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Blackout NZ

A new copyright law is being introduced in New Zealand. The government is putting the onus on ISPs to ensure that none of their users infringes copyright. It seems that if someone is accused 3 times of breaking copyright they will have their internet access withdrawn. There is no recourse to law and internet users in NZ have been protesting against this derogation of natural law.
The term ISP has been widened to include anyone providing internet access - commercial, work, school, hospital, cafe ...

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Blackout NZ

  1. 1. #Blackout NZ
  2. 2. New Zealand decides to update its copyright law so that it can cope with digital technologies
  3. 6. Copyright representatives lobby to have the law penalise those deemed to be breaking copyright
  4. 7. The lawmakers decided to put the onus on anyone providing internet access to police this. These are called ISPs and now include anyone who provides internet access – libraries, schools, hospitals, cafes, employers ...
  5. 8. What does this mean for internet users in NZ ?
  6. 9. The Telecommunications Forum , representing the largest commercial ISPs in NZ draw up a code of practice
  7. 10. This indicates that if a user is accused of infringing copyright , they will receive an “educational” warning.
  8. 11. When they receive 3 warnings , the ISP will cut their internet access.
  9. 12. No jury
  10. 13. No Judge
  11. 14. No appeal
  12. 15. J’accuse, J’accuse, J’accuse ... You’re OUT
  13. 16. Protest!
  14. 21. NZ social media users have been blacking out their avatars
  15. 23. People are talking about it on Twitter leading to the mainstream media picking it up
  16. 24. #blackout has regularly been the top Twitter tag since the protest began - Beats American Idol!
  17. 25. Some people try satire ...
  18. 27. People take the protest to Parliament
  19. 32. The protest gains international support
  20. 37. Thanks to csm2mk
  21. 39. My human rights are being abused