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In his inspirational new memoir, Breaking New Ground, Lester Brown traces life from a small farm to leadership as a global environmental analyst. Here is a selection of photos of his athletic achievements.

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  1. 1. ATHLETE photos of Lester R. Brown
  2. 2. Ward Armstrong & Lester ready to demonstrate American collegiate wrestling, Bombay, 1956
  3. 3. Lester and Mongol, a local wrestling champion, prepare to wrestle, India 1956
  4. 4. Winner of the Salzburg Seminar “faculty vs. students” race, 1974
  5. 5. Saturday football team: unknown, Pete Stathes, Brian Turner, Gil Sward, Lester, and unknown. Photo by Lou Heon, also a member of the team.
  6. 6. Kickoff time at Saturday football, 1990 (photo by Michael Smith, People magazine)
  7. 7. Biking around Dupont Circle
  8. 8. Worldwatch lunchtime football. In background Jim Gorman and Steve Kaufmann, Reah Janise Kauffman in blue, Howard Youth in red
  9. 9. Ready to play! Guy Gorman, Reah Janise, Lester, an d Linda Doherty
  10. 10. Crossing the Memorial Bridge for the Cherry Blossom Ten-Mile Race, Washington, DC, 2002 (photo by Maureen Kuwano Hinkle)
  11. 11. Janet Larsen, Lester, and Reah Janise Kauffman. Ready for the 2002 Cherry Blossom Ten-Mile Race
  12. 12. Minutes before the 2007 Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Race, Washington, DC. Reah Janise and Lester
  13. 13. Photo by Maureen Kuwano Hinkle
  14. 14. A successful finish, 2007 (photo by Maureen Kuwano Hinkle)
  15. 15. And another successful finish. 2011 Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Race
  16. 16. A well earned post-race repast. Maureen, Lester, Hadan & Reah Janise Kauffman, Bob Spence (photo by Marion Spence)