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Dhamma earth 20160220

Dhamma Earth -- A Dhamma Propagation EcoSystem. A Dhamma community of diverse groups of people in shared environments that naturally generate Dhamma propagation synergy. To nurture a Dhamma propagation ecosystem that enables Dhamma growth and exploration for the alleviation, prevention and cessation of suffering, for the welfare and happiness of all beings.

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Dhamma earth 20160220

  1. 1. Dhamma Earth B y M a l a y s i a D h a m m a S o c i e t y I n C o l l a b o r a t i o n W i t h T u s i t a F o u n d a t i o n & M a h a M a n g a l a H e a l t h P r o d u c t s S d n . B h d . Dhamma Propagation EcoSystem A West Malaysia Dhamma Project Contacts: Malaysia – Mr. Ng Wee Kang , +6012-3261388 ● China – Mrs. Lily, +86-138 0252 4508 ● Taiwan – Mrs. Emily, +88-691 0866 798 ● WeChat ID: mangalamangala ●
  2. 2. A PLACE TO… Practice Meditation According To The Pāli Tipitaka And Its Commentaries Grow In Dhamma Leadership Interconnect Dhamma Communities Live Your Dhamma Ideals Care For Your Kids While You Go On A Dhamma Retreat Experience Monastic Life Fo r E ve r yo ne DHAM M A EAR TH Let Students Unite On A Common Dhamma & Social Works Platform Give Elderly, Orphans & Physically Challenged Learning Opportunities And A Place To Call Home Discover Your Inner Goodness
  3. 3. Dhamma Earth To nurture a Dhamma propagation ecosystem that enables Dhamma growth and exploration for the alleviation, prevention and cessation of suffering, for the welfare and happiness of all beings
  4. 4. Dhamma Propagation Ecosystem A Dhamma community of diverse groups of people in shared environments that naturally generate Dhamma propagation synergy T u s i t a H e r m i t a g e K u c h i n g , M a l a y s i a
  5. 5. Dhamma Necessity The absolute need For Dhamma, The Buddha’s Teachings, still remains fundamental in our modern times to free beings from the bondage of suffering caused by greed, hatred and delusion. Through the guidance of Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw and his assistant teachers, the Noble path (the practice of virtue, concentration and wisdom) to full liberation remains open to all who wish to tread it and transcend all suffering.
  6. 6. Tusita Saṅgha Council And The Lay Committee Of Malaysia Dhamma Society Wish To Take A Vital Step In Spreading The Dhamma In West Malaysia… W e s t M a la ys ia P r oj ec t W I T H Y O U R P A R T I C I P A T I O N , TO E S TABLI S H D H A M M A E A R T H ~ A DHAM M A PR O PAGATI O N E COS YS TE M
  7. 7. 1. Dedicated Persons Practicing Dhamma And Meditation As Outlined In The Pāli Tipitaka With Its Commentaries And Ultimately Attaining The Noble Paths And Fruitions. 2. Saṅgha Leading Laity In A Synergetic Relationship 3. Dhamma Earth’s Ability To Provide Dhamma Sustenance To All People Including… • Every Age Group • Every Social Background • Every Stage In Life • Every Level Of Dhamma Understanding Dhamma Mission Essentials P a - A u k F o r e s t M o n a s t e r y , M y a n m a r
  8. 8. Each Mutually Beneficial Region Offers A Distinct Variety Of Dhamma Learning, Meditation Practice, Social Action And Dhamma Community Development. N e a r T u s i t a H e r m i t a g e D h a m p u s N e p a lONE LOCATION With 4 Unique Regions MEDITATION DHAMMA ACTIVITIES SOCIAL WELFARE HEALTH & WELLNESS
  9. 9. The leading and most important component of Dhamma Earth, this region will provide ideal environments for long periods of intermediate and advanced meditation practice. Gender segregated areas will be available to both monastics and laity complete with meditation halls, residential quarters, refectories and other necessary facilities so meditators can continue practicing unhindered. Meditation Hermitage Region T u s i t a H i m a l a y a R e t r e a t , N o r t h I n d i a
  10. 10. Dhamma Activities Region This region with its environment and facilities will be capable of hosting multiple large groups and events. It will provide a dynamic spectrum of Dhamma programs and activities tailored to all ages and walks of life.  U n i v e r s i t y D h a m m a C a m p s  D h a m m a L e a d e r s h i p C o u r s e s  B e g i n n e r ’ s D h a m m a & M e d i t a t i o n R e t r e a t s  Y o u t h D h a m m a C l a s s e s & C l u b E v e n t s  T e m p o r a r y N o v i t i a t e s  D h a m m a W o r k s h o p s , S e m i n a r s & S o c i a l s M a l a y s i a D h a m m a S o c i e t y A n n u a l B . E . A . C . H . M e e t i n g
  11. 11. • Development Centre For The Elderly • Orphans’ Home • Development Centre For The Physically Challenged • Hospice Centre • Day-care Centre For Infants And Children This region gives monastics and laity of all ages opportunities to see the realities of suffering in life and a chance to help with love and empathy. Here, those in need can receive support, learn Dhamma, and have a place to call home. Social Welfare Region
  12. 12. H e alth & W e l lne s s R e g i o n To supply the residents and students of Dhamma Earth with safe healthy foods, areas for organic farms and gardens will be cultivated. Here, residents and visitors can also avail themselves to exercise facilities and park areas to maintain good physical health and fitness. T u s i t a H e r m i t a g e K u c h i n g O r g a n i c G a r d e n
  13. 13. Dhamma Synergy CREATED in Six Linked Forms Progressive One can enter Dhamma Earth at any level of Dhamma understanding and continuously grow in Dhamma qualities, meditation practice, service works and Dhamma community involvement. Cyclical Dhamma Earth addresses the Dhamma needs during different stages of life from birth, youth, middle to old age. Teachings and support will also be there for people facing their last moments in life. Interconnecting The ecosystem nature of Dhamma Earth allows diverse individuals and a variety of groups to easily connect with, learn from, and support each other. Upward Spiralling As a person progresses in Dhamma, naturally a sense of gratitude arises within. At every higher stage of growth, Dhamma practitioners will have more Dhamma to share with others. Open & Free Open also to non-Buddhists, various Dhamma programs, social welfare projects and community events will allow newcomers to discover Dhamma. In this ecosystem, everyone has opportunities to explore! Natural Synergy Dhamma propagation will become progressively easier as natural synergies take place; synergies derived from aggregate personal Dhamma practice, group learning and serving, and strong Dhamma community fellowship.
  15. 15. THREE UNITED ORGANIZATIONS Dhamma Earth Will Be Led By Malaysia Dhamma Society In Collaboration With Tusita Foundation And Maha Mangala Health Products Sdn. Bhd.
  16. 16. Will Manage And Operate Health & Wellness Region Will Lead Dhamma Earth As A Whole, Manage And Operate Meditation Hermitage & Dhamma Activities Regions As a Social Business, the profits of Maha Mangala Natural Health Products Sdn. Bhd. are either reinvested to sustainably grow the business or donated to support Dhamma projects and Social causes. A protector of Dhamma principles and ethical business, Maha Mangala delivers nourishing products that revitalize the mind and body. Will Manage And Operate Social Welfare Region Dhamma friends in Malaysia Dhamma Society recognized the need for a Social Welfare apparatus and thus founded Tusita Foundation. This new organization serves noble social causes and works in collaboration with Malaysia Dhamma Society. Learn More At foundation/ Led by Tusita Saṅgha Council since 2008, Malaysia Dhamma Society strives to propagate Dhamma and allow more people to benefit from the Buddha’s Teachings. Many “images” in this promotion are parts of Tusita Hermitage’s successful small- scale Dhamma propagation Ecosystem in Kuching, Malaysia and overseas. Learn More At Est. 1997 Est. 2015 Est. 2015
  17. 17. Support the Project CONTRIBUTIONS METHOD: @ RM2,000 per point Or any amount are welcome (a) Dana 1 acre ~RM 200,000 (b) Dana half acre~RM100,000 (c) Dana 10 points~RM20,000 (d) Dana 1 point~RM2,000 BANK DETAILS: Account Holder Name: Persatuan Dhamma Malaysia Bank Account No.: 017-0018-3673 Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank Berhad Bank SWIFT Code: HLBBMYKL Bank Address: No. 42, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Kindly send your bank slip by WhatsApp/WeChat to Sister Siew Fang +6011-2518 2609 or email to WAYS OF PARTICIPATION: Dana at freewill or on a monthly basis Also, INVITE your relatives and friends to participate in this precious opportunity of accumulating the Pāramī via Dāna. Your little good deeds, shall enable the wide spreading and lost lasting of Dhamma - giving real benefit to countless beings. NOTE : All donation will be taken up as land and building fund. 17
  18. 18. (1) Mainland China (2) Taiwan 18 Donors from China can also make donation via the following methods (we will follow the prevailing exchange rate of RMB and bank it into MDS’s bank account. The indicative exchange rate is Riggit Malaysia 1 to 1.64 yuan): • Donation Account:招商银行新安支行,46820378 0877 7725 (Account Name:胡丹) or 支 付宝 (胡丹) • WeChat Account:LQW664646238 (李倩文) Please indicate your name and purpose of remittance, then inform朱晖贤友(WeChat 1055823316 - preferable or hp: 15925949832) for verifying record. In your message, please state: remittance time, the amount of donation, sender name, account number remitted to, purpose of remittance. Information points at Mainland China: • qq群: 上座部正觉禅修中心(群号:177252811) • 微信群: 上座部东莞正觉禅修中心群 兜率天之音-吉祥尊者禅修群 • Donation Account: 玉山银行-台东分行 • Account Name: 财团法人台湾佛教兜率天基金会 • Account No.: 0716-940-002072 • Contact: Emily +88-691 086 6798 (Hp/ WeChat)
  19. 19. Join The Mission T O G E T I N V O L V E D O R L E A R N M O R E , -eng • MALAYSIA – Mr. Ng Wee Kang +6012-326 1388 • CHINA – Mrs. Lily +86-138 0252 4508 • TAIWAN – Mrs. Emily +88-691 0866 798 Email: WeChat: mangalamangala
  20. 20. GROUP ASPIRATION A F TE R O U R D A I L Y W H O L E S O M E A C TI O N S O F B O D Y , S P E E C H A N D M I N D … We share all merits of giving, virtue and meditation with our Teachers, guardian devas, relatives, friends & all other beings! By the power of these merits, may we fulfil all necessary conditions of this Noble Endeavour to establish Dhamma Earth, the first Dhamma Propagation Ecosystem, in West Malaysia! May all supportive forces of humans and guardian beings come to accomplish this Mission to spread Dhamma far and wide, that The Buddha’s Dispensation may last long, for the true welfare of all beings! May these merits be a supporting condition for my realization of Nibbāna! M AY A L L B E I N G S B E W E L L & H A P P Y !