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Product Overview


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- Part I of product presentation

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Product Overview

  1. 1. EASYO PACIFIC, INC. Product Overview
  2. 3. As a rapidly expanding importer and garment wholesale company in San Leandro, California, we are looking for the right people to grow with. Our headquarter is located in Guangzhou, China. Currently we have over 500 high-end retail shops in China, and operate many of our own factories. We are an ever expanding company with considerable purchasing power, and is supplying many of the big customers such as Longs Drugs, Cedar Fair, LA airports, different resorts, and many souvenir shops in the US and other countries. A little bit about us...
  3. 4. We offer souvenir products at reasonable prices, top quality, fast delivery, and even provide wonderful after services. Our products range from T-shirts, golf shirts, fleece and CVC jackets, sweaters, bears, dolls that can all be customized with design and logo. Consultation is available, so please feel free to contact us either through phone or email provided after the slideshow. Enjoy!
  4. 5. Some of the things that we have done
  5. 14. Something trendy
  6. 18. The Million dollar story behind the product... On August 28th, 2007, we received a promotion order from Cedar Fair requesting 200,000 pieces of customized windbreaker. Within two weeks, their buyer was able to travel on-site in Shanghai and Hong Kong to confirm the design, and from then on it was smooth sailing. We completed this million dollar order within the next month, and were able to deliver everything from overseas to different Cedar Fair parks before mid-November, 2008.
  7. 26. 470 Whitney St. San Leandro, CA 94577 Tel: 510-638-5386 or 1-888-785-2121 Fax: 510-270-2602 Email: Thank you for your interest. Easyo Pacific, INC.