic generation, known as viralmarketing Thats why what you put out there is excellent content and provides value toyour prospective customers/clients. Here are 5 other reasons why using YouTube as a marketing platform for yourbusiness.1. It puts a name to a face - ( Yes I can already hear what you are saying "But I am not comfortable in front of a camera or I have a face for radio?" - Get over it you will
  3. 3. always be your own harshest critic plus I will reveal a tactic where you can still make a video without a camera and still have a presence on line)2. It builds trust & makes you more believable - The biggest barrier to doing businesstoday!3. It enables you to demonstrate your products or service.4. You can film rave reviews from your customers to ad credibility to you and your local business. Testimonial are a very powerful way to use video.5. The video done correctly will show up on the front page of Google. The Secrets On How to Sell Your Product or Service and Promote Your Business Using VideoBusinesses that are new to video marketing sometimes miss out on views and even loseprospective customers because they do not know how to use video marketing effectively.Without the right knowledge and training, you could be using a poorly worded script or notengaging viewers enough to convert them into customers. Here are a few tips to help youcreate better videos and increase sales using video marketing:Be Brief Internet videos should be short and to the point. Web video viewers are generallywatching more than one video during their viewing time; so keep your video to no longerthan 3 minutes to ensure that it is watched in its entirety. Longer videos that are engagingget many views as well, but they may be more challenging to make if you are new to videomarketing.Know When to Introduce Your Offer Do not introduce your offer at the beginning of a video.Think about it this way: if someone were to walk right up to you and start pitching theirproduct, you would probably walk away. Instead, focus on providing information andentertainment at the beginning portion of your video. Selling too soon could lead to viewersclicking away from your video and missing your marketing message entirely. Rememberthat viewers visit video sharing sites to be entertained and to get information, they are notthere to be sold or marketed to.Be Engaging with your viewers virtually immediately draws them in and gets theminterested. Ask questions. Encourage them to comment and interact with you in yourvideos. Consider which tone of voice you want to use as well when delivering yourmessage. Using the appropriate music in each video can also help capture the attention ofyour audience. Dont talk at your viewers, talk to your viewers. Remember to encouragethem to comment at the end of each video.Classic video marketing script there is a deceptively simple script you can use in eachvideo to make sure you are getting your point across effectively and increase sales. Thebasic formula is to say what youre going to say, say it, and review what you just said.Repetition is important. Use a friendly tone of voice when going through each section ofyour script so that you do not appear obvious, and remain engaging throughout eachvideo. Incorporate subtitles into each video that also highlight the main points so thatviewers can both read and listen to your message at the same time. You may considerusing a Word document or teleprompter when recording videos so that you remember themain points of your message if it isn‟t being captured on slides.By following each of these tips you should be able to create effective, engaging videos for
  4. 4. your business that will attract more viewers. Video marketing does take some practice, butafter a few times you will get more and more comfortable with the process. Video is awonderful medium because it can easily go viral and be incorporated into several socialmedia sites, giving you more exposures and drawing more traffic to your website or brickand mortar business.Bonus Example Script : (Please use it ,adapt it to suit your needs.)Creating your marketing message, a simple formula.Hi my name is __________ from (Businesses Name)_____________ located in (insertsuburb/area/city)__________. We have been servicing customers from this area since(1972) or have been established since______ (insert time frame). Give a brief of the services you provide, the areas you service. What makes you different to your competitors. Give a call to action - Please call us on (Phone number or visit our website) Even better make an offer - For example special 2 for 1 offer for new customers. Give them a reason to contact you to do business with you.This example has all the ingredients of video promoting a businessHi my name is John Smith from the Plumbers Gallery located in Malaga, Perth ,WA. Wehave been providing our plumbing service for both domestic and commercial customerssince 1972No job is too big or small for the Plumbers Gallery ,whether it be a blockeddrains, water hammering problems , hot water system break down and repair or gas leakswe got you covered. Our experienced team are on hand to deliver expert and aresponsive service to deal with any plumbing issues you may have. Our qualified plumberswill treat you with courtesy and leave no mess behind. Call to speak to one of our friendlystaff now on 555 555 555 or visit our site at and request yourfree no obligation plumbing evaluation valued at $150.00. Hey even ask for me JohnSmith. The number again is 555 555 555. we look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now. Take action write your script and record your video. Your competitors arent doing this. - This I am sure will give YOU an unfair advantage.
  5. 5. Discover The Simply & Easy Ways To Record Your Compelling VideosRecording your video doesnt to have a movie director like Stephen Spielberg behind it. Ihave shown in the previous chapter a simple script for you to use. Here are two easy nocost/ low cost ways you can record your video.Use your smart phone - most of them have video recording capability, A camcordereither borrow one or purchase one if its financially viable.Here are 2 cameras I recommend that low cost and good quality:The Flip Camera and the Kodak Zi8 comes highly recommended also and they both havesoftware in built that will allow you to download and share your video and upload it to youtube and other video sharing sites.Here are 4 other solutions if you dont wont to be in front of the cameraScreen casting is ideal for video producers who do not want to be seen on camera or whoreally want to zero in on the essential message or idea they are trying to convey.Businesses can use screen casts to easily create videos and share information about theirbrand or product. They can be either formal or fun by simply changing the tone of voicethat is used while presenting the information in your video. Screen casts are also great forvideo marketers who are new to creating videos. You screen cast video can feature mainpoints that help you remain on track while sharing your message clearly and concisely.There are several free screen cast software options available. Here are a few of the bestfree services on the market today. 1. ScreenrScreenr is perfect for Twitter and is designed to integrate with Twitters platform. Screenr isthe first screen cast service specifically designed for Twitter. It is web-based, so there is nosoftware to download. Screenr is also very easy to use since all you have to do is set upthe screen you want to record and press the record button. After the service renders yourvideo, you can choose to tweet it or record again. In addition to its free option, Screenralso offers a paid private screen casting service for businesses. 2. JingJing is a product made by the makers of Camtasia. The sound quality of Jing is excellentand is very competitive when compared to other free screen cast software. It is perfect forprivate viewing if you want to share specific information with a customer or client. You canalso embed any videos made using Jing onto your website or share the link on socialmedia sites. Jing also has an affordable paid service with more sharing and downloadingoptions.
  6. 6. 3. Screencast-O-MaticScreencast- O-Matic is a wonderful free screen casting software that is also exceptionallyeasy to use. It allows users to upload their screen cast directly to YouTube in highdefinition from the Screen cast-O-Matic website. Screencast-O-Matic also allows users agenerous amount of recording time of 15 minutes. Web cam recording is also possible withthe Screencast-O-Matic software if you would like viewers to see you as you talk. You canalso download your videos from Screencast-O-Matic and edit them in your computersvideo editing software.Screen casts are ideal for business owners who are new to video marketing or who have avery tight budget. They are easy to create from any presentation software, such asPowerPoint, or from a Word document you would like to review doing your video. Inaddition, the various free screen casting software available is easy to use and you canhave your first video on YouTube or other video sharing sites within minutes. 4. AnimotoAnimoto allows you to turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning videomasterpieces to share with everyone. Animoto is a video creation service (online andmobile) that makes it easy and fun for anyone to create and share extraordinary videosusing their own pictures, video clips, words and music. Simply upload your pictures andvideo clips, choose your style, add words and music, and click the "produce video" button.Then, Animoto‟s cinematic technology does its magic and in minutes brings it all to life witha beautifully orchestrated production you can share with family and friends.I love this service and use it a lot are 5 Simple Tools to Use for Your YouTube Marketing StrategyThere are numerous video sharing platforms available to you online these days. However,YouTube is still number one, mainly because it has the largest community. YouTube alsooffers a number of robust and easy to use marketing tools right on its website, making iteasy for businesses to promote their brands and spread their message online. Here is anoverview of tools you can use to enhance your YouTube marketing strategy: Video AnalyticsYouTube allows you to look at video analytics online or download enhanced reports thatcan be easily read on Excel. You can view data for certain reporting dates, world viewsfrom YouTube Insight, world referrers, and video demographics. It is easy to determine the
  7. 7. age group, gender, location, and popularity of a specific video with this data. The best partof all is that all this important information is available for free! TaggingTagging is essential for search engine optimization. You should carefully consider the tagsyou want to use for each video so that web surfers can easily find your content if it isrelevant to their search terms. A great tagging technique is to search for videos that matchthe same subject matter as the video you want to create. Look at the tags those videosuse so that you can mimic their success. Using keywords in your title is also very importantfor search engine optimization. When you upload videos to YouTube it automaticallysuggests potential keywords you can use as tags. Share ButtonAlways encourage viewers to share your videos. YouTube has a sharing option forembedding videos, tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or simply e-mailing the link. Gmailusers can even play YouTube videos right inside their e-mail. The Google Plus link allowsyou to watch videos with friends by using the hangout feature as well. Pay to Promote Your VideoGoogle has established itself as one of the top online advertising platforms and hasintegrated its marketing platform with YouTube as well. You can pay to promote yourvideos to your target audience within YouTube, and your video will then be featured nearrelated videos. This is a great way to catch the eye of potential customers who might beinterested in your service or product. Be sure to use attention-grabbing titles on yourvideos to attract the interest of potential customers.YouTube alone can greatly influence the success of your social media marketingcampaign; however it also works well with Facebook and Twitter. With the many greattools offered, if you aren‟t using YouTube as part of your marketing, you are missing out onan incredibly way to attract new customers. 9 Simple Step Formula To Promoting Your Videos, Getting More Views Online And More Traffic To Your Website or Business.You can leverage the power of video to get people‟s attention and win customers and fans.This guide will help you get more views and subscribers to help build your customer base .Make the videos you want to promote your business, product or service and share themusing these tips below.
  8. 8. 1. Write An Interesting & Descriptive Title For Your VideoWhen you are inside your YouTube account and have uploaded your video, you will beasked to fill in some fields to describe your video. The first one being your video title. Be asdescriptive as possible when writing your title for your video.YouTube and humans can‟t tell what is actually in your video before they watch it, so youhave to let them know as best you can with your title. The words in your title determinehow YouTube lists your video in the search results when someone performs a search. Andnot only the YouTube search results look at the words in your title, but also Google andother search engines will list your video according to the “keywords” in your title. Usually,one or two word titles are not enough and seem boring and don‟t give a clear explanationto the viewer. Instead of writing “soccer” as the title, write a more detailed one such as“Playing Soccer at Garden Square Stadium”.Another point is the capitalize the first letter of every word in the title. This makes it standout more so people are more likely to click on your video over someone else‟s.And don‟t be afraid to get a little creative when you write your video title. An interesting titlewill get a lot more clicks than a boring title. Just make sure you still are detailed in thedescription and not be misleading.TIP: Use the Google keyword tool to see what keywords people are searching for.
  9. 9. 2. Write A “Descriptive” DescriptionAlong with a descriptive title, your video description should contain descriptive words toexplain your video even more.Your description doesn‟t need to be very long. On average just a paragraph or twoexplaining the contents of your video and any details about it you want viewers to knowabout it. Also, you should try to contain your “keywords” (words that when peoplesearch for will find your video) in this area.Adding “keywords” into your description (as with the title) is very important for your videocoming up in the search results. If you have the same keywords as you title, then YouTubewill know that your video is definitely about “your keyword” e.g. “playing soccer” “gardensquare stadium”.TIP:A bit of a ninja tactic with your description is that you can add your website URL(address) and it will turn into a clickable hyperlink.Just make sure it starts with http:// and it will be clickable. This is only if you want peopleto go to another page after watching your video so if you don‟t have a website of your own,you don‟t need to worry about this.3. ADD KEYWORDS IN YOUR TAGSAgain on the topic of Keywords, you‟ll see when you go to upload your video, a field whereyou can add tags or keywords.These are also used to find and list your video in the search results when a user goes tosearch.So again, you‟ll want to add as many relevant keywords in here that you want. You don‟tneed to go overboard here.A good number is about 5 to 10 keywords.
  10. 10. YouTube tells you that you can separate your tags with spaces. For example, if you type inthe tags field like this: play soccer garden square stadium; you will get 5 differentkeywords.1. play2. soccer3. garden4. square5. stadiumBut what if your keyword is more than one word.. or a string of words?e.g. “garden square stadium”TIP: Here’s a trick to get a multi-word keyword show up as a single keyword.If you type your keywords between quote marks, like this: “twitter marketing” “makemoney” “mlm lead system”; then you‟ll get groups of words that will end up as singlemulti-word tags. 4. Share Your Video On Facebook & TwitterAfter you‟ve uploaded your video with a good descriptive title, description and added yourtags, now it‟s time to share it with the world.The first choice for most people these days is Facebook and this is the first place I‟m goingto recommend to you to go and share your video.There are four main places to share YouTube videos on Facebook: 1. Your own wall 2. Your page‟s wall (if you don‟t have your own page yet, go and create one! it‟s free and easy to do) 3. Wall‟s of pages that are related to your video (remember not to spam - make sure the people are going to like your video) 4. Directly with friends via a messageWhen you share the link to your video on a wall or in a message, it usually comes up witha thumbnail of your video. If it doesn‟t, refresh the page and paste the link again until thethumbnail comes up. Videos without a thumbnail won‟t get watched!The next best place to share your video is on http://twitter.comIf you haven‟t got a Twitter account yet, go and get one. It‟s free to join and it‟s easy tomake friends and get “followers” who are interested in the same stuff as you.The good thing about Twitter is that it‟s just another avenue for you to share your video
  11. 11. and things (e.g. cool videos) get shared around on Twitter like it‟s nobody‟s business.If you haven‟t got any Twitter followers, you can manually search around an follow peoplewho are into the same thing as you and hope they follow you back or you can use aservice like Twittollower which will automatically find and add followers to your Twitteraccount. 5. Get As Many Likes and Comments As PossibleOne other factor that plays a role in where your video will rank in the search results inYouTube and Google is the number of likes and comments your video has received.The more you have, the more „important‟ your video looks to YouTube and Google.Naturally, if your video is good and people like it, they will comment and give it a thumbsup without any effort on your part.If your video is a little controversial, funny, sexy or cute, the chances of them commentingor rating it goes up. Post Your Video to Your Blog or WebsiteIf you have a blog or website that gets lots of visitors, you can easily boost your views byplacing your video on there. If you don‟t have a website yet, why not?There are plenty of places to create free websites online such as and There are many benefits of having your own website, especially if youown a business or want to gain a following online.If you want to get a website of your own up and running online that is not hosted onanother website like the ones I mentioned above, you can do that too but there are somecosts involved.For instance, you‟ll need to register a domain name and get website hosting (average costof around $60/yr).Once you‟ve got your website up and running, it‟s easy to post your video.Just find your Embed code and do a quick copy and paste, publish your page and it‟s live!Here‟s a cool tip: If you have some social site share buttons like on
  12. 12. your web page, then people can share it right there without leaving your web page. Submit Your Video To Other Video Sharing SitesYouTube isn‟t the only video sharing site on the web. Sure it is the biggest but there arehundreds of others out there that you can tap into for even more views.Some popular “mainstream” ones includehttp://metacafe.comhttp://dailymotion.comhttp://viddler.comhttp://vimeo.comhttp://blip.tvhttp://veoh.comFor “How to” videos, submit to and http://videojug.comThere are video sharing sites for other “niche” topics like extreme sports, music anddancing etc.To find video sharing sites for your topic, just do a search in Google again for “yourhobby/topic” video sharing e.g. search for “hunting video sharing sites”In these videos, you can also promote your videos on YouTube and your YouTubechannel. You can add it as a scene in your video or put your link to your YouTubevideo/channel in the description area.It can be pretty hard, boring work to submit all your videos my hand to multiple videosharing sites, so you may want to consider investing in some software like Traffic Geyserto automate it as much as possible.Traffic Geyser can submit your video automatically to around 35 video sites at once. So itwill save you a lot of time. It can also provide you with more services than that. If you‟re apodcaster, it can submit your podcasts to multiple directories as well as do many otherthings.Traffic Geyser is not free however, and unfortunately there are no free multi-uploadservices that I could find. But you can try (a very affordable option)which will let you submit your videos to multiple sites on a “pay as you go basis”.Some Free Options Promote Your Video On YouTubeThis is only if you are really serious about getting a lot of views and subscribers becauseit‟s going to cost you a lot to of dough to promote your video on YouTube. is how YouTube Promoted videos works.. Upload a video of any length Target your video by keyword or category
  13. 13. Decide where you want your ad to appear (search results, suggested videos) Set your own budget and bid price for your targeting optionsYou can control your budget because you only pay when someone watches your video.Again, this is serious advertising we‟re talking about here so only do this if you‟re preparedto spend money to get views and subscribers. If you have a business or are a musician,actor, comedian or have any skill you want to get seen, then this is a good way to get seenby millions fast. 5 Must Have Resources And Cool Tools To Put Your Online Video Marketing On Steriods.Here are some great tools to help with your online video marketing efforts.Keyword Research Tools:Google Keyword Tool : Keyword Tool: Keyword Tool allows you to search what keywords other videos have used.Market Samurai: Markett Samurai is a paid tool. Its one of the best Keyword tools on themarket. Click Here for more details.Video Shadow - is a keyword tool created by Dr Glen Livingston which focuses on thekeywords people type into the YouTube Search Engine : Editing Software:PC Users :Windows Movie MakerMac Users: i MovieVideo Pad Pad has a 30 day free trial . Its user friendly and has the narrator feature.YouTube video editing and video creation tools.Capturing Video:Any smart phone ie iphone , androidHome CamcorderFlip Camera
  14. 14. Kodak Zi8Screen Capture Video:Screenr http://www.screencast-o-matic.comAnimoto: Shark: shark is awesome and you can use it free. Brain Shark is especially great for mobileand online video presentation.Camtasia: Camtasia is a paid tool a little pricey but well worth it.Screen Flow (For MAC) Distribution:Single Siteshttp://metacafe.comhttp://dailymotion.comhttp://viddler.comhttp://vimeo.comhttp://blip.tvhttp://veoh.comVideo Distribution to multiple sitesFREEhttp://www.tubemogul.comhttp://www.pixelpipe.comPaid Tools - A pay as you go toolhttp:// - Monthly subscription - Very Powerful check it outFile Conversion Software zamzar to convert all file types online
  15. 15. Website Creation - Free ToolsBlogger http://blogger.comWeebly http://weebly.comWordpress http://wordpress.comTIP: Check YouTube out for tutorial videos on how to set up your website with Wordpress ,Blogger and Weebly.Get Cracking And Start Creating Videos!Wrapping up...In this report, weve shown you: Why Videos Are So Powerful In Promoting Your Products or Service For More Profits The Secrets On How to Sell Your Product or Service and Promote Your Business Using Video Discover The Simply & Easy Ways To Record Your Compelling Videos A Simple ,Easy To Follow 9 Step Formula To Promoting Your Videos, Getting More Views Online And More Traffic To Your Website or Business 5 Must Have Resources And Cool Tools To Put Your Online Video Marketing On Steriods For Maximum Results.However, this is just the beginning. If youd like to know more about driving more traffic toyour website and selling more of your products or services without needing to be a geekytechnical wizard and ways to really stamp your authority in your market, niche or localbusiness area using video then you may find the following article useful:Let me explain by reading the SPECIAL REPORT on the next page......
  16. 16. SPECIAL REPORT:Is It Possible To Drive More Traffic , More Sales , More Customers And More ProfitsFor Your Online Or Offline Business, Using Online Video Without using tedioustime consuming methods that require you to be a technical wizard to put togetherand expensive to produce?According to James Wedmore , online Entrpereneur ,Internet marketing expert , andowner of the popular website Video Traffic Academy, the answer is yes!"We both tried many online tactics and techniques in our previous businesses only to workhard and still struggle to generate the traffic and convert the few leads we were gettinginto sales", James Wedmore tells us.Why most people struggleAccording to James theres a reason why so many people struggle with [problems] despiteso much help being offered to them today..."The main reason most people struggle in generating more business online is that theydont follow a proven step by step system or a blue print if you like from those that havebeen successful in doing so. Most times people get the wrong advice from people whohavent had consistent and profitable ,effective results, especially when it comes tomarketing online with video."How James conquered the struggle of driving more traffic and converting moreleads into sales as well building their online brand with a unique approach usingonline video marketing.James states that after months of trying many different methods and techniques ofmarketing online video ,there were strategies that didnt work and those worked like gangbusters. I looked at ways of improving what was working very well and how to improveupon them and then tracked the progress refining as they went to find the proven onlinevideo marketing formula that has seen James become successful online businessentreprenuer.James focus on the unique approach of Video Traffic Academy to get more business andsuccess online for himself and their clients.Was it worth it?"The rewards have been every bit and more worth what we went through to use video tomarket online. I agree that the true “magic” in your Video Marketing Campaign is gettingYOUR videos to the top of Youtube and Google to funnel an ever-growing flood of freetraffic directly to your site, blog or online offer! And..Turning Your Simple Videos intoTraffic-Pulling Machines is as Simple as One..Two…Three withVideo Traffic Academy!And James is not alone. There are many success stories that you can read on theirwebsite,Video Traffic Academy that should, at the very least, inspire you to give it a try too.
  17. 17. To learn more about James online video marketing solution, and their story, along withdozens of other stories from people who have also tried this solution, visit Video TrafficAcademy.What others are saying…"From start to finish James helped take my ideas and transformed into financial success." Lori Pinkerton- www.AtractYourExBlueprint.comClick here to read the full review"I have been able to dominate my local market because of the effective video strategiesJames has taught me]" – Alejandro Reyes - www.WinningLocal.comClick here to read the full review"James demonstrates excellent knowledge of marketing and advertising by reaching youraudience in a very effective manner using video" – Chris Nadeauwww.evolvingsolutions.caClick here to read the full reviewIf you have any questions or would like some help with your online video marketingplease feel free to make contact via my email address: Wishes!