Infographic on QR Usage in Legal Marketing


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Infographic on QR Usage in Legal Marketing

  1. 1. QR Code Usage in Legal Marketing CORE STATISTICS 14 million 50% of all local 85% of legal 35% of legal U.S. adults searches marketers marketers used QR codes are originated are familiar already use in June 2011 on smart phones with QR codes QR codes (Mashable) (Moblix Marketing) (Vizibility Survey) 80% will use them within 12 months (Vizibility Survey) only 86% of law rms 47% of legal 94% of legal 12% marketers marketers of the top 100 U.S. law rms planning to use plan to use say it is important have a mobile QR codes intend QR codes or critical that optimized to use them on attorney’s the QR code points website for individual attorneys business cards to a mobile-optimized (Vizibility) experience (Vizibility Survey) (Vizibility Survey) (Vizibility Survey) THE SURVEY How familiar are you with QR codes? I am somewhat familiar 46.1% I am very familiar 38.8% What is a QR code? 15.1% How are you planning to use QR codes as part of your firms marketing programs? Brochure and marketing collateral 51.0% Business Card 47.1% Other 18.1% Website 17.2% Online bio pages 16.2% We’re not 25.0% When do you plan to implement QR codes in these marketing programs? We already use QR codes 34.9% Within 3 months 19.7% Within 6 months 14.5% Within 12 months 10.5% Within 24 months 4.6% No immediate plans 15.8% What do you want people to see when they scan an attorney specific QR code? Biographical information for the attorney 36.9% Contact information for the attorney 17.4% Other 16.1% Corporate website (a page other than the attorney bio page) 13.4% Other pro le site for the attorney (Linkedin, Martindale, etc.) 2.0% Were not using QR codes for individual attorneys 14.1% How important is it that the QR code point to an experience that is optimized for a smart phone or mobile device? It’s critical 58.4% Somewhat important 35.6% Not that important 5.4% Not important at all 0.7%To determine how the legal industry is using QR codes, in July and August 2011 we surveyed the LegalMarketing Association membership and other professional legal organizations. 84% of all respondentsperform marketing/business development roles within law firms, and 6.5% were attorneys. 60% of allrespondents were current LMA members. brought to you by© 2011 Vizibility Inc. U.S. Patents 7,831,609 and 7,987,173. Other Patents Pending