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Splunk Search


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Real time examples of splunk search language.

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Splunk Search

  1. 1. Splunk Search Real time examples
  2. 2. error OR failed OR severe OR ( sourcetype=access_* ( 404 OR 500 OR 503 ) )| timechart count | sort -count When (date and time ) the occurred. Sorted in descending order, so that we can find the time when more number of errors occurred Area chart
  3. 3. source="access_*" | transaction referer | chart count(eval(uri)) AS uri by referer | sort-uriRefere is the parent url.Transaction is a command to group a equal field/value pairs. Grouping refererAbove is a part of the PIE diagram of this search result(focused to one month). The referrer has contributed 8 URI visits .
  4. 4. sourcetype=access_* | chart avg(bytes) by _time | sort -_time
  5. 5. sourcetype=access_* | chart avg(bytes) over _time by statusOVER is a new key word i am using.When I user it I get the results in x, and y axis . The results can be differentiated by differentStatus.
  6. 6. sourcetype=access* | chart max(bytes) AS Transfer over clientip by actionIf feel more data, and we need little add | head 20 after access* . This will act as a filter function
  7. 7. sourcetype="access_*" | contingency clientip category_id | sort -total