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Freelancers Guide To Awesomeness


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This Presentation was on the basics of running a freelancing business. We only got threw slid 6 at BarCamp Tampa, so if any one has any questions please let me know.

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Freelancers Guide To Awesomeness

  1. 1. Freelancer’s Guide to Awesomeness By James Tryon, Creative Director Easily Amused, Inc.
  2. 2. Making the jump BYOB Lose one Client you get a new client, Lose a job - Good luck with that. This is not for every one. Get Incorporated
  3. 3. Online Presence Web Site Social Networks Blogs Forums Mailing Lists
  4. 4. Offline Presence Events BarCamps, TweetUps, Local Business Events Volunteering Portfolios Reviews, Judge Contests, Board of Advisors
  5. 5. Money Flow Know Your Worth Charge What Your Worth Put Hour Caps In The Contract Set Up Billing Cycles Extra Income
  6. 6. If you do not charge what your worth, YOU ARE HURTING US ALL!
  7. 7. Project Management Software BaseCamp, Unfuddle, Etc. Do What You’re Good At Share The Wealth Outsource The Rest SCRUM
  8. 8. Source Control / Assets Source Control svn, git, etc. Create an “assets” folder and store it in Source Control (and on the server) Back ups Save Early. Save often.
  9. 9. Accounting Don’t Do Your Own Accounting Use Paypal (and Get The Debit Card) Use FreshBooks, Avoid Quickbooks Get a Book Keeper Have an Accountant Review Your Finances Quarterly (Tax Estimates)
  10. 10. Time Management Set Times to Talk and Meet with Clients Turn Twitter / IM / E-mail OFF WHEN WORKING Use a Chat Room to communicate with Co-Workers (Campfire / IRC)
  11. 11. Contractors VS Employees You Need to Work With People That Have Skin in the Game. Ad-Hoc Teams
  12. 12. Where to Work? Coworking Coworking Coworking No Need to Rent an Office Jelly Groups (Informal Coworking)
  13. 13. Life Management Try not to pull all nighters. There is nothing that you have to do now that you can’t do in the morning. Spend Time with your Friends and Family Eat, Sleep and be merry! Work / Life Balance is key
  14. 14. Learning Never Stops Keep up to date with trends Subscribe to Podcasts Read Books. Yes, Books. Read Blogs that write about your field Magazines and other resources
  15. 15. Contact Info James Tryon Creative Director Easily Amused, Inc. Twitter @easilyamused P: 407-733-6473