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Easysoft Salesforce ODBC Driver (


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The Easysoft ODBC Driver for allows real time connection to your instance of Salesforce to your ODBC enabled application. (

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Easysoft Salesforce ODBC Driver (

  1. 1. Easysoft ODBC Driver Andrew Scaife Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Size of Market • 3.5 million users • 175,000 customers
  3. 3. Target Customers customers … • with a requirement for real time data access • with a requirement for bulk uploads from ODBC applications • with a requirement to add Salesforce data to their dashboards • with a requirement to integrate Salesforce data into their existing data warehouse, Oracle or SQL Server datasources for example • with a requirement to integrate Salesforce data into their existing reporting Applications
  4. 4. Product Definition The Easysoft ODBC Driver allows an ODBC-enabled application to access in real-time. • It is a 100% native driver, no additional requirements (no dependency on Java for example) • It works with any ODBC application including Microsoft Office (competitor Drivers do not work with MS Access) • It will extend Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to provide full SQL functionality (joins, groups, orders, aggregates and unions etc) • It exposes Salesforce Index columns to the application allowing efficient and timely processing
  5. 5. How Does It Work? • It uses our unique SQL92 SQL Engine • Allows any ODBC application to talk to any instance – Suitable for any business – Suitable for any ODBC application • Encrypted SOAP web service transport – Enforces platform security – Fast data access
  7. 7. Key Benefits of Easysoft Offering • Reassurance of a company with 20 years data access experience • Familiar look and feel to all Easysoft drivers • Support across all popular platforms – Unix, Linux and Windows etc • Ability to use familiar reporting tools to report on your Salesforce CRM data • Real time read/write access to Salesforce data – Add real time access to Salesforce to your Data warehouse – Add real time access to Salesforce to your Sales performance Dashboards – Real time access to Salesforce from your JAVA applications with the addition of the JDBC-ODBC Bridge – Real time integration of Salesforce data into Oracle – Real time integration of Salesforce data into SQLServer
  8. 8. Installation Download from