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Google as a Change Agent - Shar-e-fest 2012

How sharing and collaboration enabled by Google Apps changed the way a team worked and the dynamics in that team.

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Google as a Change Agent - Shar-e-fest 2012

  1. 1. Google AppsA Change Agent Image courtesy of Ross and a CC-BY-SA license
  2. 2. History of Google at Waikato Uni2007 Gmail for students2008 JotSpot >> Google Sites2008 WCEL Sign up to Apps for Education2009 Began to promote to staff2009 Stalled rollout of Apps2011 Gmail for staff Image courtesy of Hector Milla and a CC-BY-NC license
  3. 3. Nigel and Original WCEL Team4 peopleUsing Word and OutlookEmail docs and shared folderThe way we were brought up Image courtesy of tanakawho and a CC-BY-NC license
  4. 4. Audience Participation Image courtesy of Sharyn Morrow and a CC-BY-NC-ND license
  5. 5. Word vs Google Docs Image courtesy of Manny Williams collaboration-graphic-a-big-hit/
  6. 6. After 3 months...Routine sharingLess preciousNot who, but whatCreated our own folder structuresLater... Stopped using Intranet Stopped using Word Image courtesy of Earthworm and a CC-BY-SA-NC license
  7. 7. Outcomes Image courtesy of NDrewC and a CC-BY license Open Flat knowledge structure Trust DynamicsCollaboration Protocols of sharing
  8. 8. e courtesy of JB London and a CC-BY-NC license/ Flipping things over
  9. 9. Metamorphosis Workshops Openness Word Collaboration Image courtesy of Sid Mosdell and a CC-BY license
  10. 10. MobilityFlexibilityReally anywhere, anytimeUSB obsolete Image courtesy of marc dalio and a CC-BY-NC-ND license
  11. 11. Using the ideas to work with othersCollaborationFunctional teamsDigital Literacy Project Image courtesy of Cayusa and a CC-BY-NC license
  12. 12. Integration with University SystemsDrive as repositoryTabletsLive updateBYODImage courtesy of Marc Arsenault - Wow Cool and a CC-BY license
  13. 13. Questions? IImage courtesy of woodleywonderworks and a CC-BY licence
  14. 14. Tracey Morgan@traceymorganNigel Robertson@easegill