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Legal business development

  1. 1. Legal Business Development: Play to Your StrengthsDecember 6, 2011 by Paula BlackImagine working to your strengths... while your team is working to THEIR strengths. That isprecisely what I had the pleasure to ignite...I had the privilege to work in Victoria B.C. again last week with a team of really committed lawyersand staff. It was a re-branding launch. What made it noteworthy is the fact that we based the newbrand on the strengths of the entire firm... YES... the ENTIRE firm! I had the entire firm (fromreceptionist to managing partner) take the Strength Finders test and we built the new brand using theresults of the tests as our filter. The results are amazing. It is a commitment to who they are... notmarketing language as to their unique capabilities. And as we revealed the package I could see howit was resonating with the entire team. It is not a positioning statement they have to embrace... it is apositioning statement that represents who they really are... very different!After the reveal... I had the pleasure to introduce Cindy Pladziewicz. I invited her to join me on thisassignment because she is a lawyer and a clinical psychologist that is an expert in strengthpsychology. What an incredible session we had... everyone was able to gain more clarity on theunique strengths they bring to the team and the combination of everyones strengths revealed atruly unique law firm.The next few days I worked with each lawyer and their assistant to solidify their businessdevelopment plan for 2012. The great advantage was having their assistant part of the plan...and we explored ideas to make sure their lawyer had the support they needed to accomplishtheir 2012 goals.This process was great and a natural for this very unique law firm... but lets make sure we recognizejust how unique...EVERYONE in the firm participated in the Strength Finders research we did to capture the trueessence of the firm. Typically firms focus on business development in a silo fashion with only selectgroups participating in any given initiative.A TEAM APPROACH... each lawyer AND assistant brainstormed together in order to come upwith their 2012 plan. Usually it is the lawyer alone.As I said in the opening... Imagine working to your strengths... while your team is working toTHEIR strengths. NOW... you can see it is possible for this unique law firm and it will be a pleasurecoaching them every month to ensure they reach the business development goals they envision... Iwill keep you posted.Paula Black and Associates In Black & |
  2. 2. Paula Black is a legal branding expert, author, consultant and coach. She has advised individual lawyers and law firms around the globe on everything from powerful and innovative design to marketing strategy and business development. She is the award-winning author of "The Little Black Book on Law Firm Branding & Positioning," "The Little Black Book on Law Firm Marketing and Business Development," and the Amazon-bestselling "The Little Black Book: A Lawyers Guide To Creating A Marketing Habit in 21 Days." For more information visit and inblackandwhiteblog.comPaula Black and Associates In Black & |