Strategy to Transfer Corporate: Asset Based Thinking


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Strategy to Transfer Corporate: Asset Based Thinking

  1. 1. Douglas Rushkoff wrote, quot;Instead of focusing on what we still lack, we must take stock of what we already do have in terms of resources, abilities, and pure will.quot; This is the essence of asset- based thinking
  2. 2. When you decrease your focus on what is wrong (deficit-based thinking) and increase your focus on what is right (Asset- Based Thinking), you build enthusiasm and energy, strengthen relationships, and move people and productivity to the next level
  3. 3. • The Way You See Yourself • The Way You See Others • The Ways You See Situations
  4. 4. Change the Way You SEE yourself Amplifying What is Best, Focus on What’s Next Let Passion Be Your Power
  5. 5. Change the Way You SEE yourself + Set your sights on what you want/need + Move past fear + Start from exactly where you are with gusto and self abandon + Practice as if no one is judging + Build on what you already know how to do – add, shape, edit, expand + When you experience victory, celebrate! + Set your sights on the next step
  6. 6. Change the Way You SEE Othes Use Positive Filters to Get More Traction Everyone Starts with An A Imitate Shamelessly and Often After-Action Reflection
  7. 7. Change the Way You SEE Situations The Wider the Lens, the Better the View See the Problems as a Pause Avoid 80-20 trap Create a Positive GAP Imagine It Laws of Attraction
  8. 8. About the Authors Kathryn D. Cramer, Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist, sought- after corporate consultant and speaker, and author of three books on personal effectiveness and professional development. She is founder of The Stress Center at St. Louis University, and managing partner of The Cramer Institute, an internationally recognized coaching and consulting firm. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri.
  9. 9. Go Beyond the horizon, See the whole rainbow
  10. 10. ABT Is a Choice