Eastern Wyoming College 2011-12 Catalog


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Eastern Wyoming College 2011-12 Catalog

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Eastern Wyoming College 2011-12 Catalog

  1. 1. Table of Contents 3 President’s Message 5 Campus Map 7 Calendar 10 General Information 14 Campus Life 20 Admissions 29 Financial Aid 36 Academic Procedures 44 Academic Regulations 59 Support Services 63 Programs of Instruction 115 Courses of Instruction 172 Community Education,Outreach and Workforce Development 176 Transferring 179 Administration, Faculty and Staff 187 Index 1
  2. 2. Student Philosophy Statement (Approved by Curriculum and Learning Committee July 2010)Eastern Wyoming College is committed to providing a student experience that promotes academic success in a challenging and supportive environment, facilitates the transition to college for first time students, and helps all students identify and achieve their individual goals. EWC’s student experience is designed to foster personal growth by increasing independence, promoting ethical behaviors and personal responsibility for learning, and affording opportunities for student involvement in campus activities to enhance social development. 2
  3. 3. Welcome,If you are unfamiliar with our college, I want to welcome you as a full partner in learning. Eastern provides a safe, secure environment wrapped around the concept that you count. We promise to take you seriously and support you every step of the way. That has been and will continue to be our hallmark; we invite you into the family. “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William Foster.This applies to you. It applies to the friends you will meet here: students, faculty, and staff. Working hard will pay off in dollars; learning will excite and invigorate you. You and your family will experience a quality of life that is richer and more rewarding. Investing time now will provide you with more choices and will allow you greater freedom. So, if you’re asking, “Will this really pay off?” It will. “Is now the right time?” It is.I have utilized this “Quality” quote for the year to frame both identified and emerging challenges for Eastern Wyoming College and the communities we serve. Those of us in position to make a difference (and that means all of us) must commit to creating a future-focused learning environment dedicated to a climate of acceptance and meaningful innovation, productive questioning, and authentic cooperation.Whatever you’re after, we have good places to start that will equip you to go anywhere: Workforce training to meet customized needs. Short and long-term certificates that improve your current situation, qualify you for specific jobs, or advancement in your current area. A solid general education core of classes to prepare you for transfer to a four year college or university. A further appreciation of science, math, art, business, accounting, technology, literature, language, history, social sciences—friends, teachers, education professionals, family.Believe in yourself—others do. Give yourself the permission to explore and succeed. Grow with us at Eastern Wyoming College.Looking forward to meeting you,Tom Armstrong, PhDPresident Eastern Wyoming College • 3200 West C Street • Torrington, WY 82240 • (307) 532.8200 • (307) 532.8329 Fax (866) EASTWYO • ewc.wy.edu 3
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  5. 5. C K B G I H G J N L N F M O A E D5 P Campus Map Legend A. Cosmetology G. Tebbet Classroom Building M. Veterinary Technology Q B. Torrington Learning Center H. Library N. Mechanical Arts C. Lancer Hall I. Student Services O. Com Training Center (CTC) D. Eastern Hall J. Student Center/Cafeteria P. Softball Field E. Fine Arts Center K. Activities Center Q. Large Animal Complex F. Faculty Link L. Fitness Center
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  7. 7. 2011 - 2012 Tentative CalendarFall SemesterAugust 28 (Sunday) Residence Halls Open at 12 NoonAugust 29 (Monday) New Student Orientation & RegistrationAugust 30 (Tuesday) Regular Semester Classes Begin First Half Block Classes BeginSeptember 5 (Monday) Labor Day / No ClassesSeptember 6 (Tuesday) Classes Resume Late Registration Ends at 4 pmOctober 12 (Wednesday) Last Day to Drop First Half Block Classes at 4 pmOctober 20 (Thursday) Midterm End of First Half Block Classes Fall Break Begins / No ClassesOctober 24 (Monday) Fall Break Ends / Classes Resume Second Half Block Classes BeginNovember 23 (Wednesday) Thanksgiving Break Begins / No ClassesNovember 28 (Monday) Thanksgiving Break Ends / Classes ResumeDecember 1 (Thursday) Last Day to Drop Regular Semester Classes at 4 pmDecember 8 (Thursday) Last Day to Drop Second Half Block Classes at 4 pmDecember 13 (Tuesday) Finals Week BeginsDecember 16 (Friday) Finals Week Ends Semester Ends at 6 pm Residence Halls Close at 6 pm 7
  8. 8. 2011 - 2012 Tentative CalendarSpring SemesterJanuary 15 (Sunday) Residence Halls Open at 12 NoonJanuary 16 (Monday) RegistrationJanuary 17 (Tuesday) Regular Semester Classes Begin First Half Block Classes BeginJanuary 24 (Tuesday) Late Registration Ends at 4 pm February 16 (Thursday) Winter Break Begins / No ClassesFebruary 20 (Monday) Winter Break Ends / Classes ResumeMarch 8 (Thursday) Last Day to Drop First Half Block Classes at 4 pmMarch 15 (Thursday) Midterm End of First Half Block ClassesMarch 16 (Friday) Second Half Block Classes Begin Spring Break Begins at 4 pmMarch 26 (Monday) Spring Break Ends / Classes ResumeApril 6 (Friday) Easter Break Begins / No ClassesApril 10 (Tuesday) Easter Break Ends / Classes ResumeApril 26 (Thursday) Last Day to Drop Regular Semester Classes at 4 pmMay 3 (Thursday) Last Day to Drop Second Half Block Classes at 4 pmMay 8 (Tuesday) Finals Week BeginsMay 11 (Friday) Finals Week Ends Semester Ends at 6 pm Graduation at 7 pmMay 12 (Saturday) Residence Halls Close at Noon 8
  9. 9. 2011 - 2012 Tentative CalendarSummer SemesterJune 4 (Monday) Summer Session BeginsJuly 4 (Wednesday) EWC Observed Holiday (Fourth of July)July 13 (Friday) Summer Session EndsJuly 27 (Friday) Summer Session Flexible End DateSummer classes vary in length. Please consult the most current class schedule on the EWC web page at ewc.wy.edu.The EWC Administration reserves the right to make changes without notice.Eastern Wyoming College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, sex, religion, political belief, veteran status, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its educational programs or activities. Inquiries concerning Title VII, Title IX, and Section 504, and Americans with Disabilities Act, may be referred to the Director of Human Resources, Eastern Wyoming College, Torrington, WY 82240, or phone (307) 532.8330, or the Wyoming Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights Coordinator, 2nd Floor, Hathaway Building, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0050, or (307) 777.6218.Eastern Wyoming College is an equal opportunity institution. 9
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  11. 11. General Information Development of College Mission and Strategic Directions Eastern Wyoming College College Mission - Adopted June 10, 2008Eastern Wyoming College was established in Eastern Wyoming College is a student-centered,September 1948 as the Southeast University comprehensive community college that respondsCenter, an extension of the University of to the educational, cultural, social, and economicWyoming and a part of the Torrington School needs of its communities with quality, affordableDistrict 3. From 1948 – 1956, the College educational opportunities for dynamic lifelongstruggled for existence on a very limited budget learning.which necessarily limited the faculty, curriculum,and student enrollment. At one time during this Strategic Directions - Adopted June 10, 2008period, the College enrolled only 16 full-timestudents taught by two full-time instructors, and Strategic Direction #1- Thoughtfully prepare ourwas offering only a dozen classes. organization and our people for changing and dynamic times.In June of 1956, the citizens of the TorringtonPublic School District voted to organize the Strategic Direction #2- Promote high quality,Goshen County Community College District accessible learning experiences throughas an independent political subdivision of the responsive programs of distinction aligned withstate with its own board of control. Although current and future opportunities.this initial action in the formation of a separatecollege district encompassed the same territorial - Embrace and invest in Strategic Direction #3boundaries as that of the Torrington Public School technology and modern facilities.District, it was possible to enlarge the districtby election to annex additional public school Strategic Direction #4 - Enhance the quality of thedistricts to the College District. During the fall life of individuals, families, the community andof 1956, District 1 and District 10 elected to region, and positively influence the economy.become a part of the College District. In thespring of 1958, District 7 voted to become a part Strategic Direction #5 - Recognize and extend ourof the College District also. In the fall of 1965 global reach.all public school districts within Goshen Countyvoted to become a part of the College District.The name of the college was changed from the College Vision for the FutureGoshen County Community College District toEastern Wyoming Community College District Adopted June 10, 2008on December 20, 1968. Eastern Wyoming College will be a dynamic center for education, acting as a catalyst forAfter the reorganization in 1956, the enrollment individual growth, community engagement, andincreased to 62 full-time students with 4 full- global impact.time instructors offering approximately 30classes during each term of the school year.Growth of the institution continued steadily.Today the College serves over 1500 students incredit courses and over 8000 students in non-credit activities. The College sponsors outreachprograms in Converse, Crook, Niobrara, Platte,and Weston counties. 11
  12. 12. General Information Government AccreditationEastern Wyoming College is a public institution Eastern Wyoming College is accredited by theestablished under the provisions of the State following professional organizations:Legislature’s 1951 Community College Actfor the purpose of providing instruction in *Accredited:the first two years of college work, and for The Higher Learning Commission of the Northoffering related services to the people of eastern Central Association of Colleges & SchoolsWyoming. The college is a tax-supported, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500co-educational institution under the control of Chicago, IL 60604an elected board, the members of which are Telephone: 800.621.7440/312.263.0456residents of the College District. The College is Fax: 312.263.7462operated by the Eastern Wyoming Community info@hlcommission.orgCollege District. Internet: www.ncahlc.orgThe Eastern Wyoming College Board consistsof seven members elected to four year terms *American Veterinary Medical Association(beginning with the general election in 1988), by 1931 N. Meacham Road, Suite 100the eligible voters within the College District. Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360The terms are to be determined by the Board of Telephone: (847) 925.8070Trustees, with never more than a simple majority Fax: (847) 925.1329being elected at one time. Internet: www.avma.orgRegular meetings of the Board are held on thesecond Tuesday of each month. Special meetings *American Welding Societyare called by the President of the Board to 550 NW LeJeune Roadconduct business as required. Miami, FL 33126 Telephone: (800) 443.9353 Board of Trustees Internet: www.aws.orgFirst TermElected Expires2000 2012 Carl Rupp, President2000 2012 Sherri Lovercheck, Vice President2006 2014 George Nash, Secretary2008 2012 Mike Varney, Treasurer2008 2012 Julene Asmus2010 2014 Angela Babcock2010 2014 John Patrick 12
  13. 13. General Information Memberships AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYAmerican Association of Collegiate Registrars and POLICY STATEMENTAdmissions Officers Eastern Wyoming College is dedicated toAmerican Association of Community Colleges providing opportunities and recognizing the talent of all people at our institution. The collegeAmerican Volleyball Coaches Association is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for all persons on the basis of meritAssociation of Community College Trustees without regard to race, color, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, sex, religion,Association of Intermountain Housing Officers political belief, veteran status, age, or disability. In accordance with the policy, Eastern WyomingLeague for Innovation in the Community College College affirms its commitment to non- discrimination in its employment practices as theyMountain States Association of Community relate to recruitment, hiring, selection, screening,Colleges testing, compensation, promotion, employment benefits, educational opportunities, access toNAFSA: Association of International Educators programs, work assignments, application of discipline, access to grievance procedures, andNational Association of Student Financial Aid any and all other conditions of employmentAdministrators which are provided by Eastern Wyoming College policy, regulation, rule or practice.National Community Education Association All administrators, faculty and staff committeesNational Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and others involved in employment decisions are directed to comply with this policy. TheNational Junior College Athletic Association Director of Human Resources is responsible for administering and coordinating the College’sThe Higher Learning Commission; Affirmative Action/Equal EmploymentMember: North Central Association Opportunity Program.Western Undergraduate Exchange Name, office location and telephone number are: Tom McDowellWestern Interstate Commission for Higher Director of Human ResourcesEducation Affirmative Action Officer Tebbet Building, 234Wyoming Association of Community College Eastern Wyoming CollegeTrustees 3200 West C Street Torrington, WY 82240Wyoming Community College Athletic (307) 532-8330ConferenceWyoming Distance Education Consortium(WyDec) 13
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  15. 15. Campus Life On-Campus Housing Campus Activities and OrganizationsOn-campus housing provides students with an There are several student organizationsopportunity to easily meet individuals from a on campus and, as interest increases, newvariety of backgrounds, to establish lifetime organizations may be formed. Student extra-friendships, and participate in a variety of social curricular involvement develops leadership,and educational activities. This experience cooperative and service skills, rounds outin community living can be both enjoyable one’s education, and provides a much neededand rewarding for students, as well as being constructive diversion from academic stresses.convenient and economical. Every student is urged to become an active member of the student body. Faculty and staffEastern Wyoming College has two residence advisors are assigned to each college-sponsoredhalls on campus; Eastern Hall and Lancer Hall. club or activity.Eastern Hall has double occupancy rooms withcommunity bathrooms for men and women ADULT STUDENT PEER COUNSELORS: This groupon separate floors, as well as 2 bedroom (four- assists in the successful transition and studentstudent) suites which share a bathroom. Lancer development of adults returning to school.Hall has 2 bedroom (four-student) suites which Special educational programming, monthlyshare a bathroom. Basic cable television and support groups, and special activities gearedInternet service is provided in each living toward adult students are provided. All newlyspace as is local telephone service. (Telephone entering/returning students are eligible andinstruments are NOT provided.) Free use of encouraged to participate in these activities.washers and dryers is available in each building.In addition, Eastern Hall has a lounge with a ART CLUB: The EWC Art Club is an organizationtelevision, DVD, Wii, refrigerator and microwave for students who love the visual arts, whetheron each floor, and a game room in the basement. they have professional or amateur interests. TheLancer Hall has lounges and study rooms in each club works together to engage in and organizewing and a kitchen in the Atkins Commons area. more extensive and intensive experiences in the visual arts. This group organizes enrichingHousing staff resides in each residence hall. activities including field trips to museums andProfessional and student staff members are art communities, workshops, visiting artists,trained to assist students with concerns relating and collaboration with other creative disciplines.to their total college experience. There will be no priority established based on style, content, media, or individual interests inTo enable the college to offer students the best art; all interested students are welcome.food service possible at reasonable costs, EWCrequires all students who reside on campus to BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB: Block and Bridle Clubparticipate in a meal plan. Food Services offers is a nationally recognized organization offereda full meal plan of 17 meals per week along with at numerous junior colleges and universities.two other plans that offer 14 meals per week Many of the members are involved in animalor 10 meals per week; the last two have Munch science studies, but all students involved withMoney that can be used in the Cafeteria or agriculture are encouraged to join. The clubStudent Center. The housing and food service participates in events with other Block and Bridlecharges are included under a single contract. Chapters, sponsors social activities, and travels toExceptions to the meal plan such as work conflict, educational seminars such as The Range Beef Cowreligious reasons, class conflicts, vegetarian, Symposium. One advantage of joining Block andweight loss, or health-related diets are not made. Bridle is that your membership transfers to anyFor further information concerning student other school that you attend that participates inhousing, contact the Director of Residence Life at Block and Bridle.307.532.8336. 15
  16. 16. Campus LifeCAMPUS ACTIVITIES BOARD: This is a formal living. The basic functions of the Housing Councilgroup of interested students who assist the are to:Coordinator of Intramurals and Student Activities 1. Advise and implement, with approval of thein the selection, promotion, and follow-through Director of Residence Life, Vice Presidentof activities for all Torrington-based students. for Student Services, and the CollegeInterested students are invited to join this board Board of Trustees, policies, regulations, andby contacting the Coordinator. procedures for the improvement of residence hall living.CAMPUS MINISTRY: The Campus Ministry 2. Coordinate housing activities.Program provides and supports a ministry service 3. Maintain close two-way communicationto the Eastern Wyoming College community. between the student residents and theThis community includes the students, faculty, College.staff, and community volunteers. The program 4. Provide opportunities for the residents toattempts to provide a ministry that is flexible in participate in residence hall government.the attitude and approach it takes, and provides an 5. Evaluate environmental factors whichatmosphere of unconditional acceptance. Campus influence the general welfare of residents.Ministry seeks to be a ministry of pastoral care,education, social concern, and ecumenical INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS: Easternrelations, and is led by community leaders and Wyoming College belongs to the Wyominglocal churches. Community College Athletic Conference and team championships are declared in women’sCOSMETOLOGY CLUB: The Cosmetology Club volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and golf. The College belongs to the National Junioris designed for the student who is outgoing and College Athletic Association and is a member ofcreative. The club encourages leadership, unity, Region IX. EWC is also a member of the Nationaland advanced education. All Cosmetology Club Intercollegiate Rodeo Association - Centralmembers must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. Rocky Mountain Region. The intercollegiateAs a club, students attend regional hair shows athletic program for men consists of basketball,and educational field trips. The club is active golf, and rodeo. The intercollegiate athleticin community services such as sponsoring food program for women consists of volleyball,drives for the local food pantry. basketball, and rodeo. Activity grants are available in all of these sports.CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLUB: Beta Upsilon Deltais a member of the American Criminal Justice INTERCOLLEGIATE HORSE SHOWING CLUB: ThisAssociation. The club’s main goal is to create a club is a member of the Intercollegiate Horsepositive interaction with local, state, and federal Showing Association (IHSA). Any EWC studentagencies. Membership is composed of students in is welcome to join our club. Members who wishall areas of the criminal justice field, instructors, to compete at an approved IHSA show must beand local police officers. The club participates a full-time undergraduate student and must bein competitions on a regional and national level. in good academic standing at the time of theIn the past decade this club has won numerous competition. The main activity of the club isregional and national team and individual honors. to allow team members to compete at IHSA shows at other colleges. Events competed in areGEAR-UP CLUB: The GEAR-UP Club is open western and hunt seat equitation as well as reiningto students who were previously involved in and jumping. Members are evaluated based ontheir former high school’s GEAR-UP program. riding ability and placed in the appropriate ridingClub goals include enriching the academic and class. Riders of all skill levels are welcomed!social experience of college students, mentoring Other club activities include fundraising eventsincoming GEAR-UP students, and conducting to help with IHSA membership, travel, and showcommunity service projects. expenses. As a community service the club is dedicated to helping the local youth with theirHOUSING COUNCIL: The Housing Council is an horsemanship skills.informal group of on-campus residents who areinterested in improving the quality of on-campus 16
  17. 17. Campus LifeINTRAMURALS: The intramural program Students who have attained a minimum 3.5is available to enrolled EWC students and cumulative GPA in twelve or more credit hoursall students are encouraged to participate. in a degree program are eligible for membership.Intramurals at Eastern Wyoming College are Phi Theta Kappa is the recognized academic honorset up on team, dual, and individual basis. society for community colleges in the UnitedActivities include basketball, racquetball, softball, States and has approximately 800 chapters. Thevolleyball, and wallyball. EWC chapter began in 1989 and initiates new members in the Fall and Spring semesters.JOURNALISM CLUB: The Journalism Club (along RANGE AND WILDLIFE CLUB: The Range andwith the Publications Production class) produces Wildlife Club was established in January, 2003The Lancer Post, a newspaper for Eastern Wyoming with the intent of fostering a sense of comraderyCollege students. The purpose of The Lancer with other students in biological fields, and toPost is to inform and entertain readers while assist local biologists with data collection andalso offering a forum for readers via letters to other duties. Students seeking degrees in Biology,the editor and guest editorials. Students may Environmental Sciences, Wildlife and Fisheriesparticipate in any or all of the following areas: Biology and Management, and pre-professionalwriting, taking photographs, working on layout, areas are eligible for membership. Activitiesproduction and/or distribution, and advertising include guest speakers, a wild game feast, andsales. The newspaper’s function is to keep trips to the National Bighorn Sheep Center inits readers informed of campus happenings, Dubois and the National Elk Refuge in Jackson.special events and activities, club/organizationalnews; Student Senate decisions; dances, music/ RODEO CLUB: The Rodeo Club is designedentertainment; sports; features about students or to promote intercollegiate rodeo at EasternEWC staff; workshops; financial aid news; health Wyoming College. It supports an increasedissues; and any other news that affects students. interest in rodeos and other Western activities,Students may also write columns on topics of and helps establish a closer relationship amongtheir choice. Students may participate in annual students interested in this activity. The rodeomeetings with the Wyoming Press Association team is a member of the National Intercollegiatewhich includes a variety of workshops. Rodeo Association.LIVESTOCK JUDGING CLUB: The mission of SHOOTING SPORTS CLUB: The purpose of thisthe club is to provide educational activities to organization is to create an environment thatinterested EWC students through livestock teaches and capitalizes on the joys of the shootingjudging. Objectives include development of the sports, specifically trapshooting, to developfollowing skills: leadership skills as Club officers, intercollegiate competition, and to promote andcommunication skills through oral reasons uphold gun safety in the shooting sports. Cluband fundraising activities, social skills as club members will successfully complete a Hunter’smembers, and decision-making skills through Safety Course or must prove the successfuljudging practices and contests. Club members completion of such a course at a previous site.must be enrolled in ANSC 1210 & ANSC 2470.In order to participate in trips, club members SkillsUSA: The SkillsUSA professional chaptermust actively participate in club fundraising is an organization for students in technical,activities. National contests like the American skilled, and service occupations including healthRoyal and National Western preset the number occupations. It focuses on leadership, citizenship,of participating team members. Team members and character development. The club offersmust be full-time students with a minimum Eastern Wyoming College students special2.0 GPA and be currently passing all classes. opportunities to further enhance their schoolingTeam selection will be based upon ability and and skill development through activities, trips,participation. and competitions at the local, state, and national level.PHI THETA KAPPA: Phi Theta Kappa is anacademic honor society that recognizes andpromotes scholarship, leadership, and service. 17
  18. 18. Campus LifeSkillsUSA / WELDING & MACHINE TOOL DIVISION: minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. These studentsEWC SkillsUSA / Welding and Machine Tool are ambassadors of the College and represent it atDivision provides students who are welding many social and recruitment/retention functions.and machine tooling majors the opportunity to Students interested should contact the Associateparticipate in an “industrial-oriented” student Director for Enrollment Management.organization. Students may participate inindustry related field trips, develop leadership STUDENT SENATE: The Student Senate isskills, attend club sponsored forums, compete the governing agency of the EWC studentat state competitions/leadership activities, and body. Membership includes every segmentsocial events. Activities are planned to enhance of the student body as defined by the Senateknowledge and awareness for all students Constitution. Student Senators are providedinvolved. opportunities for leadership, service, enhanced education, and involvement. Officers for theSkillsUSA / BUSINESS DIVISION: EWC succeeding academic year are elected each SpringSkillsUSA/Business Division provides students semester with other representation selected earlywho are business, computer science, and non- in the Fall. The mission of the Senate is to providebusiness majors the opportunity to participate an active, equitable, and welcoming atmospherein a “business-oriented” student organization. for Eastern Wyoming College students. TheStudents may participate in business/industry Senate membership is involved in disbursement ofrelated field trips, develop leadership skills, student activity funds. All students are welcomeattend club sponsored forums, compete at to attend weekly Senate meetings.state competitions/leadership activities, andsocial events. Activities are planned to enhance VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY CLUB: The Veterinaryknowledge and awareness for all students Technology Club is designed to promote interestinvolved. in the vocation of Veterinary Technology. Fundraising activities include operating theSOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM concession facility at EWC athletic events andThe Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) sponsoring pet washes, and raffles. Recreationalis a club dedicated to exploring Medieval and and academic activities include barbecues,Renaissance history by reenactment. Members picnics, and field trips. Field trips have includedof the SCA study and take part in a variety the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo,of activities, including combat (armoured the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Naturaland fencing), archery, equestrian activities, History, and veterinary technician seminars.costuming, cooking, metalwork, woodworking, Membership is open to all students who have anmusic, dance, calligraphy, fiber arts, and much interest in Veterinary Technology.more. If it was done in the Middle Ages orRenaissance, odds are you’ll find someone in the Motor Vehicle InformationSCA interested in recreating it. Registration: At the beginning of each semesterWhat makes the SCA different from a Humanities101 class is the active participation in the learning all students must register motor vehicles whichprocess. To learn about the clothing of the period, they own or operate. Students are allowed oneyou research it, then sew and wear it yourself. To week after a change in the registration to reportlearn about combat, you put on armour (which the information—such as different car, changeyou may have built yourself) and participate in of license number, etc. to the Student Servicestournaments or large scale battles with other Office.chapters. All interested students are welcome. TRAFFIC/PARKING: Students are subject to allSTUDENT AMBASSADORS: The Student Torrington traffic rules and regulations. ViolationsAmbassadors are a select group of students within the College area will be reported to thechosen for their positive attitudes, varying Torrington Police Department for whatevergeographical residences, majors, and extra- penalties may be imposed. Please remember thatcurricular involvement. They must maintain a pedestrians have the right of way. 18
  19. 19. Campus LifeResidence hall students are required to leave theirvehicles in the residence hall parking lots and notin the main campus parking lots. No parking isallowed in front of the main building along thedrive. Parking spaces are marked and studentsmay be ticketed if they park across the lines.Large vehicles and trailers must be parked behindthe welding shop or in marked parking lanes onWest C Street.The Torrington Police Department (TPD)will ticket violators who illegally park in spotsreserved on campus for those individuals withproper handicapped permits on their vehicles.The TPD will also issue tickets to thoseindividuals who park in the fire lanes on campus.If necessary, the TPD may also have the illegallyparked vehicles towed in addition to ticketing. 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Admissions Admissions English Placement Exam Students wishing to enroll in English 0620, 0630,All correspondence regarding admissions and 0640, 1010 must first take a placement test whichother information should be addressed to: will determine the appropriate course for their Admissions Office indicated level of proficiency. The placement Eastern Wyoming College system is designed to work in the student’s best 3200 West C Street interest so he/she does not enroll in a course that Torrington, WY 82240 is too advanced or too basic. or call 307.532.8237 Mathematics Placement Exam Admissions Policies Students who wish to enroll in any mathematics course or in certain chemistry, computer science,Eastern Wyoming College is open to all students business, or physics courses must either showwho meet the admission policies without regard prior college credit in mathematics or take ato race, color, national origin, marital status, placement examination to meet a prerequisite.sexual preference, sex, religion, political belief, Those wishing to take their first mathematicsveteran status, age, or disability. course at Eastern Wyoming College must also take the placement exam to determine theEastern Wyoming College will admit any high appropriate course for her/his indicated levelschool graduate or anyone who, in the judgment of proficiency. The exam is designed to placeof the College, can benefit from one of its students in a course that is neither above norprograms. Enrollment in academic areas for below their abilities. Students who questiondegree purposes is normally limited to those their placement score will be allowed one retest.with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Exam results are valid for only one year, so it isIndividuals without a high school diploma or best that a mathematics class be taken within thatGED who are mature enough to benefit will be year to avoid having to retake the test.accepted on a provisional basis and assisted inselecting an appropriate program. For Financial Reading Requirement and Placement ExaminationAid eligibility requirements, please see the Students must take a reading test to determineFinancial Aid section. vocabulary and reading comprehension levels. It is important for all college students to possessIt is strongly recommended that applicants or acquire the reading skills relevant to theirprovide the Admissions Office with an official program of study. The reading requirementtranscript of their secondary school record, applies to students seeking degrees or certificates,GED certificate, and/or transcripts from or students enrolled in 12 or more hours whosecolleges previously attended. These credentials placement scores indicate the necessity for aare important for purposes of applying for reading course. If the placement exam indicatesscholarships, academic advisement, and efficient a reading course is necessary, the student musttransfer of credit hours from previously attended successfully complete a reading course withinstitutions. a grade of “C” or better to satisfy the reading requirement. The course must be taken within Entrance Placement Testing the first two semesters of enrollment at EWC.All associate degree-seeking students must takeplacement exams in English, math, and reading Please refer to the following course placementprior to registration to aid in proper class guide for additional information:placement and maximize academic success. Allcertificate and non degree-seeking students musttake the placement exams prior to enrolling incertain English or math courses. Placement testsare administered in the Testing Center for a $15initial fee. Students with appropriate ACT scores(MATH - 21 or above; English - 18 or above;Reading - 21 or above) may not need to take theplacement exam. 21
  22. 22. Admissions COMPASS and ACT Course Placement Guide Pre-Algebra TrigonometryCOMPASS Score: 0-23 COMPASS Score: 0-60 or ACT Score: 25You are referred to: You are eligible for:The Adult Basic Education (ABE) department to work on your MATH 1405 Pre-Calculous Trigonometrymathematical skills.You will be eligible to enroll in MATH 0900Pre-Algebra Arithmetic once your COMPASS score improves COMPASS Score: 0-60 or ACT Score: 26enough to meet the course entrance requirements. You are eligible for: MATH 2350 Business CalculusCOMPASS Score: 24-44You are eligible for: COMPASS Score: 61-100 or ACT Score: 27MATH 0900 Pre-Algebra Arithmetic You are eligible for: MATH 2200 Calculus ICOMPASS Score: 45-100You are eligible for:MATH 0920 Elementary Algebra Reading *MATH 1515 Applied Technical MathematicsBADM 1005 Business Mathematics COMPASS Score: 0-25VTTK 1751 Pharmaceutical Calculations (or ACT Score: 21) You are referred to: The Adult Basic Education (ABE) department to work on your reading skills.You will be eligible to enroll in HMDV 0510 Algebra Fundamentals of Reading I once your reading score improves enough to meet the course requirements.COMPASS Score: 0-39You are eligible for: COMPASS Score: 26-50MATH 0920 Elementary Algebra You are required to enroll in:MATH 1515 Applied Technical Mathematics HMDV 0510 Fundamentals of Reading IBADM 1005 Business MathematicsVTTK 1751 Pharmaceutical Calculations (or ACT Score: 21) COMPASS Score: 51-67 You are required to enroll in:COMPASS Score: 40-65 or ACT Score: 21 HMDV 0520 Fundamentals of Reading IIYou are eligible for:MATH 1515 Applied Technical Mathematics COMPASS Score: 68-100 or ACT Score 21MATH 0930 Intermediate AlgebraMATH 1000 Problem Solving No reading improvement required.MATH 1100 Math for Elementary TeachersCOMPASS Score: 66-100 or ACT Score: 21 * Degree or certificate seeking students, or students enrolledYou are eligible for: in 12 or more hours who read below the equivalency of the 10thMATH 1000 Problem Solving grade level are required to take the appropriate reading course. Ideally, this course will be taken within the first two semesters ofCOMPASS Score: 66-100 or ACT Score: 23 enrollment. Students must complete the course(s) to fulfill theYou are eligible for: reading requirement.MATH 1400 Pre-Calculus AlgebraMATH 1450 Algebra & Trigonometry Writing for English Placement College Algebra COMPASS Score: 0-19 You are required to enroll in:COMPASS Score: 0-64 or ACT Score: 21 ENGL 0620 Foundations of GrammarYou are eligible for:MATH 1000 Problem Solving COMPASS Score: 20-30MATH 1100 Math for Elementary Teachers You are required to enroll in:VTTK 1751 Pharmaceutical Calculations ENGL 0630 Grammar & Writing ImprovementCOMPASS Score: 0-64 or ACT Score: 23 COMPASS Score: 31-74You are eligible for: You are eligible for:MATH 1400 Pre-Calculus Algebra ENGL 0640 Writing SkillsMATH 1450 Algebra & Trigonometry TECH 1005 Applied Technical WritingCOMPASS Score: 65-100 or ACT Score: 25 COMPASS Score: 75-100 or ACT Score: 21You are eligible for: You are eligible for:MATH 1405 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry ENGL 1010 English I: CompositionCOMPASS Score: 65-100 or ACT Score: 26You are eligible for:MATH 2350 Business Calculus 22
  23. 23. Admissions Admission Procedures 5. A total of three hours of religion may be transferred from an accredited institution toI. New Applicants Who Have Not Attended apply towards the humanities requirement for Eastern Wyoming College: graduation. Additional hours in religion from1. Secure application materials from the an accredited institution will be evaluated for Admissions Office or the EWC website. use as elective credit.2. Complete all the application materials and return to the Admissions Office. Applicants III. Readmission of Former Students: are encouraged to apply at least one month 1. Former students of the College who are in prior to the planned date of registering for good standing and who have not attended classes. another college/university are eligible to3. Request a 6-7 semester high school transcript return without special application. It is be sent directly to the Admissions Office or recommended that such students notify EWC send a final transcript following high school at least two weeks before the opening of the graduation. term in which they expect to return so that4. All applicants to Eastern Wyoming College their file may be activated for registration are strongly encouraged, but not required, to purposes. submit results of the American College Test 2. Former EWC students who have attended (ACT). Results are used only for academic another college/university since their last advisement, career planning, and scholarship attendance (at EWC) are considered transfer eligibility and are not used as admissions students for admission purposes. The criteria. Admissions Office may require completion of5. Applicants who are accepted will be notified a new Application for Admission, if deemed as soon as their credentials are processed. necessary.II. Transfer Applicants Who Have Not Previously IV. Special Admissions: Attended Eastern Wyoming College: 1. Eastern Wyoming College will provisionally1. Transfer students will follow the procedures admit individuals who, in the judgment of the outlined above and include an official College, can benefit from one of the College transcript from each college previously programs or courses. attended. EWC accepts courses and credits 2. The individual must have written approval from other colleges that have been approved from the Vice President for Learning. by one of the six United States Regional 3. Special Admissions students must meet the Accrediting Associations. Credit hours with same assessment/placement test criteria for grades of “C” or better from an accredited math, English, and reading as required of institution will be transferred. EWC college students.2. A high school transcript is not required when the college transcript gives complete V. International Students: information about the applicant’s high school Eastern Wyoming College is authorized under record. federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.3. Transfer students who are on “probation” or 1. Applicants must meet English proficiency and whose status is “dismissal” at the institution financial support requirements. International of their last attendance, will be placed on students whose native language is other than academic probation for the semester in English must furnish scores on the Test of which they are admitted. Admission for English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). the succeeding term requires a grade point A paper-based TOEFL score of 500 or a average of 2.00 or above on all work taken computer-based TOEFL score of 173 or during the probationary period. an Internet-based TOEFL score of 61 is4. Students wishing credit for courses taken required for acceptance. Also required is at an institution not accredited by one of completion of all sections of the Confidential the six United States Regional Accrediting Financial Statement form (available from Associations must take and successfully pass a the Admissions Office) including Statement departmental examination before credit can of Guarantor and Bank Verification. For be awarded. additional information regarding the 23
  24. 24. Admissions admission of international students, contact Special Charges the EWC Vice President for Student Services 1. Placement Fee (per session) ........... $15 at 307.532.8257. 2. Placement Test Retake Fee (per session) First retake is free. Subsequent retakesVI. Military Credit: are given with advisor approval only and1. Eastern Wyoming College evaluates military cost $5 per test. services schools and occupational credit using 3. Course Fees the American Council on Education’s Guide a. ANSC 1100 Management of to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences Reproduction ........................$150 in the Armed Services. b. CRMJ 2781 Use of Force I......... $50 c. CRMJ 2791 Use of Force II ........ $50 On-Campus Activity & Use Fees d. EDUC 2005 Prescreen for Practicum in Teaching ......... VariableIn addition to tuition costs each student will be e. HLTK 2005 Prescreen forcharged an Activity and Use Fee of $24 per credit Health Technology ............. Variablehour up to and including 16 credit hours for a f. Applied Music Courses ..... $25/creditmaximum charge of $384 per semester. g. MUSC 1150 Guitar ........ $25/credit h. MUSC 2150 Guitar II ...... $25/creditStudent Support i. PEAC 103_$4 (Supports scholarship funds) (Part-Time Students Only) ......... $35Student Activities j. WELD 1755 Shielded$4 (Admission to sporting, fine arts, Metal Arc Welding ................... $50 recreational, and leisure activities for all k. WELD 1760 Advanced Shielded on-campus students) Metal Arc Welding ................... $50Instructional Support l. WELD 2500 StructuralWelding............ $50$8 (Supports general educational costs) m. WELD 2510 Pipe Welding I ...... $50Technology Fee n. WELD 2520 Pipe Welding II ...... $50$8 (Support and upgrade technology o. Audit Class Fee (same as for credit infrastructure) students)Total On-Campus Fees per Credit Hour 4. Graduation Fee$24 (paid by Student Senate) ............... $10 5. Cap and Gown Fee ..................... $23 6. CLEP Examinations (per test) ........ $15 Outreach Activity & Use Fees + CLEP Fee 7. DANTES Examinations (per test) .... $15The Outreach Activity and Use Fee of $16 is + DANTES Feecharged on every registered credit up to and 8. Institutional Challenge Examinationincluding 16 credit hours for a maximum charge (per test) .................................. $10of $256 per semester. 9. Activity & Use Fees (see page 23) 10. Distance Learning Fee ............. VariableOutreach Use Fees per Credit Hour 11. Field Studies Fee ................... Variable$8 (Supports general educational costs, 12. Rodeo Fee ............................... $30 scholarships, and activities at the Outreach 13. Workforce Development Fee .... Variable Centers that generate the fees)Technology Fee Fees are subject to change.$8 (Support and upgrade technology infrastructure) 24
  25. 25. Admissions Semester Fee ScheduleAll tuition and fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester and before the student attends classes.All checks must be made payable to Eastern Wyoming College. Tuition rates are subject to change withoutnotice upon approval of the Wyoming Community College Commission. The EWC Board of Trustees reservesthe right to change fees at any time. 2011-12 Activity & Use Fees Tuition On-Campus Outreach Credit Activity & Activity & Technology In-State WUE* Out-of-State Hours Use Fees Use Fees Fee Tuition Tuition Tuition 1 $ 16.00 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $ 71.00 $ 107.00 $213.00 2 32.00 16.00 16.00 142.00 214.00 426.00 3 48.00 24.00 24.00 213.00 321.00 639.00 4 64.00 32.00 32.00 284.00 428.00 852.00 5 80.00 40.00 40.00 355.00 535.00 1,065.00 6 96.00 48.00 48.00 426.00 642.00 1,278.00 7 112.00 56.00 56.00 497.00 749.00 1,491.00 8 128.00 64.00 64.00 568.00 856.00 1,704.00 9 144.00 72.00 72.00 639.00 963.00 1,917.00 10 160.00 80.00 80.00 710.00 1,070.00 2,130.00 11 176.00 88.00 88.00 781.00 1,177.00 2,343.00 12 192.00 96.00 96.00 852.00 1,284.00 2,556.00 13 208.00 104.00 104.00 852.00 1,284.00 2,556.00 14 224.00 112.00 112.00 852.00 1,284.00 2,556.00 15 240.00 120.00 120.00 852.00 1,284.00 2,556.00 16+ 256.00 128.00 128.00 852.00 1,284.00 2,556.00NOTE: Students pay either on-campus or outreach use fees depending upon their primary home location, but not both.*TheWestern Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) tuition rate is calculated at approximately 1 1/2 times the resident tuition rates. To qualify for theWUE rate, a student must be a resident of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, or Washington. Nebraska residents also qualify forWUE tuition rates. 25
  26. 26. Admissions Residence Hall Fees (2011-2012) Residence Hall RefundsStandard Room–Eastern Hall (Option 1)Fall Semester Spring Semester Total If an on-campus resident withdraws from$2,320 $2,320 $4,640 college or moves out of college housing before the start of the semester or within the first 8Private Standard–Room Eastern Hall (Option 2) calendar days of the start of the semester, he/Fall Semester Spring Semester Total she shall forfeit 25% of the semester room and$2,630 $2,630 $5,260 board charges assessed and 100% of the housing security deposit. Students moving out of collegeSuite–Eastern Hall (Option 3) housing after 8 calendar days from the beginningFall Semester Spring Semester Total of the semester shall forfeit 100% of the room$2,465 $2,465 $4,930 and board charge assessment and 100% of the housing security deposit paid (i.e. NO REFUNDSPrivate Suite–Eastern Hall (Option 4) after 8 days). If, before midterm, there areFall Semester Spring Semester Total circumstances clearly beyond the student’s$2,775 $2,775 $5,550 control, an appeal regarding a refund may be made by submitting a written statement to theSemi-Private Suite–Lancer Hall (Option 5) Director of Residence Life explaining why anFall Semester Spring Semester Total exception should be made. No refunds will be$2,530 $2,530 $5,060 made to students who do not officially withdrawSummer 2011: $95 per week (Room only) or whose misconduct results in suspension/ dismissal from on-campus housing and/orPrivate Suite–Lancer Hall (Option 6) suspension/dismissal from the College.Fall Semester Spring Semester Total$2,860 $2,860 $5,720 Tuition/Fee RefundsSummer 2011: $125 per week (Room only) Tuition* is refunded on a course-by-course basisFees include: Room, Board, Local Telephone Service, and is determined by the length of the course andBasic Cable Service, and Internet Service the first meeting day of the course. For courses which meet the full semester, tuition, and ActivityMeal Plan Options and Use Fees are refunded in full for 8 calendar17 Meal Plan: Seventeen meals per week days beginning with the first day of the class.14 Meal Plan: Any fourteen meals per week plus Thereafter, the tuition refund is 25% through 29 $125 Munch Money calendar days beginning with the first day of the10 Meal Plan: Any ten meals per week plus class with no refund for Activity and Use Fees. $285 Munch Money For courses which are offered for less than a full semester, tuition, Activity and Use Fees will beThe above listed fees are subject to revision each prorated.year. In addition, there is a refundable housingsecurity deposit of $100 required with each *For students with federal financial aid, the federalhousing application. The housing security deposit financial aid refund rules take precedence over the EWCis refundable if there is no room damage and the policy.student complies with all check-out procedures.Please contact the Director of Residence Life formore information at 307.532.8336. 26
  27. 27. Admissions Residency 3. A legal dependent under the age of 24, or a spouse of a resident of the State of WyomingThe following regulations govern the classification who qualifies as a resident based upon thisof students as resident or non-resident for policy.the purpose of tuition assessment at the seven 4. A legal dependent under the age of 24 of aWyoming Community Colleges. Wyoming Community College graduate. 5. A student who marries a Wyoming residenta. RESIDENCE CLASSIFICATION POLICY shall be granted resident classification at the1. A student previously classified as a beginning of the next term following the nonresident may be reclassified any time marriage. prior to the end of the published refund 6. Active Wyoming National Guard members period of any term if he/she qualifies. and U.S. Armed Forces members stationed in2. A student classified as a resident by one Wyoming, and their dependents. Wyoming community college will be 7. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces who considered a resident at all Wyoming moved to Wyoming within twelve (12) community colleges. months from the date of honorable discharge from the service.b. CLASSIFICATION PROCEDURES 8. An individual who can provide written1. Residence classification shall be initiated for verification from an employer that he/ each student at the time the application for she will be employed in Wyoming for an admission is accepted and whenever a student anticipated period of not less than seven (7) has not been in attendance for more than one months and such employment is the principal semester. means of support. The employer’s signature2. Individuals or their legal dependents, who shall be certified by a Notary Public. are U.S. citizens or are in an immigrant status 9. Persons temporarily absent from the state and certain nonimmigrants, may qualify for due to military service, attendance at residency. educational institutions, or other types of3. Nonimmigrants and their dependents, who documented temporary absences will not possess a valid visa from the U.S Citizenship have their resident status voided by such and Immigration Services with a classification absence. of Temporary Workers or Intracompany Transferee and eligible for education, d. EXCEPTIONS may qualify for residency. Eligibility for In accordance with W.S. 21-17-105, an individual consideration will be based on the privileges who does not reside in Wyoming may be and limitations of the visa held by the considered a resident for tuition purposes if he/ applicant. she meets all of the following criteria:4. Community college districts may require 1. Has been employed in Wyoming for at least applicants to supply information to document seven months, and such employment is the residency status. applicant’s principal means of support; 2. Pays Wyoming taxes as required by law;c. RESIDENCY 3. Resides in a state with a similar law; andAny of the following may be used by a student 4. Is willing to submit an affidavit to the above.and would result in an individual being classifiedor reclassified as a Wyoming resident for tuitionpurposes:1. A graduate of a Wyoming high school or recipient of a GED in Wyoming who enrolls in a community college within 12 months of either high school graduation or GED completion.2. An individual who can provide written verification that he/she has lived in Wyoming continuously for one year prior to enrolling. 27
  28. 28. Admissions Medical RequirementAll students must complete the Student HealthStatement. Although not required by EWC, itis strongly recommended that all students bornafter 1956 provide an immunization recordshowing 2 measles immunizations.All male and female students who compete inintercollegiate athletics at Eastern WyomingCollege are responsible for having a healthphysical given by a physician of their choice.Eastern Wyoming College is a member of theNational Junior College Athletic Association andthe eligibility rules of this organization governthe eligibility of all student athletes competing inintercollegiate athletics. Section 9 of Article V ofthe NJCAA By-Laws defines this responsibilityas follows: “All student-athletes participatingin any one of the NJCAA certified sports musthave passed a physcial examination administeredby a qualified health care professional licensedto administer physical examinations, prior to thefirst practice for each calendar year in which theycompete.” The Student Medical Examinationform must be obtained from Eastern WyomingCollege. Textbook InformationEach student is required to supply textbooksand personal materials necessary for satisfactoryprogress in coursework. For the convenienceof the students, the EWC bookstore stockstextbooks, supplies, and study aids. Used booksare stocked when available and are sold at adiscounted price. Book buy-back events are heldthe last week of the Spring and Fall semesters.Bookstore hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 amto 5:00 pm during the regular school year, andMonday - Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm during theSummer. The bookstore is open evenings the firstweek of classes each semester. 28
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Financial AidThe following information is subject to change at anytime, without The College is approved for attendance by thosenotice, due to changes in Federal, State,Veterans Administration who are eligible for educational benefits providedRegulations or Institutional Policies. Please visit ewc.wy.edu for the by the Veteran’s Administration. Veterans wishingmost up to date information. to use their education benefits must contact the EWC Records Office. Information is alsoAll student financial aid at Eastern Wyoming available on the EWC website: http://ewc.College is administered by the Director of wy.edu/future/finaid/va/index.cfmFinancial Aid. To be considered for the maximumamount of aid possible, all students should: General Eligibility Requirements for Federal Aid1. Complete an EWC Application for Admission. To be eligible to receive federal student aid, a2. Submit official high school, General student must: Education Development (GED) and college • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen; transcripts. If you are a high school senior, an official sixth, seventh, or final transcript is • Have a valid Social Security number (unless required for EWC scholarships consideration. from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Final transcripts are required after high the Federated States of Micronesia, or the school graduation. Republic of Palau);Available aid includes: • Comply with Selective Service registration, if required (see www.sss.gov for moreFEDERAL (Title IV) information);1. Federal Pell Grants • Have a high school diploma or a General2. Federal Supplemental Educational Education Development (GED) Certificate Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) or pass an exam approved by the US3. Federal Work Study Program (FWS) Department of Education;4. Direct Loan (DL) • Subsidized and Unsubsidized • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a • Parent Loan (PLUS) regular student working toward a degree or5. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG) certificate in an eligible program at a school(For more information about Title IV Financial that participates in the federal student aidAid programs visit www.federalstudentaid. programs;ed.gov) • Not owe a refund on a federal grant or be in default on a federal student loan;STATE1. Leveraging Educational Assistance • Have financial need (except for unsubsidized Partnership (LEAP) Direct Loan and Parent PLUS Loans);2. Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship Program3. Tuition and fees for survivors or dependents • Not have a drug conviction for an offense that of emergency responders occurred while you were receiving federal student aid; andINSTITUTIONAL • Be making satisfactory academic progress.1. Scholarships2. Activity and Part-Time Grants Applying for Federal Aid3. Institutional Employment For complete information on federal aid programs, visit www.college.gov and www.MILITARY studentaid.ed.gov. Individuals who plan to1. Montgomery GI Bill apply for federal aid must complete the Free2. Wyoming National Guard Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).3. Wyoming Educational Assistance for Veterans Students are encouraged to apply via the web and Survivors at www.fafsa.ed.gov for faster processing. The4. Federal Tuition Assistance paper FAFSA may be obtained from EWC or from a high school counselor. (The FAFSA is also available in Spanish). 30
  31. 31. Financial Aid STUDENT EMPLOYMENTIt is advisable to submit the FAFSA as soon as Students are limited to working a maximumpossible after January 1 of each year. of 15 hours per week under the Institutional Employment or Federal Work-Study Programs.The Financial Aid Office will review the FAFSA There are a variety of positions available.results received directly from the federal Information is available in the Financial Aidprocessor and follow federal regulations in Office and online at ewc.wy.edu/future/finaid/determining eligibility and awarding federal aid. workstudy. Students must meet the EWCYour assistance in forwarding all information Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies forrequested by the Financial Aid Office in a timely Financial Aid to receive and maintain federal andmanner will enable them to give you priority institutional work study eligibility.consideration for Financial Aid. Students willbe advised in writing concerning eligibility for Federal Work-Study will be awarded on a “first-federal aid. (If your financial situation or your come, first-served” basis to eligible students.family’s financial situation has recently changedfor the worse because of death, separation or METHOD OF PAYMENT OF AIDdivorce, or loss of job or benefits, you should Students receiving any type of financial assistancecontact the Financial Aid Office.) Average (federal or institutional) will have their studentprocessing time is 4 weeks (may be longer at the accounts credited for one-half of the award at thestart of the semester). beginning of each semester for which they are eligible, unless otherwise specified by the donor.Eastern Wyoming College does not participate in Grant and scholarship funds from all sourcesthe Federal Perkins Loan Program, or the Teacher credit first to tuition and fees, unless the specificEducation Assistance for College and Higher aid is targeted to other educational costs (i.e.Education Grant (TEACH Grant). housing). Generally, financial aid funds will be credited to aApplying for Institutional Aid student’s account based on the number of creditIndividuals who wish to apply for institutional aid hours in which the student is enrolled on the last(specifically scholarships and activity grants) must day of late registration. After the first day of themeet all deadlines and requirements including semester, credit balances are paid within 14 dayssatisfactory academic progress as defined in the after the credit balance occurs. Please be awareEWC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies for that your financial aid award could change basedFinancial Aid. on credit hour load. Students unsure of whether their change in credit hours will affect theirInstitutional Grants and Scholarships have a financial aid should check with the Financial Aidpriority deadline of March 15 for first-time Office prior to dropping classes.freshman. Applications received after the deadlinewill be considered on a “first-come, first-served” Federal Work-Study/Institutional Employmentbasis. payments are paid directly to the student after each month of employment.Continuing and transfer students may applyfor scholarships online at ewc.wy.edu and by Financial Aid Eligibilityrequesting the continuing student scholarshipapplication from the Financial Aid Office. The Education Amendments of 1987 require that a student must be making “satisfactoryNote: As some scholarships are need-based, students are progress” in his/her course of study to be eligibleencouraged to complete the FAFSA. for aid. In order to satisfy this requirement and prevent abuse of the intentions of the federal aidInstitutional scholarships and activity grants programs, satisfactory progress guidelines mustare determined by selected individuals and be adhered to by students who receive any typecommittees at Eastern Wyoming College.You of Title IV federal aid (Pell, FSEOG, FWS, Directwill be notified only if you have been awarded a Loan, PLUS, IASG). (See Satisfactory Academicscholarship or activity grant. Progress Policies for Financial Aid in this section). 31
  32. 32. Financial AidENROLLMENT STATUS students must meet the Satisfactory AcademicWith the exception of Pell Grants, a student Progress Policies for Financial Aid to be eligiblemust enroll for six (6) or more credit hours per for Division Scholarships. Students receivingsemester to receive federal financial assistance. Division Scholarships must be majoring in one of the majors within the respective Division. Length of Eligibility INSTITUTIONAL and FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPSDue to limited campus-based funds (Federal Eastern Wyoming College provides a largeWork-Study, Institutional Employment, number of scholarships for students. StudentsLeveraging Educational Assistance Partnership, are encouraged to visit ewc.wy.edu/future/Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity finaid/index.cfm to view the list of scholarships,Grants), students who have already received a requirements, and application process.degree from Eastern Wyoming College or anotherinstitution shall generally be eligible for Pell MiscellaneousGrants (unless the student has already receiveda bachelor’s degree) or Direct Loans only. In TRANSFER STUDENTSsome instances, exceptions may be made at the Students who transfer to EWC from otherdiscretion of the Director of Financial Aid. postsecondary institutions shall be eligible for federal aid in accordance with establishedA student who has attended EWC for more EWC guidelines. Hours transferred from anythan six semesters will no longer be eligible for prior institution(s) will be counted toward theinstitutional aid, with the exception of jobs on maximum number of hours permissible forcampus; however, Satisfactory Academic Progress receiving federal aid at EWC. Prior student loanPolicies for Financial Aid apply. accumulation may affect a student’s overall loan eligibility at EWC.CHANGE OF MAJORSCredit hours accumulated under a previous SPECIAL NOTE:major(s) at EWC or other postsecondary If you are transferring to EWC between theinstitution(s) shall be counted in the maximum Fall and Spring semesters, please be aware thatnumber of hours allowed for aid eligibility for the financial aid does not “automatically” transfercurrently sought degree or certificate. Extension from one school to another. Contact the EWCof financial aid eligibility may be approved by the Financial Aid Office as soon as you have made theEWC Financial Aid Committee if the student decision to transfer so we can assist you with thepetitions the Financial Aid Committee regarding a transfer process.change in major. Institutional Aid Eligibility EWC Satisfactory Academic ProgressACTIVITY GRANTS Policies for Financial Aid 2011-12Activity Grants are available to high schoolgraduates with some special ability in men’s and INTRODUCTIONwomen’s basketball, women’s volleyball, golf, To be eligible for federally funded financial aidrodeo, and livestock judging. Peer Counselor programs all student financial aid recipientsActivity Grants are also available for adults who must initially and continually meet satisfactorywork with other adult students. academic progress (SAP). The Eastern Wyoming College standards of SAP measure a student’sFirst-time students who do not have a high academic performance both qualitatively andschool diploma but who have special ability as quantitatively by reviewing the following threedetermined by the activity sponsor may also areas of performance; completion rate forqualify for activity grants. coursework enrolled, cumulative grade point average earned, and the maximum time frameDIVISION SCHOLARSHIPS to complete a degree. The Office of StudentDivision Scholarships are available to first- Financial Aid is responsible for ensuring thattime students who meet the requirements all students receiving financial aid are meetingas determined by the EWC Financial Aid these minimal standards. The standards ofCommittee. EWC students or transferring SAP apply for all federal financial assistance 32
  33. 33. Financial Aidprograms including Federal Pell Grant, Federal are generally based on the student’sSupplemental Educational Opportunity Grant enrollment on the financial aid census date.(FSEOG), Federal Work-Study and Federal DirectStudent and Direct PLUS Loans. Withdrawals, audits, and grades of F, IP X, orAcademic progress requirements for EWC U are not considered successful completionsinstitutional awards and foundation scholarships for federal financial aid purposes.are defined by the respective donors andmaintained in the EWC Financial Aid Office. The b. Cumulative Grade Point Averageinstitutional awards include scholarships, activity Students must maintain a 2.0 average.grants, and institutional work-study. c. Maximum Time FrameFREQUENCY AND INTERVAL OF REVIEW Students must complete a degree orSatisfactory academic progress will be reviewed certificate program in no more that 150% ofprior to the awarding of any federal financial aid, the average length of their program. Timeinstitutional awards and foundation scholarships. frame limitations include all credits pursued,It will also be reviewed and monitored at the earned, dropped, repeated and failed. Allend of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, and applicable transfer hours accepted by EWCprior to the disbursement of aid for the following count as hours attempted as well as hourssemester. earned. All of these credit hours are counted regardless if the student did or did notESTABLISHING INITIAL ELIGIBILITY receive financial aid.In order to establish initial eligibility for federalfinancial aid, a student’s past academic transcripts Students seeking pursuing additional degreeswill be reviewed according to the following are likely to reach maximum time frame. Theguidelines: maximum time frame may be adjusted upona. Students who have never previously attended receipt of an appeal. EWC will be considered in good standing with regard to minimum semester credits Program Total Credit Maximum completed and minimum GPA requirements. Type Hours Attemptedb. Students who have previously attended EWC Required Hours will have their past academic transcripts Allowed reviewed regardless of whether financial aid for Aid was received for any previous attendance. Eligibilityc. Transfer credits from other institutions will be considered in determining eligibility AA Between 64 96 to 120 under the maximum time frame criteria. and 80d. Students must be admitted/enrolled in a AS Between 64 96 to 108 degree or certificate program. and 72 AAS Between 62 93 to 141MAINTAINING QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE and 94ELIGIBILITYThe following are the requirements are for all Certificate 31 to 34 46.5 to 51federal financial aid programs. Students are OTHER FACTORSconsidered to be making Satisfactory AcademicProgress and will be eligible for federal financial a. Auditsaid at EWC as long as all three of the following Classes taken for audit will not be consideredrequirements are met at the end of each semester. when determining semester award amountsa. Completion Rate (67% Pace Rule) or minimum semester credits completed. Students must, at a minimum, receive a Classes taken for audit will not be considered satisfactory grade in the courses attempted by as attempted credits toward the maximum completing 67% of the credits for which they time frame for completion. enrolled. This calculation is performed by b. Remedial/Developmental Courses dividing the number of credits earned by the After a student has attempted 30 hours of credits attempted. Credit hours attempted remedial/developmental credit hours, he/ 33