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Film schedule


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Film schedule

  1. 1. Filming Schedule Date Time Where Characters Props/outfits needed. Needed Monday 10:00am Titus Salt Singers Prepared Music for them. 4th School Matthew Jones Guitar February Music Wesley Clarke Microphones. Department Recording Area. Sunday 3:30pm Hettie’s Meal Evening wear for both 10th house, Matthew Jones. Matthew and Katie.February. filming the Meat- Serves him meat, brings scene together. vegetarian Katie Wine, Dining area. date. Moncaster. Music in background on low. 3:20pm Fish and Chip Sam Owens. Sam: wearing long coat, shop. black clothing, lots of gel in Katie hair. ndFriday 22 Moncaster. Katie: Dressed up as if sheFebruary. was expecting a high class meal. (Dress and Heels) Fish and Chips meal, Bench. 10:00am McDonalds Katie Ben: Pretty boy clothing (Polo Monday Scene in the Moncaster. shirt, Skinny Jeans, Hoodie 11th Car. etc)February. In a car Ben Chilton. Katie: Dress, blouse over the park. top, casual/dressy up. Need a vehicle, McDonalds meals, Mobile phone.
  2. 2. 4:00pm Co-op Scene. David Field. David: Co-op work clothing.Monday Katie: Casual clothes, just to 7th Katie go shopping, bag.January. Moncaster. Wine, Food she is finding for her first date (sausages and mash), beers. 4:00pm Hettie’s David Field. David: Suit, smart clothing. House. Katie: Dress, Heels, looking asSunday 3rd Katie if she is confident about thisFebruary. Moncaster. date. Dining area, Wine, Meal she chose at the co-op scene (sausage and mash), Music in the background, beers. 3:30pm Hettie’s Katie Katie: Casual clothingSaturday House. Moncaster. 22nd (before co- Mobile phone, Couch, can of coke, bag.February. op scene) Amy hill on phone, talking to her about what she is going to buy on the date. Do not actually see her. Any Extra time needed to re-film, added below. Date Time Where Characters Props/Outfits Needed Needed