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Music creation for her decision


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Music creation for her decision

  1. 1. Music creation for Her Decision Above, Matty Race-Jones (guitarist and vocalist) and Wesley Clark (lead vocalist) performed an acoustic set so that we had several acoustic tracks to chose from for our end scene.
  2. 2. We wanted to create an acoustic sound for our last scene where our actress would prepare in thekitchen for her final date. We found an acoustic sound would be appropriate as it wouldn’t takethe focus off of our actress, Katie and would be more of a neutral sound for the background.Because our audience is likely to be mainly female, we chose songs that would be recognisableand appealing to them so that they could relate to the lyrics. The songs also illustrate the themeof love that this short film follows. The songs performed include;-Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston.-Let me love you – Mario.-Firefly – Ed Sheeran.-Bubbly – Colbie CoilletWe haven’t yet confirmed which tracks we will select for out short film however will analyse ourdecision when it’s made.
  3. 3. This machine directly picked up the audio fromboth vocalists and guitarist. To ensure the soundburnt onto the disk we pressed play and stopwhen appropriate. We also did a test soundbefore any recording took place so we knew howwell the machine picked up on the sounds and ifany alterations needed to be made to themicrophone/sound levels. We were then able totake the CD and download the songs onto ourlaptop to then access the tracks.