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  1. 1. Rita Cappello Angellotti The Work 1- Motherhood
  2. 2. Rita Cappello Angellotti Motherhood no.1 Maternità no. 1 Oil on Canvas C atalogue ref : 1MH001 Dimensions : painting cm/inch 40x30 19x16 framed cm/inch 70x60 27x23 Price : US$ 100,000 The artist's perspective : "...Motherhood is the greatest gift, that raises the woman when she is a true mother, to the highest point of human dignity, almost touching the divine..."
  3. 3. Rita Cappello Angellotti Motherhood no.3 Maternità no. 3 Watercolor & Gouache on paper Catalogue ref : 1MH003 D imensions : painting cm/inch 40x34 15x13 framed cm/inch 75x70 29x24 Price : US$ 15,600 The artist's perspective : "...A gypsy met in the Canary Islands, who through her motherly mission, became to me a blue Madonna..."
  4. 4. Rita Cappello Angellotti Maternita in lilla Motherhood in lilac Watercolor Catalogue ref : 1MH006 Dimensions : painting cm/inch 22x17 9x7 framed cm/inch 32x27 13x11 Price : US$ 9,000 The artist's perspective : "...Tenderness, the exchange of life with life. Everlasting moments in the memories of a lifetime…". 
  5. 5. Rita Cappello Angellotti Maternità no. 2 Motherhood no. 2 W atercolor Catalogue ref : 1MH007 D imensions : actual cm/inch 34x47 13x18 framed cm/inch 69x87 27x34 Price : US$ 23,000 The artist's perspective : "...The sweetness of an infant, held safe in an embrace, maternal love. This enternal maternal love that a mother has, lasts a lifetime..."
  6. 6. Rita Cappello Angellotti Ange de Lumière Angel of light Oil on Canvas Catalogue ref : 1MH008 D imensions : painting cm/inch 62x49 24x19 framed cm/inch 87x73 34x29 Price : US$ 23,000
  7. 7. Rita Cappello Angellotti Maternità no. 3 Motherhood no.3 Watercolour Catalogue ref : 1MH009 Dimensions : painting cm/inch 34x25 13x10 framed cm/inch 58x48 23x19 Price : US$ 15,000