Easy Itineraries: software-for-creating-tailored-tour-itinerary


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An easy to use software, that can intelligently help a tour executive with moderate experience in managing a destinations.

Easy Itineraries enables users to service customer queries seamlessly by allowing them to create/amend multiple multiple tour options ...very importantly... in few button clicks.

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Easy Itineraries: software-for-creating-tailored-tour-itinerary

  1. 1. © EasyRes<br />for,<br />touroperators| destinationmanagers<br />about<br />CustomItineraries<br />Custom itinerary creation is a tedious process &involves experienced human resource. Operators often face productivity challenges with increasing resource cost & time spent in customizing a tour.<br />looking for a solution ?<br />Easy Itineraries<br />“generate, cost,mailtailoreditinerariesintelligentlyinfewclicks”<br />have questions? reach us at: contactus@easyres.in <br />www.easyres.in<br />Easy Reservation Technologies P Ltd. 12 Rajendra Place, 2-4, Ground Floor,Gagan Deep Building, New Delhi, Pin - 110024 © 2011<br />
  2. 2. Process Overview<br />
  3. 3. System Users<br />
  4. 4. Building Blocks<br />
  5. 5. Features <br />Centralized<br />web based<br />Configurable<br />Assured data security on ISP<br />Restricted access at different user levels (within application)<br />Rich user experience<br />Easy navigation<br />Dashboard for quick review<br />Intelligent use of captured information for contextual use<br />Structured output<br />Easy to override predefined cost & other inclusions during cost estimation<br />Graphical inclusions on itineraries wherever applicable, like maps<br />Fixed formats and no rework required on a produced output<br />Multi formats like PDF, MS Word, HTML<br />
  6. 6. Features Cont… <br />Increased productivity<br />Minimized human intervention in an operational cycle ex. auto email of proposed options to customer<br />Reduced number of steps to complete a given process<br />Automated management & distribution of promotions in bulk<br />Inbuilt quality checks<br />Inbuilt intelligence to consider historical feed back for a proposed tour<br />Auto reminders to appropriate contact on the supply side & applied control, viz. booking status<br />Rigid process control unless configured to bypass <br />Operations – accounts interface<br />Same documents shared between the two departments<br />Receivables history viz. pending payments before time limit<br />Payables to different suppliers<br />Clear profit estimations for every invoice/booking<br /> Different management reports<br />Revenue, sales, region, source, bookings etc…<br />Data profiling<br />
  7. 7. Benefits<br />No overheads to maintain infrastructure<br />Hardware<br />Software <br />24x7 uptime<br />Continued support<br />Minimal turn around time<br />Tailored customizations<br />Future upgrades <br />Product evolution <br />
  8. 8. Methodology & Costs <br />Deployment Process<br />Contract sign-off <br />Acceptance <br />Go live<br />License<br />One time fee <br />Maintenance<br />Transaction based with minimum guarantee<br />Customization <br />Need based <br />
  9. 9. Snapshot – Itinerary Builder<br />
  10. 10. Thanks<br />We will be pleased to assist you,<br />If you want us to set-up a personalized demo of easy itineraries, don’t hesitate to email , contactus@easyres.in<br />If you want to asses the product on your own, let us know and we will arrange a trial version installed on your computer<br />Send us sample itineraries (destinations, suppliers, contracted prices etc..) we will upload this information and you may subsequently use it in the itinerary creation process<br />