Public private partnership in health sector kenya


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Public private partnership in health sector kenya

  1. 1. PPP Health-KENYA Dr. Amit Thakker Mr. Elkana Ongu’ti Dr. Agnes Gatome
  2. 2. Presentation Outline PRESENTATION OUTLINEationale for PPPs in healthision, mission, purpose of PPP Health-KENYAore values and guiding principlesPP Health-KENYA composition, structure andlinkages to other policy forums
  3. 3. Rationale for PPPs in Health
  4. 4. Why work with private sector? RATIONALE On-going policy process in Kenya to engage private sector Vision 2030, NHSSP II, Prime Ministers Roundtable, Multi-stakeholder Forum, Ministerial Stakeholders Forum Current health policy process engaging private sector Strong support by international donors to engage private sector USAID and World Bank/IFC collaboration, Health in Africa Initiative, GTZ, ITA, and many more Can leverage private sector resources and expertise to address health challenges in Kenya
  5. 5. Rationale for PPPs in health RATIONALE
  6. 6. Vision, Mission and Purpose
  7. 7. Vision of PPP Health-KENYA VISIONublic and private sectors workingtogether to ensure improved access toquality health care for all Kenyans
  8. 8. Mission of PPP Health-KENYA MISSION public-private initiative bringingtogether the public, private, faith-based and non-government healthsectors to foster on-going dialogueon key and emerging policy issueslinked to PPPs in health
  9. 9. Purpose of PPP Health-KENYA PURPOSEn alignment with Vision 2030, NHSSP II and both MOHs2008 – 2012 Strategic Plan, PPP Health-KENYA will:oster a common vision among the different healthstakeholders on the national health prioritiesnfluence and contribute to policies that promote a greaterprivate sector role in healthdentify and promote PPPs that leverage each sector’scomparative advantage and use resources efficiently
  10. 10. Guiding Principles
  11. 11. Guiding Principles GUIDING PRINCIPLES Focus on shared vision and common good of the health sector Respect for different perspectives Equity between partners Shared responsibilities Equal commitment to working together Transparency and accountability UNDERLYING ALL THE ABOVE IS THE RECOGNITION OF THE CRITICAL STEWARDSHIP ROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT
  12. 12. Composition, Structure and Linkages
  13. 13. Composition of PPP Health-KENYA COMPOSITION MOMS MOPHS Government #5 Not for-profit Private (#4) KEPSA (#4)CHAKHENNETSUPKEMEpiscopal Conference- Catholic Secretariat
  14. 14. Structure of PPP Health-KENYA STRUCTURE Leadership Team Chairperson Vice-Chairperson Secretary Treasurer (TBD)1 F/T Ad Asst1 P/T Policy
  15. 15. Linkages to other Forums and LINKAGES Gov’t Agencies HEALTH SECTORPMRound Vision 2030 PPP Health -Tables KENYA MSF (13 partners) Ministry of Education HSCC Ministry of Agriculture DPHK Government FBOs/NGOs For-Profit Health Sector Health Sector Health Sector Others TBD
  16. 16. 1st Year Activities – P1 Policy Dialogue P1 POLICY DIALOGUE WORKPLAN onsolidate PPP Health-Kenya  Finalize Charters  Confirm location  Design Communication Strategy  Explore options to formalize ctively participate in different policy forums  Establish linkages with and actively participate in HSCC and its ICC’s  Debrief DPHK  Periodic debriefing of MOMS/MOHPS  Get on next MSF’s meeting agenda
  17. 17. 1st Year Activities – P2 Policy Reform P2 POLICY REFORM WORKPLAN Work with and support Ministerial Policy Coordinating Team to carry out policy review process Actively participate in designing consultative process  Identify and mobilize stakeholders to attend meetings  Bring technical experts and sector leaders to meetings and/or lead technical working groups  Offer constructive recommendations for reform Monitor process to ensure private sector participation and timely completion of policy reform process. Conduct a separate full briefing of the PS on this activity based on the recently held policy review workshop
  18. 18. 1st Year Activities – P3 Partnerships P3 PARTNERSHIPS WORKPLAN Establish policy framework to guide prioritization and selection of health PPPs Create inventory of existing PPPs Convene informational meetings supporting short-list of PPP opportunities  OBA meeting with private sector  Insurance meeting with low-cost private health insurance  NHIF meeting with private sector providers  Provision of quality health services and products Coordinate with donor initiatives to identify and implement PPPs
  19. 19. DPHK and PPP Health-KENYA Collaboration
  20. 20. PPP Health-KENYA and DPHK COLLABORATION CollaborationAreas of CollaborationPPP Health-KENYA teams up with donors working in PPPsPPP Health-KENYA coordinates with DPHK across allactivities related PPPsPPP Health-KENYA actively participates in and representshealth PPPs in HSCCAreas of Needed SupportBudget for secretariat staff and meetingsTA to bring international experience in PPPsFunding to implement Yr 1 policy activities
  21. 21. Parting Thoughts………
  22. 22. Success and Challenges facing CONCLUSION PPP Health-KENYASuccessesReached consensus on purpose of PPPs in healthSecured political support for PPPs in health and forPPP dialogue mechanismBuilt growing trust and spirit of collaborationbetween sectorsSecured active participation from all sectors indialogue processDeveloped clear roadmap of PPP priorities for nextyear
  23. 23. Success and Challenges CONCLUSION PPP Health-KENYAChallengesMaintaining momentum and active participationEnsuring balance and consensus between the threesectorsStaying focused on PPP priorities and not gettingbogged down in the policy processIdentifying PPPs that can be quickly implemented todemonstrate “quick wins”
  24. 24. She is the reason why we do PPPs in health CONCLUSION