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How to Create Fantastically Shareable Social Media Graphics


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There is no doubt that visuals are driving online communications in 2017. Our minds react differently to visual content and graphics. On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined. 42% of all Tumblr posts are photos. On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social action on videos every week. 36% of all shared links on Twitter are photos!

Busy marketing professionals have many skills, but graphic design is not usually among them. Need to learn how to create eye-catching and shareable visual graphics on a shoestring budget, without mastering complicated software like Photoshop?

This webinar will show you how!

Chock full of real-life examples and tips and tricks from the field, we'll explore the latest online and mobile tools used to create great photos, infographics and other visuals that will make your blog extremely shareable on social media.


1. The 6 characteristics that make a great social media visual
2. Examples from social media accounts that are making and sharing eye-catching graphics
3. Free or low-cost tools that do not require any technical knowledge to use

Julia Campbell is your friendly neighborhood nonprofit digital marketing strategist! She increases the clarity, confidence, and capacity of nonprofit marketers through personalized consulting and coaching services. Having spent her career in the nonprofit and public sectors, she understands the specific obstacles that marketing and fundraising professionals face every day – isolation, wearing multiple hats, high expectations, and increasing responsibilities. She firmly believes in the power of technology and online tools to help nonprofits tell their stories, connect with stakeholders and advocate on behalf of clients. Learn more about Julia and her services at!

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How to Create Fantastically Shareable Social Media Graphics

  1. 1. @JuliaCSocial
  2. 2. Takeaways • The 6 elements that make a great social media graphic and visual; • Examples from brands that are making and sharing eye-catching graphics; • Free or low-cost tools that do not require any technical knowledge to use! @JuliaCSocial
  3. 3. Visuals Are Vital • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. • Videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%. – Resource: Wishpond visual-content-will-dominate-2014 @JuliaCSocial
  4. 4. Visuals Are Vital • Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without. • 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results. • Resource: Wishpond @JuliaCSocial
  5. 5. Are You A Creator Or A Curator? • Creators – 54% of internet users post original photos or videos online that they themselves have created. • Curators – 47% of internet users take photos or videos that they have found online and repost them. • You should be a combination of both. – Resource: Pew Internet grow-online/ @JuliaCSocial
  6. 6. @JuliaCSocial
  7. 7. IMPORTANT! Do Not Steal Images • ONLY use legal images that you have the rights to edit and/or use. • Do not just go to Google Images and swipe something that looks great. • You can share, retweet and re-pin something that links back to a brand’s social media account. @JuliaCSocial
  8. 8. Lots of Places for Free Images! Beth Kanter created a great The Ultimate List of Free or Low Cost Image Collections! image-collections iStock photo Creative Commons Getty Images @JuliaCSocial
  9. 9. What Is Your Brand Identity? @JuliaCSocial
  10. 10. What Story Are You Telling? @JuliaCSocial
  11. 11. What Story Are You Telling? @JuliaCSocial
  12. 12. @JuliaCSocial
  13. 13. @JuliaCSocial
  14. 14. @JuliaCSocial
  15. 15. Think Of Your Audience First Always think first about your audience & your community. • What will resonate with them? • What will they find compelling? • What will they want to share with their friends? Example: @JuliaCSocial
  16. 16. What Story Are You Telling? @JuliaCSocial
  17. 17. What Makes a Great Graphic? 1) It’s visually compelling and catches your eye. This photo: http://www.pinterest .com/pin/347199 45249627461 @JuliaCSocial
  18. 18. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  19. 19. 2) It conveys a story. This photo: http://www.pinterest.c om/pin/229824387 206057816/ @JuliaCSocial
  20. 20. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  21. 21. 3) It is helpful. This photo: /pin/17711819781792 8758/ @JuliaCSocial
  22. 22. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  23. 23. 4) It elicits emotion! This photo: m/photo.php?fbid=10 150538648953305&se t=a.78410178304.732 55.28126338304 @JuliaCSocial
  24. 24. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  25. 25. 5) It showcases impact. This photo: http://www.pinterest. com/pin/2604347909 21678362/ @JuliaCSocial
  26. 26. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  27. 27. 6) It is shareable. This photo: http://www.pinterest. com/pin/5371950617 76080364/ @JuliaCSocial
  28. 28. What Makes a Great Graphic? @JuliaCSocial
  29. 29. Use Infographics HubSpot found that brands that publish infographics increase their website and blog traffic an average of 12% over those that do not. This photo: infographic-2 @JuliaCSocial
  30. 30. @JuliaCSocial
  31. 31. Great Infographics Great infographics: 1) Contain focused data 2) Good design 3) Viral title The Complete Infographic Checklist: @JuliaCSocial
  32. 32. @JuliaCSocial
  33. 33. @JuliaCSocial
  34. 34. Tools to Create Infographics My Fave à Venngage Piktochart @JuliaCSocial
  35. 35. Tools to Create Great Graphics Word Clouds @JuliaCSocial
  36. 36. Tools to Create Great Graphics Quotes @JuliaCSocial
  37. 37. Tools to Create Great Graphics Enhance Photos PowerPoint This photo: @JuliaCSocial
  38. 38. Tools to Create Great Graphics Photo Apps Shapely Piclab Marksta Piction Typic WordFoto • These photos: – – @JuliaCSocial
  39. 39. Tools to Create Great Graphics My favorites @JuliaCSocial
  40. 40. Tools to Create Great Graphics My favorites @JuliaCSocial
  41. 41. Tools to Create Great Graphics My favorites WordSwag @JuliaCSocial
  42. 42. Tools to Create Great Graphics My favorites: WordSwag @JuliaCSocial
  43. 43. Tools to Create Great Graphics My favorites Prisma @JuliaCSocial
  44. 44. Nothing is easy! You may need to change your company culture to become more visual and transparent. You will need to start thinking visually and in “micro-content” terms. @JuliaCSocial
  45. 45. Tell your story! Think of creating graphics as showing the world what you do and why you do it, in a compelling, interesting and easy-to-share way! @JuliaCSocial
  46. 46. @JuliaCSocial
  47. 47. Free E-Book @JuliaCSocial http://jcsocialmarketing. com/resources/ultimate -guide-social-media- graphics/
  48. 48. Any Questions? @JuliaCSocial Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: Blog:
  49. 49. How to Get Started on Your Infographic with Browse Select Template Start Fresh Drag & Drop Design Editor Save Share Present
  50. 50. Use a Template or Start Fresh with a Blank Canvas
  51. 51. Drag & Drop Editor Plus Other Design Tools
  52. 52. Add Stock Photos, YouTube Videos, or Upload Image Files
  53. 53. Go Pro! Free 14 Day Trial Click On the Green Button Under the Webinar View!
  54. 54. Basic Account is Always FREE Business $36/yr per user Nonprofit $18/yr per user Teacher $18/yr Teacher w/ class $36/yr 30 students Please contact us directly for your discount or if you need a quote for your organization!
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